Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide 2020 (10 Most Important Things)

Music is one of the best time killers when you are bored. Access to music has now become easy like never before. It’s a wireless era and speakers have also become portable and wireless. So, if you are bored in this lockdown and want to have a rocking house party or want to go outdoor for a pool party, then stay tuned with us to know about the best Bluetooth speakers that will rock your party.

Whether you are an audiophile that wants best-sounding speakers, or a videophile that want to integrate speakers with your TV set for an immersive surround sound, we have all for you. Now you might be wondering wireless speakers are no competition to wired ones in terms of sound quality, then you might have to give a second thought.

Bluetooth speakers are a super affordable audio gadget that offers you a cable-free audio experience without the hustle of wires. Secondly, it is durable and portable that can be carried on every occasion.

Now, there are lots of Bluetooth speakers at different price segments that you can buy, but to buy the best one, you need to consider many factors. So let’s dive into our Bluetooth speaker buying guide that will surely help you in making the final buying decision.

Stick till the end to know about the following key points:

  • How to choose your best Bluetooth speaker?
  • What are the pros and cons of a Bluetooth Speaker?
  • Which is the quality determining factor of a Bluetooth speaker?
  • Do more watts means better Sound quality?

Excited? So, Let’s get started. 

Top 5 Trending Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

Best Bluetooth Speaker in Every Segment

Here, you will find the best Bluetooth speaker under every price segment in India and we have handpicked the best speakers available in the market according to your budget.

Quick Tips

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

  • Compactness: Ease of carrying should be the first thing you should keep your eye on while buying the best Bluetooth speaker. You should always go for a speaker that measures between 10 to 15 cm. Buying a speaker that is cumbersome to carry eliminates the whole purpose of buying a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Sound Quality: We often neglect the technicalities of sound quality while buying a Bluetooth speaker. You should avoid buying speakers that have small sound drivers. You should go for Neodymium driver speakers that offer good Bass, Stereo sound, has a sub-woofer, and effective sound propagation.
  • Battery Backup: If the battery of your speaker drains fast while you are enjoying your trip, then it is one of the most annoying things to face. You should go for a Bluetooth speaker that offers you a playback time between 6 to 8 hours. some of the Bluetooth speakers even offers a playback time of 10 hours, so you can also opt for that speaker and spend some additional bucks. Some speakers also offer quick charging, so it is one factor you should also look out for.
  • Connectivity: Wide Bluetooth connectivity is one of the most important factors you should analyze while buying a speaker. Nowadays, you have NFC and Wi-Fi speakers that can integrate with your smartphone within a second. The thing is to be noted that both the speaker and the pairing device should have NFC support.
  • Durability: If you are spending your hard-earned money on a Bluetooth speaker, then you should buy a durable product that can resist the outdoor harsh conditions. It should be water-resistant that has a strong build quality to last long. You can go for an Aluminum built Bluetooth speaker that will not break if you dropped it accidentally.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Bluetooth Speakers

Frequency Response

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

Frequency response can be defined as the range at which the sound of the speaker reaches. You should buy a Bluetooth speaker that has a wide frequency response and the ideal response range is 20Hz to 20 kHz. But one thing to be kept in mind that the frequency response varies from person to person. Old age people have a weak perception of sound frequency as compared to the young lads. 

So, the ideal figure that you should look out for before buying a Bluetooth speaker should be a frequency response between 20Hz to 20Khz. 

You should ask for Frequency response and total harmonic distortion of the speakers if you are buying it through an offline store or you can look for additional information section if you are buying it from an online store. 


Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

The sound driver of the speaker determines the audio quality od any Bluetooth speakers. In simple words, sound drivers are directly proportional to the quality of audio output. Most of the portable speaker comes with Neodymium drivers of 40mm, which is the ideal size you should go for while buying.

You can also opt for twin-drivers, as some of the brand offers dual drives for better sound output. Apart from driver size, the placement of the driver also plays a major role in effective sound propagation. You should go for a full range driver that has an upward or downward faced sound driver. If you are an audiophile and want bass-rich sound, then you should go for brands like JBL and Bose that produce speakers with passive radiators. 

The thing to be kept in mind is that you should not always look for big driver speakers, as big drivers mean biz size. If you buy a speaker that has sound drivers of 50mm or above, then it will be heavy and big which eliminates the portability factor. 


Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

The design of the speaker should also be considered while buying a portable speaker. Compact speakers coupled with an exquisite design will enhance the overall appeal of the speaker. A portable speaker will have to go on an outdoor tour seldom, so you should make sure that you opt for a speaker that has an eye-pleasing design that you can flaunt in public. 

Handsfree Feature

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

Portable speakers are either connected with smartphones or you enjoy music by inserting an SD card. Now, if you are enjoying your music and suddenly a call arrived on your device, what will you do? you need to disconnect the speaker from your device to take the call. To eliminate this cumbersome process, you should buy a Bluetooth speaker that has a Built-in Microphone. A Built-in Microphone will assist you in taking calls on the speakers.

Connect Multiple Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

Connecting multiple speakers at a time was not a norm a few years back, but now it is. If you want to create a surround sound experience in your room or to create a partying experience in the pool party, then you can buy a portable speaker that can connect multiple speakers at a time. Brands like JBL, boAt, Bose, and Sony offers this privilege, so you can opt for any of these brands.


Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

It is a good option to have a wired and wireless connectivity Bluetooth speaker. Besides wireless connectivity, you should look for a wired connection speaker also. The wired connectivity will help you to save battery and will offer you a long playback time. You should also go for NFC speakers, as it ensures a quick and seamless pairing of the speakers.

In terms of Bluetooth version, you should go for a speaker that has Bluetooth 4 or above version. Good Bluetooth versions ensure quick data transmission and a wide connectivity range. Some brands also offer Bluetooth 5 versions which can be a very good option to have in a portable Bluetooth speaker. 

Battery Backup & Quick charging

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

It would be one of the most annoying things if the battery of the speaker drains out while you are enjoying your music. To avoid this annoyance, you should always look for two crucial factors if you want to buy a performance-rich speaker.

The first thing you should look for is the playback time the speaker is offering. On average, most of the speakers offer a playback time of 6 to 8 hours. So buying a speaker with 6 hours of playback time will be ideal. Apart from this, you should buy a Bluetooth speaker that supports quick charging, so in case your battery drains out you can juice it up again quickly. 

Foam Factor 

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

If the speaker you bought is heavy and can’t easily fit in your travel bag, then it is not the best portable speaker. You should buy a speaker that has a sleek dimension and can easily be carried. A speaker that measures between 10 to 15 cm will be an ideal size. Apart from size, you should also consider the geometrical shape of the speaker. Buying a cylindrical speaker would be the best option rather than a rectangular speaker. 


Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

Control buttons are usually kept on the side while buying the portable speaker. The speaker that has an easy control mechanism will be an ideal buy. You should go for the speaker that has mounted intuitive control buttons. These control buttons are user-friendly and easy to use that can take care of all of your activities. Some speakers also have touch control, so if budget is not a constraint for you then you can buy touch control, portable speakers. 

Water Resistance

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

A portable speaker is like a companion for us that travels with us on our journey. So you should look out for a speaker that can resist water ingression. Commonly, the speaker gets some water splashes during the day to day use or during the pool parties. So you should go for a water-resistant speaker that can resist minor water splashes or sometimes major accidental damage. 


Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide:

You should not always look for expensive speakers as there are so many budget-friendly speakers. The aforementioned factors should be kept in mind while buying the best portable Bluetooth speaker and then you can decide the price. There are low to high priced speakers that offers you all the important ingredients that would want in a Bluetooth speaker. 

Reasons to Buy a Bluetooth Speaker in 2020?

You should always answer the WHY before making the final buying decision. You should always have a strong reason to buy anything and spend your hard money. The product on which you are spending your money should be worthy and have effective utilization. Being said, the question arises WHY should one buy a Bluetooth speaker?

Following are some of the reasons that prove the usefulness of a Bluetooth speaker at this time of age:

  • Bluetooth Speakers are a Portable Audio gadget that can be carried on every occasion. It is light, compact, and is available at an affordable price.
  • Bluetooth speakers also have a built-in microphone that can assist you in taking calls directly from the speaker rather than going through your smartphone.
  • You can connect more than one speaker at a time, which makes it ideal for Social sharing. If you are in a pool party or a family gathering, you can connect more than one speaker to enjoy the immersive sound output.
  • Bluetooth speakers can now be integrated with your TV set and other home devices which enhances the entertainment factor.
  • Last but not the least, The speakers are now available at affordable prices. You can buy a quality Bluetooth speaker ranging from 1K to 10K INR.

Best Bluetooth Speaker in Every Segment

Here, you will find the best Bluetooth speaker under every price segment in India and we have handpicked the best speakers available in the market according to your budget.


Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

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