Smartphone Buying Guide 2020 (10 Most Important Things)

Smartphone has now become an essential commodity that has reached every home. Affordable and aggressive pricing by some brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc has made smartphones accessible in every hand.

From mid to high range you will find smartphones in every segment. So, if you are planning to buy a smartphone that fits your budget and will give full value for money, then we need your attention. This smartphone buying guide will help you to make a rational buying decision.

Also, keep reading until the end to know about the following key points:

  • How to choose the best smartphone?
  • What should be the major things to consider?
  • What are the pros and cons of a smartphone?

Excited? So, Let’s get started. 

Top 5 Trending Smartphones

Smartphone Buying Guide

Best Smartphones in Every Segment

Here, you will find the Best Smartphones under every price segment in India and we have handpicked the best available in the market according to your budget.

iPhone vs Android

Smartphone Buying Guide

Both the operating system is quite popular and users are familiar with it. So, if you are using a specific OS, then it would be great if you continue with the same, while switching will be also a good option, but it will take time for you to adjust with the new OS.

As far as Android is concerned there are lots of quality brands that offer budget-friendly and performance rich smartphones. Brands like OnePlus, Realme, and Xiaomi have emerged as best from the lot.  

The price difference between Android and iPhone is massive So if you are more focused on buying the best in the lot, you can go for the latest iPhone Smartphone. But spending more than $1000 smartphones can be a bit silly too. 

Quick Tips

Smartphone Buying Guide

  • Affordability: Budget is one of the biggest constraints which needs to be considered. In 2020 you get options in every price segment and the best part is that mid-range smartphones are becoming more capable in terms of performance and usability. The recent examples are iPhone SE (2020) and Pixel 4a both come under the $400 price segment.
  • Choose an operating system: There are two major Operating systems, Android and iOS. Both have their pros and cons. If you are much into customization, then you should go for Android devices. If you want quality in terms of apps, then Apple has some of the best apps out there. 
  • System updates: As all the smartphones get frequent updates, make sure that you choose a smartphone that offers easy and frequent updates. Android takes a lot more time than Apple to offer updates. Android devices can take up to a year to get an update, while Apple has more frequent updates. 
  • Support: After-sales service is one of the differentiating factors between the iPhone and Android devices. iPhone is an organic brand which wholly produces phones itself, while Android devices are assembled from different sources, Usually, Apple has better customer support as compared to Android, so you can opt for Apple if you want rich customer support. 

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a smartphone


Smartphone Buying Guide

The performance of a smartphone is mainly determined by two factors, RAM and Processor. In terms of RAM, Depending on your budget you can buy a smartphone with a RAM up to 12GB but opting for a 4GB device will also get the job done. At least go for 4GB as it will give you a smooth operating experience.

The second thing that will affect the performance of your device is the processor. If you are going for iPhone you can avail of the latest A-series chipset, while the Android users can go for the latest Snapdragon chipset. 

Operating system

Smartphone Buying Guide

A latest operating system will be required to run all the latest apps and games on your device. So make sure you are buying a device that comes with the latest Android Operating system. Android users can go for the latest Android. One thing to keep in mind that some of the Android devices use their interface on top of the Android Version. So, you need to wait for the updates, which often takes time.

As far as iPhone users are concerned, you do not need to bother about the latest operating version, as the device already comes pre-installed with the latest one. 


Smartphone Buying Guide

As smartphones have now replaced TV sets and we spend a fair amount of time watching movies, Web series, etc on our smartphone screen. You need to make sure that the device you are buying has, at least, an FHD OLED display that supports the least resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Also, make sure that the device has a good aspect ratio that offers you a wide and immersive viewing experience. The ideal aspect ratio nowadays is 18:9, which you can easily find in low, mid as well as high-budget smartphones.


Smartphone Buying Guide

The most commonly used gadget needs to be stylish that flaunts in your palms. Before buying a smartphone, opt for a sleek and lightweight smartphone that easily fits in your palm or rests in your pocket. You should go for a strong build device. Also, look for the size, sensors placement, and bezel if you are design-conscious. 


Smartphone Buying Guide

We have seen a revolution in the camera segment of the smartphone in the past few years. Brands like Oppo and Vivo, which are camera-centric have some of the best smartphones out there. But don’t go for the Pixel count only, as it can be deceptive sometimes. Go for the device that can take photos from wide-angles and offers different modes to take photos, whether its shining morning or night.


Smartphone Buying Guide

As buying a smartphone is a one-time investment, you should opt for a durable one. Durable means that can resist water splashes, submersion, and some accidental falls. As stated earlier, buying a glass smartphone means it is prone to damage. In case you have bought such a smartphone, go for a solid protective case that can save it from getting broken. Also make sure that your device has an IP67 or IP68 rating that can save it from heavy water splashes and deep water submersion.

Battery life

Smartphone Buying Guide

As most of the devices now come with non-removable battery, make sure to check for the battery capacity in the specifications. You can also check the reviews from customers regarding the performance of the battery like its usage time, charging time, standby time. You can also consider a fast charging supported device as they are a time savior. 


Smartphone Buying Guide

Stock Android and iPhones are loved by the users due to its clean UI and minimal approch with no preinstalled bloatware. But there are brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo etc which ships these Smartphones with tons of bloatwares that ruins the user experiance and that why user prefer iPhones over these Android OEMs. But brands like OnePlus and Nokia ships there devices almost stock Android. So, before picking any smartphones make sure to conside this factore also


Smartphone Buying Guide

Customizable smartphones that offer you to customize your device from the scratch will be a smart buy. Android smartphones are generally rich in customization as you can install custom ROM, change the overall look of your device, use custom icons, and so on. If you are an iPhone user then you might have to face some disappointment, as it offers limited customization. 

Reasons to Buy a smartphone in 2020?

Read important emails

Smartphone Buying Guide

A smartphone is the most useful gadget which human have come across. It has replaced various tools like a watch, alarm clock, notes, calculator, and so on. There are lots of other useful features which a smartphone have which are as follows:

Email is an important service, which updates you about all your important activities. Android Phone comes with Gmail sync, which lets you sync and saves all your important data in one place. Android smartphones also let you connect your Microsoft account that helps you to use Microsoft apps across all your devices. 

Keep track of your busy schedule

Smartphone Buying Guide

A smartphone keeps you updated about your day to day activities. You can manage your schedule of the day, keep track of them, and track your progress. You can get a frequent reminder about important tasks which you need to complete. 

Take Better Photos

Smartphone Buying Guide

No one would have ever thought that one can take a high-quality picture from a pocket-sized gadget. With smartphones, it is now possible as you can take high-resolution pictures with amazing clarity and sharpness. Most of the smartphones now have filters, that can take flawless pictures. You can also use apps like Snapchat and Instagram to take pictures in several attractive effects. 

Send Money

Smartphone Buying Guide

The smartphone makes it possible to make financial transactions with the help of digital payment apps like Paypal, Paytm, Google Pay, and other popular platforms. These apps help you to send and receive cash, pay your electricity bill, recharge your mobile phone, etc. All these can be done only with a single click, and you do not need to go anywhere.


Smartphone Buying Guide

Smartphones can also be used to do shopping. Popular E-commerce Stores like Amazon and Flipkart can deliver all the goods and services at your doorstep. You can shop for your wardrobe on apps like Myntra, Bewakoof that offers you the best and latest collection at affordable prices. The best part is that these E-commerce platforms offer all basic goods to a luxurious one. 

Watch Movies & TV Shows

Smartphone Buying Guide

Gone are the days where you need to go to theatres to enjoy a movie. with OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar you can enjoy high-quality movies and series on your 6-inch smartphones laying on your bed. You get all the high-quality content on your fingertips. 

Get Directions & Navigation 

Smartphone Buying Guide

At this point, there is no such thing called “impossible” in the smartphone’s dictionary. You can navigate and get directions with the help of Google Maps installed on your smartphone. You do not need to worry about your destination, all you need to do is to feed your destination on your smartphone and it will take you through your journey. 

Stream Your Music Library

Smartphone Buying Guide

The best time killer, music, is also now at your fingertips. You can stream or download your favorite music on the smartphone and create your personalized library. You also get cloud services where you can upload all your tracks for future use.

Best Smartphones in Every Segment

Here, you will find the Best Smartphones under every price segment in India and we have handpicked the best available in the market according to your budget.

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Smartphone Buying Guide 2020 (10 Most Important Things)
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