The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021


The huge and rapid advancement in technology has unveiled countless benefits that are no less than a blessing. Among many others, music applications are a notable mention.  Nowadays, music is a part of people’s daily life, and when considering its impact on your mood and overall feel, it’s only fair not to underestimate its contributions. Music is nature’s pain killer; you might’ve heard that one but its benefits are much more intense. Studies show that music directly impacts the mood, and when you are having a bad day, your favorite song has a great chance of cheering you up. It can regulate emotions and help you relax and remain happy.

There are various genres in music, and if you listen to relaxing music generally with a low pitch, slow tempo, and no lyrics, it can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Furthermore, it is the perfect workout companion for numerous fitness enthusiasts as it can boost physical and mental stimulations, thus improving overall performance.

Music comes with hundreds of benefits, but it’s the innovation that makes it possible for you to listen to your beloved song on your mobile. There are plenty of popular music streaming apps that only require a stable internet connection, but what is the next best thing to do if you don’t have connectivity to the internet? 

A best offline music app for iPhone will let you download any song and listen to it without an internet connection. The most notable benefit of these apps is that when you are in remote areas deprived of an internet connection, these apps will come to your rescue.

However, the biggest concern when looking for the best offline music app for iPhone is the plethora of available choices on the App store. So many choices might cloud your judgment and prevent you from choosing the best application. Our list of the best offline music apps for iPhone will allow you to find one that matches your preferences.


Excited? So, let’s get started.

Benefits of Best offline music app for iPhone

  • Listen to your favorite music anywhere: – The most significant advantage of these apps is that they don’t restrict your music listening abilities. Once you download your favorite song through one of these applications, you can listen to it anywhere without the internet.
  • Saves your mobile data: If you have a particular list of songs to which you often crawl back. The best option is to download an offline music application, as it will save your mobile data.
  • Convenient and stable: – When we don’t have a stable internet connection, particularly during traveling, the music often breaks in between, and there’s plenty of interference. However, you can prevent these inconveniences by using an offline music app.

Best offline music app for iPhone

eSound: Best Overall Music App

eSound is one of the best offline music app for iPhone that provides convenience and functionality at the top of an attractive design. The app will allow you to stream music online and create a playlist with all your favorite songs. The most significant advantage is that once you add music to the playlist, you can also download it to play offline.

You can find music through the application by discovering all the new titles that the app recommends by monitoring your searches in the music player. You can keep yourself informed with all the latest trending and top-ranked songs. The discovery feature of eSound will let you find your favorite genre and music on your device.

Another major benefit of the app is its YouTube streaming option that will let you download up to 150+ million songs free from YouTube. Overall, the app offers all the exceptional features you might expect without any cost or ads.

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The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Download your favorite music tracks for listening offline
  • It constantly updates with the latest tracks
  • Free application with no restrictions

Audiomack: Best Music Player App

Many users regard Audiomack as the best offline music app for iPhone. It’s also one of the most downloaded and popular App Store applications due to its impressive functionality. You can stream and download the latest music and your favorite tracks by using the application. It will allow you to save up to 6 million songs offline, entirely free.

You can use Audiomack to create a playlist of music that you want to play offline. Furthermore, you can also mark your favorite tracks and follow artists. If you love listening to the latest music, the discovery feature of the app will be ideal for you, as it will help you find the most trending music out there.

You can search through different playlists by their genre, mood, and a lot more. If you ever get exhausted from listening to the same music constantly, the vast library of the application will allow you to find new songs to ensure you remain entertained all the time. The music that you download through the app is of the best quality without any disruptions.

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The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021

Standout Features:

  • A vast library of songs
  • Download songs to play offline
  • Discover the latest music constantly

Spotify Music: Best Offline Music Player App

Spotify is the best offline music app for iPhone, according to millions of users. Although you would require a premium subscription to get your favorite music to play offline, the small amount you pay for it is worth it and provides absolute value.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps, both online and offline. It comes with a free music player that will let you listen to your favorite songs online. However, to enhance its functionality, you will need a premium. The most significant benefit of Spotify premium is that you can effortlessly search music across its massive song library and add it to your playlist, allowing you to download it on the app. If you don’t have internet connectivity, the offline mode will conveniently hear your favorite songs.

The app has a massive library full of music and songs from different genres. The unlimited access to the music will provide you with the option to hear songs in your local languages. Furthermore, you are also notified if there is a new blockbuster track release.  Spotify also pre-organizes your playlist on the music collection according to artists, titles, song category, and genre.

The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021
‎Spotify - Music and Podcasts
‎Spotify - Music and Podcasts
Developer: Spotify
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Easily listen to music offline
  • Unlimited music access
  • Easy to use

SoundCloud: Free Offline Music Player App

SoundCloud is another popular name on the best offline music app for iPhone lists. It has millions of daily active users that use it for listening to their favorite music and songs. Although the app can efficiently stream music online without any cost, you need a SoundCloud Go subscription for offline listening.

The SoundCloud Go subscription will let you save your favorite playlists, likes and maintain an entire library on your device so you can easily listen to it offline. The app has a user-friendly interface that lets novice users and more experienced ones quickly access the songs and save them by creating a playlist.

The app provides access to up to 120 million tracks from established and emerging artists across the globe. You can get recommendations from the app based on your listening habits.  The SoundCloud charts feature will provide excellent music options from every genre with both the latest and classic tracks. You can create playlists and save songs according to the situation.

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The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Huge catalog of songs
  • Create playlists and download songs
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Napster: Best Offline Music App For iPhone

Napster is another excellent mention of the best offline music app for iPhone lists. There are quite a few reasons for its popularity, notably among people who want to listen to music offline; it will let you download an entire playlist on your phone. Napster will let you stream millions of songs based on your favorite genre and type while also saving them, so you never miss a beat.

You have access to a massive library of music as it contains up to 60 million songs. Furthermore, a considerable advantage is that you can get the app for free. You can instantly play any song without worrying about the ads.

Napster has a music match feature to help you find new music from people who share a similar taste. The app tracks the listening habits of the users to provide the best suggestions. The Playlist builder feature of Napster is also exciting and unique as you can quickly and effectively make a playlist while also personalizing it with a picture or a GIF.

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The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021
The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021
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Standout Features:

  • high-quality music streaming
  • Create playlists and save music offline
  • Ads-free music streaming

Musixmatch: best music app for android

For people looking for the best offline music app for iPhone that also provides lyrics, Musixmatch is a match made in heaven. Unlike other choices on our list, this one is a little different, and it’s the ideal choice for people who don’t have a firm grip on the English language.

Musixmatch can connect to other music services such as Spotify, Amazon music and thus provide you with access to all the songs.  You can enjoy synchronized lyrics for each song inside the music library. Musixmatch will make it easier for you to sing your favorite song as it contains all the lyrics on the screen while the song is played.

The app also has a vast music library; thus, you can search for music as per your interests and likings. Furthermore, another beneficial feature of it is that you can save all those songs for playing offline. There are also plenty of theme customizations options, and you can share lyrics with your friends.

The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021
‎Musixmatch Lyrics Finder
‎Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Standout Features:

  • Listen to your favorite songs with lyrics on the screen
  • Download songs for offline music player
  • Synchronize with other music players

Pandora Radio: best music app for iphone

If you want the best offline music app for iPhone with plenty of personalization options, Pandora Radio is an excellent choice. One of the major benefits that Pandora Radio offers is that the music constantly evolves with your listening habits.


You can create different stations with a lot of songs based on your favorite artists and genres. You can also browse through various recommended stations to find new music. The app will also consistently notify you about the latest releases and single hits.  It also has a recommended feature that will find music as per your taste

Pandora is one of the best companions for a road trip as you can take it with you just anywhere. Apart from playing, pausing, skipping, and searching for songs, you can download and listen to them while offline. The app also restricts any ads and provides you with a matchless listening experience.

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The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021
‎Pandora: Music & Podcasts
‎Pandora: Music & Podcasts

Standout Features:

  • Create stations for a personalized experience
  • Recommended music feature
  • Download songs for listening to it offline

TIDAL Music: best app for downloading music

TIDAL music is a very highly rated application on the best offline music app for iPhone list. It provides an impeccable listening experience with the best quality music.  You can access and browse up to 70 million songs without ads through the application.


You can create various playlists through the application and save different songs into them. A significant benefit of the Tidal music that makes it a class apart is the easy download feature that lets you save songs and listen to them offline.

Listening to your favorite songs has never been easier; it will let you download your desired tracks from a collection of 40 million songs. This application is an absolute dream for music lovers as it offers everything you might expect of it in terms of functionality and convenience.

The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021
‎TIDAL Music: HiFi Sound
‎TIDAL Music: HiFi Sound
Developer: TIDAL Music AS
Price: Free+

Standout Features:

  • Browse through a vast library of music
  • Save music for offline playing
  • Create curated playlists

Deezer: free music download app

Deezer is the best offline music app for iPhone for combining design with functionality. Although the app contains a music library of up to 50 million soundtracks, it is entirely free. Another prominent feature is that you can download any of these songs on your mobile and play them offline; thus, it is the ideal companion, particularly for traveling to remote areas.

Deezer is an excellent app with an elegant and stylish user interface. The app has a gorgeous design at the top of being convenient and providing functionality. Deezer will let you make a playlist and categorize it quickly. You can create a playlist based on various aspects of your life, such as romance, workout, chill, etc. Creating a customized track with your favorite song will let you easily search and play for it.


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The 9 Best Offline Music App For iPhone in 2021
‎Deezer: Music Player, Podcast
‎Deezer: Music Player, Podcast

Standout Features:

  • Create playlists as you like
  • User-friendly and attractive interface
  • Offline music player

Final words

Our compiled list of the best offline music app for the iPhone will provide you with many options. However, to ensure you don’t waste your time trying all of them, you should keep your personal preferences in front to ensure you select the best one. Since an offline music app can prove to be a valuable companion, notably when you are bored and don’t want to surf the internet or during an intense workout. According to our suggestion, Spotify Premium, Pandora Radio, and eSound are some of the best choices on the list.

Thank you for reading! Try these out too:

General FAQs

What is the best offline music app for the iPhone?

The best music app that plays tracks even in offline mode depends on your choice and preferences. Although Spotify, SoundCloud, and Pandora remain some of the most downloaded choices on Appstore, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the only option.


Are the offline music apps free?

Not all the apps that can help you download songs and play them offline are entirely free. You will require a premium subscription for some of them to ensure you can benefit from the advanced functionality.

How can I organize my music when the app is offline?

The best way to organize music is to create playlists. You can make various playlists and add songs to them accordingly. For instance, you can create a playlist for the gym workouts while the other is for relaxing.

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