Wireless Earphones Buying Guide 2020 (10 Things You Must Know)


Wireless, the most common word you have heard in the past few years. The tech industry has now transformed into a wireless hub where you get all the wireless gadgets. From Earphones to portable speakers, there has been a massive change, which is for good. 

The latest of the wireless trend is Wireless earbuds or Truly wireless earphones, which has now become a new segment of competition for the brands. We have independent brands or some smartphone brands, like OnePlus, who have launched its own pair of earbuds. 

As the segment is competitive, there are lots of brands that are producing wireless earbuds. Now, there are some first copy brands, some rebranded ones, and then there are some original brands(like Apple, OnePlus) who always offers the best.

So, with our In-Depth Wireless Earphones Buying Guide get ready to know about some of the main factors that need your due diligence while planning, choosing, or buying the best wireless earbuds. 

Keep reading till the end to know about the following key point:

  • How to choose the best pair of Wireless Earbuds?
  • What are the pros and cons of a Wireless Earbuds?
  • Which is the quality determining factor of a Wireless Earbuds?

Excited? So, Let’s get started. 

Top 5 Trending Wireless Earphones

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

True Wireless Earphones VS Wireless In-ear Earphones

True Wireless Earphones

True Wireless Earphones is compact than the other earphones as all the housing is inside the earphone and do not have any wires. Microphone, battery, and control buttons are placed inside the TWS. One of the unique features of TWS earphones is that you can connect two devices at a time,if your device supports Bluetooth 5.0 or above.

Wireless In-ear Earphones

Wireless in-ear earphones or you can say neckband wireless earphones are the ones that come with a cable that sits on your neck. You will find the control buttons and mic on the cable of the earphones. Apart from this, you can only connect one device with wireless-in ear earphones at a time. 

Best Wireless Earphones in Every Segment

Here, you will find the best Wireless Earphones under every price segment in India and we have handpicked the best earphones available in the market according to your budget.


Quick Tips

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

  • Fitting & Comfort: The first factor to be considered while buying wireless earbuds is Fitting and comfort. Make sure that the earbuds have a comfortable fit alongside soft silicone tips. The lighter earbuds should also be your priority while choosing the best. 
  • IPX Rating: If you like using your earbuds for outdoor purposes, like workouts, jogging, running, etc. Make sure that earbuds have an IPX4 or above rating that can resist water, sweat, and dust ingression. 
  • Sound Quality: You will find good sound quality in earbuds that have a big sound driver and Efficient chipset for Noise Cancellation. So, always look for these 2 factors.
  • Battery Backup: A good wireless earbud will give you playback time of around 3 to 4 hours. You should carefully look for the playback time combined with the charging case. Go for the earbuds that offer at least a total of 6 hours of playback time.
  • Bluetooth Codec: Bluetooth codec is a software that encodes the audio on both ends. You should go for the TWS earbuds that have AAC codec, Sony LDAC, aptX, aptX LL, and aptX HD. The audio quality of the earbuds hugely depends on codec support.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Wireless Earphones

Noise Canceling

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

Noise Cancellation should be considered while buying earbuds if you are looking for a noise-free music experience. Seldom, our listening experience is spoiled by outside noise. Noise-canceling earbuds come with a ‘Hear-Thru’ feature that can help you to adjust the level of noise cancellation.

So, you can adjust the noise cancellation while gyming at a higher level or set it at a lower level if you are laying on your couch. The thing to be noted here is that Noise-canceling earbuds consume more battery as to those earbuds that do not have this feature. So, if you do not have an issue with quick battery drainage then you can go for ANC earbuds. 

Audio Quality

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide


The audio quality of the earbuds is mainly dependent on two major factors. First is the size of the driver, an earbud with a big sound driver will give better sound output. Usually, the average size of earbuds drivers varies between 10 to 15mm. So bigger the sound driver, the better the sound quality.

The second factor which determines the audio quality of earbuds its size. As stated above, a bigger driver means better sound. A large sound driver needs more space to fit in, so you can go for large model earbuds as it has bigger drivers. 


Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

We wear earbuds for long period and often use it to make calls. As there are no wires, the microphone is placed inside the earbuds. So you can choose to buy earbuds that have multiple inbuilt microphones that will eventually improve the sound quality of the microphone.

Comfort & Fit

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide


The ease of wearing and comfort that earbuds offers are some of the main reasons for its acceptance by the masses. The wearing comfort and fit of the earbuds can be determined by 2 factors. The Build quality and Earpiece type.

The build quality of the earbuds determines the weight of the earbuds. If cheap quality material is used alongside a big battery, the earbuds become bulky and cumbersome to wear. So make sure you buy an earbud that is light. 

Earpiece type ensures a secure and comfortable fit. You should go for in-ear angled earbuds that fit in your ear canal perfectly. Opting for hook earbuds can be a bad choice as they are painful if you wear them for long hours. 


Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

The most underestimated and neglected factor while buying a TWS is the ear tips quality. Though we would have included this factor in the fitting segment of our Wireless earbuds buying guide, it deserves a separate segment.


A good quality and perfect sized ear-tips ensure two things, a better seal that eliminates the outside noise and gives you an immersive audio experience, secondly it offers you long-wearing comfort. Make sure that the ear tips are made of soft material that doesn’t irritate your ear canal.

The next thing you should always consider is that the earbuds you are buying are offering you the different sizes of ear tips so that it can fit in every type of ear size. Neglecting these factors will make the whole purpose of preferring a wireless earbud over wired earphones useless, so make sure you have a good look at the ear-tips. 

Battery Life

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

A good wireless earbud will offer you playback time of 4 to 5 hours independently (not including the charging case time). So make sure to look into the playback time that has been mentioned by the brand in the additional information section.

Do not fall for overstated figures, as some of the brands mention the playback time as 12 to 15 hours. 12 to 15 hours is not the independent playback time of the earbuds rather it is the combined capacity of the earbud and charging case. Ideal earbuds should, at least last about 3-4 hours on a single charge, which can improve if you are using it at a moderate volume level. 


Charging Case (For TWS BUDS)

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

A charging case does multi-tasking for your earbuds, firstly it is used to keep the earbuds when not in use, and secondly charges it. The charging case has an in-built battery that takes care of the charging of your earbuds. On average a charging case can charge up your earbuds twice or thrice on a single charge.

Make sure that on a minimum, the charging case can juice up the earbuds twice. Better brands even offer better performing charging case, so you can choose brands like Apple and OnePlus if the price is not a constraint for you. You can also look for the size and look of the charging case. A compact charging case is easy to carry, so you can also go for that. 


Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

Controls are the next factor on our wireless earbuds buying guide. A variety of control options has been offered by the brands, depending on the price range and quality. Generally, earbuds have intuitive control buttons on the outer side of the earbuds that helps you to play, pause, and forward tracks.


Go for the responsive control earbuds as they are one of the best in the market. Some quality brands also Pause and Play your tracks as soon as you take it out or put it in your ears. 


Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

The Codec version determines the quality of audio transmission. There are various types of codec version like SBC, AAC, aptX, LDAC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, and aptX Adaptive. So for Apple users, there are only two choices as the iPhone only supports SBC and Best quality AAC. For Android users, there are lots of choices as it supports all the codec versions, from SBC to aptXHD. 

So, while choosing the ideal wireless earbuds, make sure you have a good look at the codec version, and Apple users need to be extra careful due to limited avenues. 


Wireless Earphones Buying Guide


Usually, wireless earbuds are a one-time investment, unlike wired ones, which faces frequent damage. There are so many rebranded versions and cheap quality cheap earbuds, which I would advise you to surely avoid, as they are a waste of money.

Go for the original brand that will cost you somewhere between 2k to 5K INR. Earbuds also range up to more than 5K, so if you only want the best, then you can raise your budget.

Reasons to Buy Wireless earphones in 2020?

So the first question which pops up in our mind, why wireless and not wired. As we have been using wired earphones for ages, it is still difficult to adapt to the new changes. So, we are telling you some of the reasons to buy a wireless earphone in 2020. 

1. Cables and Jacks are on the verge of Extinct

As the smartphone segment is getting a battleground, the brands are now removing the 3.5mm audio jack from their phones. The latest of them is OnePlus Nord. So it is possible that you might have to switch to the wireless trend, if not today then surely tomorrow. Secondly, the wireless earphones eliminate the hustle of managing the earphones. These two could be the potential reason to buy a wireless pair of earphones in 2020.

2. No wires, More entertainment

Wired earphones had tons of limitations, which has been overcome by the wireless earphones. Generally, a wired earphone is prone to tangle, cumbersome to manage, and has a little life span. In your day to day activities wired earphones used to get tangle, stuck in your door handles, or get bruised.


But say goodbye to all those tough days, now we have wireless earphones that are easy to manage, amazing sound quality, and a better life span. So, if you want to increase your entertainment level then you should be buying a wireless earpiece today.

3. Wireless=Durable=Best

Usually, wired earphones were prone to damage. They last for some months, and then one earpiece would stop working, or the cables got twisted and the earpiece is no more working.

The list is endless, but to cut it short, the wireless earphones have a better build quality that lasts long. Also, no wire means less possibility of accidental damages. Many wireless earphones are now sweatproof and water-resistant, which further increases the life span.

4. Say Bye-Bye to Battery Drainage issue

In the initial stages of wireless earphones, the battery used to be a concern for the users as they drained quickly. But now its no more, Wireless earphones now offers powerful batteries that can last for 5 to 6 hours on a single charge. Also, you get a charging case cum keeping case, where the earphone rests and at the same time charges when they are not in use.

5. Wireless Offers Immersive Audio

The sound quality of the wireless earphones has improved over time. Now the earphones have big sound drivers coupled with Active Noise Cancelation or ANC and Passive Noise isolation that offers you an immersive audio experience. 


Best Wireless Earphones in Every Segment

Here, you will find the best Wireless Earphones under every price segment in India and we have handpicked the best earphones available in the market according to your budget.


Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

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