15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Health is wealth, this statement might be making more sense to you in this pandemic. As we all are sitting in our homes and can’t follow our normal routine, here are some of the best fitness apps that you can use to maintain your fitness. If you are a gym freak or an early morning bird who is more into running and improving your stamina, we have got apps for everyone on this list.

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Benefits of Best Fitness Apps

  • Create customized workout plans:- The best fitness app for android will allow you to create customized workout plans. Research shows that if we train the same muscle with similar exercises every day, as time passes, our body will stop responding to it. Hence, it’s necessary to keep a workout plan and train separate muscles every day. Since creating a plan by writing it on paper isn’t the ideal thing to do, you can use the app to create plans that you can implement while working out
  • More tracking:- If you want to make progress and get that perfect physique, the best fitness app is the best choice. These applications will track all your movements, such as walking, running, etc., and tell you the exact calories you have burned during the day.  Also, you can integrate it with a smartwatch and accurately record all the physical activities during the day.
  • Video routines:- One of the most important things when working out, whether you are doing it in the gym or at home, is the correct posture. Whether you are new or experienced, the chances are that there is still room for improvement. The best fitness app contains short clips to help you improve your exercise posture and target any specific area or muscle.

Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS

adidas Running App Run Tracker

Adidas running app tracker is one of the best fitness apps. Considering that running is one of the most effective cardio to help you lose weight and build more muscle, the app will assist you. The application also provides valuable stats such as the distance you have covered, the duration, calories burned, and the average pace. Additionally, you can also track your route.

It maintains the stats by compiling them on a graph that will express your progress. The benefit of detailed statistics is that you can track your improvement. Another notable feature of the app is shoe tracks that will show you how much you have traveled with the particular runners and notify you when to replace them.

The application uses GPS tracking to find your running path and provides recommendations. You can add the duration and distance target and put your headphones on. The app is also compatible with smartwatches which is an added benefit. You can also take on virtual races and compete with other users around the globe, thus igniting the competitive spirit.

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15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
adidas Running - Run tracker
adidas Running - Run tracker

Standout Features :

  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Detailed stats
  • Participate in virtual races

Google Fit

Google Fit is a popular name in the fitness segment as it is used by fitness freaks to track all their health-related data. It is one of the best fitness apps that can be integrated with your smartwatch and can give you accurate data about your current health condition.

The app counts all of your daily movements whether you walk, jog, run, or go for a bike ride. You can track all your data and see your progress to achieve the goal at the desired time.

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Best Fitness Apps
Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Standout Features :

  • Count all your movements
  • Easily integrate with your smartwatch
  • Compatible 

Home Workout

with over more than 1 million downloads and high-rating, the Home workout app has earned the second spot on our list of best fitness apps. The app has home workout routines that are portrayed through interactive animated graphics.

This app can be useful in this period when you are stuck at home, as no equipment is required to do the exercise. The app has freestyle exercises for all your body parts. The app has a workout plan for your chest, abs, legs, arms, etc.

This highly-rated app is our pick of the list as it has all the features that will help you to give a kickass start to your exercise routine and keep you going.

Best Fitness Apps

Standout Features:

  • Warm-up and stretching routines
  • A chart to track weight progress
  • Detailed video and animation guides
  • Customize your workout reminders

Stronglifts 5 x 5

Stronglifts 5 x 5 is an effective gym workout planner that has a sophisticated way of delivering useful workout routines. The app helps you to know how much weight you need to lift on weekly basis to hit your goal.

The weight lifting program of the app can be useful for beginners as it gives you a clear insight about your exercise, track them, how much you need to rest between the exercise, and monthly overviews about your progress. This can be one of the best fitness apps for those who want to gain weight and build muscles through high-intensity weightlifting.

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Best Fitness Apps
StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log
StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

Standout Features:

  • Interactive workout planner
  • Weight lifting programs for beginners
  • weekly and monthly overviews
  • Graphs & tracker to view your progress

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Struggling to meet up the calorie intake with your exercise. Gymming is not all about lifting weight, but a proper diet ensures the quality of your workout. MyPlate calorie tracker helps you to track your daily calorie intake that will make you aware of the Dos and Dont’s of eating.

The app has a database of more than 2 million food items alongside custom food options that you can create on your own. You can set meal-time reminders, set your calorie intake according to your goal, track water intake, create a custom exercise, and much more.

The free version of the app offers most of the basic features that you need but if you want to avail of some exclusive features you can opt for the Gold version of the app. You can take a monthly, 6-month subscription, or yearly subscription depending on your requirement.

15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
MyPlate Calorie Tracker
MyPlate Calorie Tracker
Price: Free+

Standout Features:

  • Personalized daily calorie goal
  • Review detailed data
  • Set meal-time reminders
  • Create custom exercises 


Finding it difficult to track your workout log? Not able to hit your goals at the desired time. We have FitNotes for you that will keep track of the workout which you are doing.

You can create a category of a particular part like Chest, Back, shoulder, etc and feed exercises under that particular category. You can attach notes on the exercise so that you can improve your sets, re-order the exercise, and much more.

You can also maintain the Exercise Database, create routines, mark important dates on the calendar, and backup all your data. If you are looking for one of the best fitness apps that can keep all your notes at a place then this can be a good choice for you.

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Best Fitness Apps
FitNotes - Gym Workout Log
FitNotes - Gym Workout Log
Developer: James Gay
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • View and navigate daily workout
  • Add new exercises
  • Create a routine 
  • Assign exercises to a particular day 

JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT Workout trainer is another popular and one of the best fitness apps that will be a handy addition to your app list. The app has well-scheduled workout routines that will guide you through your workout journey. 

The app has a 1300+ exercise instruction database that makes sure that you are hitting the right muscles. You also get intuitive tools that can be handy in your fitness journey.

The highlight of the app which makes it one of the best fitness apps is its customized training programs in 3, 4, and 5 days split. Training Programs have been designed for different levels, from beginner to advanced and Sports training to Weight training you get all kinds of programs.

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15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker
Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker
Developer: Jefit Inc.
Price: Free+

Standout Features:

  • 1300+ HD videos 
  •  Personalized charts 
  •  Weekly summaries of progress


MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter that lets you track what amount of calories you are intaking in the whole day. The app shows a detailed breakdown of the macro and micronutrients of your food. The app has more than 2 million downloads which makes it the top contender for one of the best fitness apps.

The app offers 11+ million food items databases across the world or you can also create your recipes and add them to the food database of the app. The app accurately tracks all your nutrients and gives you a profound stat of your eating habits. If you are dedicated to reaching your goal then this app will help you to achieve it.

Best Fitness Apps 2020

Standout Features:

  • Personalized Experience
  • Macro Tracker
  • Track All Nutrients
  • Water Tracking

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is the next app on our list of best fitness apps that can assist you in your daily workout routines. The app gives you personalized workout recommendations that are suggested according to your suitability.

So if you are not able to hit the gym or have a busy schedule, then this app is here for your rescue. The app offers you a workouts routine ranging from 7 to 60 minutes and you are good to go. You also get interactive video workouts that will help you to do all the exercises properly.

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Best Fitness Apps
15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
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Standout Features:

  • Personalized Workout Recommendations
  • Adaptive Workouts
  • Customized Coaching


Mindbody is a one-stop solution for all of your health-related queries which makes it one of the best fitness apps. If you are struggling to find a proper app for your workout session or are annoyed searching for the best Yoga studio, then just install Mindbody and say goodbye to all your worries.

Mindbody has collaborated with more than 52,000 business that offers fitness services. You can search out for any kind of athletic sport on this app like Cycling, Weightlifting, Yoga, Kickboxing, dancing, etc. 

You can look for various wellness classes at an affordable rate or book wellness services nearby without going anywhere.

15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Book drop-in classes at lower rates 
  • Find local workout classes
  • One-stop solution

Nike Run Club

If running is your primary goal in fitness and you want to sweat it out to achieve the best, then you can choose Nike Run Club from our list. The app contains all the tools that will help you to run better and achieve your goals.

You can track your running pattern, running pace, elevation, GPS route, and heart rate. Keep track of your daily running data and see the areas where you can improve. Apart from this, you also get personal coaching plans, challenges. leaderboard, and trophies to celebrate your achievement.

15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
Nike Run Club - Running Coach
Nike Run Club - Running Coach
Developer: Nike, Inc.
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Personalized coaching plans
  • Challenges
  • Badges and trophies

J & J official 7-minute workout

J & J official is one of the most sophisticated apps that offer an easy way to maintain your fitness.

The app has 22 preset workouts that are designed in a way to fit every kind of schedule. The app contains 22 workouts and 72 exercises each varying in duration.

You can also create custom workouts for a body part you want to target. The app provides a 72 HD video tutorial to properly learn the exercise. If you want one of the best fitness apps that can give you quality results in a short period, then you can choose this app.

15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Standout Features:

  • 22 workouts and 72 exercise
  • Create custom exercise
  • 72 HD video tutorials
  • Set workout reminders

Couch to 5K

Feeling lazy and don’t want to go outside for your running session. The app has a simple schedule that will motivate you to reach your goal. All you need to do is to take 20 minutes thrice a week for nine consecutive weeks and you will reach the 5K mark that is around 3.1 miles.

You get 4 virtual coaches that will help and motivate you throughout your fitness journey. You can also share your progress with the community page of the app and inspire others through your achievement. So get up from your coach and install this best fitness app on your smartphone to get started.

15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
Couch to 5K®
Couch to 5K®
Developer: ACTIVE Network, LLC
Price: 4,99 €

Standout Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Calculate your distance & pace 
  • Virtual coaches


The last app on our list of best fitness apps is Keelo, which is an all-rounder and is aimed to give your body an overall development. The app has smartly designed workout programs that will improve your stamina, increase your strength, and build your muscles.

So if you want to develop an overall body that is flexible and can do all the heavy tasks with ease then this app is for you. The app HD instructional video can be easily understood by experienced as well as beginners. The premium version of the app offers the feature to chat with the coach personally, so if you want to have this feature and some other exclusive feature then go for this app. 

15 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Full Body Workout
  • Overall Body Development
  • Personal Coaching through mail

Final Words

We are signing off our list of best fitness apps with Keelo. Reach out and comment below to tell us about your favorite app on the list which you will be downloading on your smartphones. You can also share our useful content with your friends, whom you think are struggling to get motivation for fitness. Stay home, stay safe, and keep suggesting innovative ideas so that we keep you updated.

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General FAQs

What is the best fitness app?

Many applications on our list are designed and suitable for different users. However, some of the best fitness apps are MyFitnessPal, Home workout, and Adidas running app.

Which is the best fitness app for running?

The best fitness app for runners is Adidas Running App Run Tracker, Nike Run Club, and Google Fit.

Can I lose weight using the best fitness app?

Yes, these applications will make it easier to track your activities and movements; thus, you can lose weight efficiently.

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