Fitness Tracker Buying Guide 2020 (10 Things to Consider)


Fitness, yes health is wealth and to survive in this fast-food era is next to impossible. This paves the way for fitness bands, whose demand has been on the rise. It is your personal coach, assistant, and fitness tracker that can do multitasking for you.

Now there are lots of fitness brands to choose from, out of which Fitbit is one of the leading brands in this segment. In the initial days, Fitbit used to be the only player in the market, but now brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Honor, and Mevofit which are producing quality fitness tracker.

So, we will be telling you a detailed fitness tracker buying guide that can help you to make a balanced final buying decision. Makes sure you consider the following points before buying a fitness tracker.

Keep reading till the end to know about the following key point:

  • How to choose the best fitness tracker?
  • What are the pros and cons of a fitness tracker?
  • Is it worth buying a fitness tracker in 2020?

Excited? So, Let’s get started. 


Top 5 Trending Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

How Fitness Trackers Work

It will help you to make a good choice if you know about the mechanism of fitness tracker and how it works. The fitness tracker comes with in-built sensors that calculate all your health-related data. Usually, a fitness tracker can track calories burnt, number of steps taken, sleeping hours, and heart rate. The fitness tracker also has an accelerometer that can accurately measure all your movements. 

Fitness Tracker VS Smartwatch

A fitness tracker and Smartwatch almost offer the same features, but there are some minor differences. Smartwatches usually come with a bigger display as compared to activity trackers. Also, the strap of both the accessories are different, Smartwatches tend to have a wide strap, while the tracker has sleek straps.

The smartwatches are mostly concerned with looks and performance, while the Activity tracker’s main concern is tracking your day to day activities. The major difference between both the gadget the pricing. You can avail of a quality Activity tracker somewhere between $30 to $100, while a good smartwatch can cost you between $50 to $200.

Best Fitness Trackers in Every Segment

Here, you will find the Best Fitness Trackers under every price segment in India and we have handpicked the best available in the market according to your budget.


Quick Tips

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Compatibility: Before buying a fitness band make sure that it is compatible with the operating version of your smartphone. Brands like Apple is only compatible with a selective fitness tracker, so make sure to consider the compatibility. 

GPS: Buying a fitness tracker without GPS will be such a waste, as GPS tracking is one of its useful features. Make sure the fitness band has an accurate GPS that will help you to explore new routes. 

Features: Make sure to look out for the hardware features of the fitness tracker. The tracker should have basic sensors that can monitor your heart rate, sleeping pattern, count the number of steps taken, and so on.

Water-resistant: As a fitness tracker will have to go through various outdoor conditions, make sure that you are buying a water-resistant activity tracker that can resist water ingression. You should buy a tracker that works well while swimming or gymming. 


Battery + Charging: Buying an Activity tracker that can last long will be a smart buy. An average fitness tracker lasts around 4 to 5 days on a single charge, depending on the usage intensity. Good brands that have high price activity tracker can last for a month on a single charge, so if the price is not a constraint for you, you can go for it.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Fitness Tracker

These are the 10 things that will act as a fitness tracker buying guide for you, so make sure to consider these points before buying a fitness tracker:


Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

There are lots of fitness trackers that you can choose, depending on your requirement. You should make sure that the band has ample display size that can display all the information accurately. Trackers with small display sizes will be a struggle, as you need to put a lot of effort to see the data. Also makes sure that the display is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass to protect it from accidental scratch and damage. 


Fitness Tracker Buying Guide


You should look for an activity tracker that can accurately measure your health-related data. Often some cheap brands have ordinary sensors that give wrong numbers or they are active even if you are not running or doing any physical activity. Makes sure to choose trackers that can also fit in your arms, as it will give a more accurate heart rate and O2 level numbers. 


Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

The style should be a factor that will be in your checklist while buying a fitness tracker. You can go for sleek trackers that are available in multiple color options. But make sure that style does not overtake the wearing comfort. Buy a fitness band that is stylish and at the same time easy to put on. 

Sleep Tracking

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Most of the fitness trackers are bought by fitness freaks as their main aim is to stay fit. Fitness freaks are physically active and engaged in some kind of sports like running, jogging, gymming, etc. A proper sleeping pattern is necessary in such a case to get the best out of you. Before buying a fitness tracker make sure that it has an accurate sleep tracker.


Some fitness tracker automatically starts tracking as soon as you fall asleep while some needs to be activated. Depending on your requirement and budget you can opt for any one of them.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Heart rate sensor is a common feature nowadays in a fitness tracker. If you are that guy that gives due attention to its heart rate, then you should choose those brands that have accurate heart sensors that can easily be tracked. As heart rate is a critical part of our health, make sure to buy the best one, as cheap brands can sometimes give you wrong figures, that can be disastrous.

Heart rate data is also used in some other trackers to calculate the Cardio fitness score and stress level. So do make sure that you are opting for the best tracker in terms of Heart rate monitoring.

The App Experience

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide


The app in a fitness tracker matters, as it is the place where you can interpret your data on weekly or monthly bases and see your progress. Brands like Fitbit and Xiaomi has some of the best apps out there. Some apps are also useful for women, as it helps them to know about their period cycles and some other stuff. So make sure you buy a tracker that has some of the best apps. 

Water resistance 

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

As the fitness tracker had to go through tough conditions, make sure that you are buying a water-resistant tracker. Now there are various kinds of water resistance certification given to the tracker depending on its surviving ability. Some common certifications are IP67, IP68, and ATM water certification. You should buy a tracker that has an IP68 rating as it can resist up to 50m of water ingression or you can go for a 5ATM rating tracker. 

Battery Life

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Fitness tracker brands offer trackers that have usage time ranging from a day to month. Some come with a rechargeable battery, while some have cell battery coins that can last for months and then need to be replaced. You should buy a rechargeable battery fitness tracker that can at least last for 4 to 5 days on a single charge.


The thing to be noted here is that the usage time of the band mainly depends on the usage intensity. If you are using the band with GPS and all the sensors active all the time, then you might get less usage time. 

Activity Tracking

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

The sole purpose of buying a fitness band is activity tracking. some of the common physical activities which we all do are running, jogging, cycling, or gymming. Now if you want to buy a tracker that can separately track all your different activities then you need to pay more attention while buying.

Some of the factors which you should consider are:

  • A GPS enabled tracker will give you an accurate insight into all your activities, so make sure that the tracker has GPS.
  • If the tracker only has a calorie counter feature, then your data will be based on the number of steps taken or your body movements. So do not commit the mistake of taking this figure to be accurate. 


Fitness Tracker Buying Guide


An ideal fitness tracker can cost you around $30 to $ 100. Some good brands can have an activity tracker that can cost more than $100 and can reach up to $500 mark. But if you want to buy a quality fitness tracker that has all the basic features you would want, then you need to spend somewhere around $30 to $100. 

Reasons to Buy Fitness Tracker in 2020?

As most of the people are still not fully aware of the uses of a fitness tracker, we are bringing some of the reasons that make fitness tracker worth buying.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Maintaining a balanced diet is one of the challenges and that’s where these fitness trackers are handy. Apart from calculating the important figures, it also shows how many calories you should eat in a day to fulfill your body requirement. This feature will also make you aware of the calories and quality of the food you are eating that will ultimately result in developing healthy eating habits. This is one of the reasons you can buy a fitness band. 

Achieve goals on time

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide


A sense of achievement helps us to improve our performance. A fitness tracker motivated you to do well again and again by giving you detailed insights into your activities. The trackers also help you to follow a strict schedule and reach your goals on time. A strict schedule will help you to fall asleep on time, wake up on time, have your meals on time, and so on. 

Be Aware Of Your Activity

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

We all are engaged in our day to day jobs and spent more than 1/3rd of our day in office. In this busy schedule, we usually miss out on physical activities. A fitness tracker keeps you reminding about the activities you should be doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will remind you about the steps you should be taking, calories you should be burning, and which activity burns what number of calories. 

Share Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Healthy competition is a must to get the best out of you. You can share your goals with your friends and challenge them to outperform you. So, if sometimes you are having a bad day and suddenly you see one of your friends is doing better then you, then it can be a source of motivation for you to be on your best mode. 


Monitor Your Overall Well-Being

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

A fitness tracker tales care of your overall health. It monitors your sleeping pattern, heart rate, your eating habits, your day to day activities, and much more. So, if you want a personal coach that can assist you in all your activities then you must buy a fitness tracker in 2020. 

Best Smartwatch in Every Segment

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Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

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