6 Best Route Planner Apps For Android in 2022


Innovation and technology are a blessing as they continue to interfere in every aspect of our lives and make it better. Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, there is a high probability that you will find an application out there that will make your life easier and oversee smooth operations. One main thing that has revolutionized over the past few years is transport. Inefficiency is a significant problem for conveyance, and as you don’t want to be a part of painfully slow travel routes, it’s where the best route planner app comes in and provides relief.

The best route planner app will help you find the most efficient and quick route between the two destinations. The applications make it easier for you to travel conveniently, and you won’t have to suffer from traffic blockage or go through a long waiting time. The consequences of these are both personal and business. Thus, having the best route planner app is mandatory to ensure you find the quickest way to reach your destination.

These apps will help you carve out the best route that you can take to reach your destination. You can also opt for a multi-stop route planner to help businesses find the best route between multiple destinations.

However, finding the best route planner app is much like finding the best route to reach your destination challenging and daunting, and you can quickly lose track. If you are worried about all that, then say No MORE. We have compiled a list of the best route planner apps that will help you find the most suitable application for you.

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Benefits of Best Route Planner Apps

  • Find the best routes:- The most significant advantage of the best route planner app is finding you the best routes. Whether you are new to the city, aren’t familiar with all of the roads, or want to get information about the traffic situation around the city. The apps can use real-time data to track the exact location and find the quickest path that leads up to it, thus saving you time and effort while also making it more budget-friendly.
  • Voice navigation features:- A lot of the time, while driving, we don’t want to keep our mobile in front of us to find the right direction. It can lead to confusion and also could be a cause of a potential accident. Thus, the best route planner app provides a voice navigation feature to avoid it. The app will let you quickly and safely navigate through different routes.
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface:- A common concern among many users, particularly when they opt for innovative methods to replace the traditional ones, is that they often worry about the complexity involved. The best route planner apps tend to make their interface user-friendly and straightforward to ensure that everyone can use it to its full extent.

Best Route Planner Apps For Android

Route4Me Route Planner

Route4Me is one of the best route planner apps you will find on the Play store’s also one of the most versatile applications suitable for people who want it for business or personal purposes. The app provides plenty of features to make it easier and quicker to reach the target destination by using the best route possible. It provides unlimited routes and addresses for each route to ensure you have plenty of options available.

The app is the desired choice of many service providers such as FedEx, UPS, etc. One of the most notable features that it offers is the Fast address insert. You can quickly search, talk or type any address and it will show you multiple routes to reach it. You can also add an address that will increase the app’s database for you, and if you ever get lost on the same route, you can rely on Route4Me to find your way around. The app also provides a visualized route, which means that there will be a map at your disposal that accurately marks all the destinations.

The address scanner feature of the app will let you point to the camera and scan any address before finding the best route to reach it. Another convenience factor will save you manually adding the address and finding it. Another notable feature that is also quite popular among users is voice navigation. The last thing you want to do is look at your phone to find routes while driving, as distraction can prove fatal during a drive and why voice navigation is crucial.

Geocoding combined with intelligent route planning and the route optimization feature makes Route4Me one of the best in the category. It is also one of our top picks because it is versatile, highly accurate, and diverse, making it suitable for many people.

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Best Route Planner Apps For Android
Developer: Route4Me, Inc
Price: Free

Standout features:-

  • Find the best routes quickly
  • Address scanner feature
  • Easy to use UI

Circuit Route Planner

The circuit route planner is another top pick on our list, and it’s one of the best route planner apps to pinpoint multiple destinations and find the quickest routes for them. The benefit of getting the app is that it will take care of the two most important things for you, finding the best route and convenient navigation through the app. The application has over a million downloads, which means it excels in functionality and ease.

The app will let you optimize the routes; thus, you can avoid getting stuck in traffic or roadblocks and get to your destination quickly. One of its most notable features is that you can pair it up with Waze, HERE WE GO, and Google Maps to use their GPS features, while the app will help you mark all the destinations on the map.

Finding the exact address is also quite simple, and it offers multiple modes, including zip code, accurate address, and voice search. You can use Circuit route planner to mark all the priority delivery stops at the beginning of your route; thus, it reminders you accordingly. You can also select the length of time you intend to spend at every stop while also getting notified of the estimated, precise arrival times.

Ideally, the application is a great choice. However, we think it’s the most suitable choice for deliveries. The app incorporates several features such as delivery windows, package marker features, etc., making it the top pick for more business users.


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Best Route Planner Apps
Circuit Route Planner
Circuit Route Planner

Standout features:-

  • Optimize the delivery routes
  • Add destinations quickly and through multiple methods
  • Suitable for deliveries

GPS Route Finder

GPS route finder is a multi-purpose app, and it’s the best route planner app for more personal usage. The key reason that the app is so popular among users and one of our Top Picks in the category is that it provides a variety of features, which include GPS powered short route finder, a driving route, maps navigation at the top of a lot more.

By using GPS and Network, the app will pinpoint your position on the map and direct you on the best route for your destination. You can also calculate the area, providing the Geo Area Calculator feature. Along with that, you can measure the distance between any two points on Google Maps. The distance will be provided in miles, kilometers, and meters for your ease, so you get an overall idea of the proximity.

Furthermore, it also contains multiple ways to view maps; there is the option of Search, Terrain, and Satellite maps – making it the perfect travel buddy, wherever you go in the world! Another impressive feature is the country codes ISD, which lets you check what country you received a message from and provides telephone codes.


It will show the traffic you will encounter on the route you have just picked to make things more convenient. It lets you determine how long it will take to reach your decision. It shows that this app will make the right fit for you if you require directions. The Qibla Finder will come in handy for Muslims, as the app locates the exact direction for the Qibla. If you are in a foreign area and are unsure about the course of the Holy Kaaba, this feature will make it easier for you.

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Route Planner Apps For Android

Standout features:-

  • Qibla Finder to accurately locate Qibla
  • Precise field area measure for any land on the map
  • Custom distance calculator between any two points

Route Planner

Route Planner- GetWay is an application that provides matchless functionality and features. For thousands of users, it’s not only the best route planner app but also the ideal choice for planning your daily routine with several stops, as the app can record up to 100 of them. The app will ensure that you complete all of your tasks, or if you are providing delivery services, it will let you maximize them by avoiding busy roads and heavy traffic, allowing you to return 20% quicker.

The app is straightforward and won’t require you to possess any practical knowledge before. You can add the starting and endpoint and the list of all the stops you have to make. You can leave the rest on the app to handle.


GetWay marks all the stops on a map, thus providing a visual illustration and clarity to find the quickest and shortest route to your destination. By adding the stops through the exact address, Zip code, the app will carve out the perfect route you can take automatically. You can also mark all the stops you have reached on the map to clarify. It contains up to 200+ addresses for each route, and you can upload it all in the excel documents.

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Best Route Planner App
Planificador de ruta - GetWay
Planificador de ruta - GetWay
Developer: Logi Way
Price: Free

Standout features:-

  • Add hundreds of stops
  • Easy to use the app
  • Automatically carves out the best route to reach the destination


MapQueset is one of the oldest names on our list as the app has been around since 1996. It is one of the most reliable and best route planner apps that you will find notable for personal usage. The app can look after all your mapping needs and ensure that you are never lost or out of track. Thus, it can be your ideal travel companion that lets you find the best route to your destination.

MapQuest is an app popular not only for its features but also for its simplicity. You can use it to create routes and locate particular destinations, including grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations. The benefit is that the app becomes a lot more than a regular route planner as it incorporates more benefits. It also offers a speed limit display, live traffic cameras, and the perfect, quickest route planner.


Other notable benefits of the app that make it an excellent choice include real-time traffic updates necessary to reach the destination quicker, the particular area search, voice navigation, and even various hotel booking options. The app is not ideally suited for deliveries or businesses, and instead, it’s the ideal choice for more personal usage.

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Best Route Planner Apps For Android

Standout features:-

  • Multiple route options
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Speed limit and live traffic camera displays

RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior is another highly reliable and one of the best route planner apps on our list, which incorporates the multiple-destination adding the feature. The application is designed for driving professionals and travelers and offers an impeccable experience that ensures that it exceeds your initial expectations.

The app can provide you with customized route-created features based on client availability, real-time traffic data, and keeping your busy schedule. You can add multiple destinations, and the app will find the best route you can take to reach all of them. Furthermore, it also provides a route optimization feature for different travel types, thus finding the routes as per the situation and requirements. The application will benefit from using your favorite navigation app, which includes the likes of Waze, Here Maps, Google Maps, and a lot more.


Another valuable feature of the app includes a direct spreadsheet uploading all the delivery addresses in the app directly. It will automatically find all the required destinations and create the best route to reach it all. You can also drag and drop the stops to adjust the routes within seconds. The Round trip feature of the app will let you create a closed-loop.

A significant feature, particularly for delivery services, is the availability of time windows. It will help you ensure that you arrive at the desired location during their delivery hours or while it’s open. You can also track your progress by checking into locations, sending ETA’s to the clients with the glimpse integration feature, and searching for the address from your contacts or the web.

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6 Best Route Planner Apps For Android in 2022
RoadWarrior Route Planner
RoadWarrior Route Planner
Developer: MapQuest
Price: Free+

Standout features:-

  • Find optimized routes to your destination
  • Round trip feature to make a closed loop
  • Upload delivery address spreadsheet directly into the app

Final Words

Hopefully, by now, our list of the best route planner apps will provide you with a lot more clarity. Although the debate of selecting one final choice is still pretty open as we have multiple options on our list, the final decision will fall on to your discretion. It is because the requirements and expectations with the app vary among users, which makes it challenging to select one final winner among all that will suit everyone. You can write down all your requirements and then choose one of the listed apps. As per our recommendations, our top picks in the category are Route4Me Route Planner, RoadWarrior Route Planner, and Circuit Route Planner.


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General FAQS

What is the best route planner app?

You can select multiple applications based on their functionality and match your requirements. However, we recommend Route4Me and RoadWarrior as the two most diverse and multi-purpose choices.

Is the best route planner app free?

The applications might provide you with a free trial version, but you will have to opt for the premium version for more prolonged use with all the advanced features. Although there are various free versions available, they might not match the features of the paid ones.

Can the best route planner app provide real-time traffic updates?

Yes, that’s one of the key traits in the best route planner apps. To find the best routes for your location, you will need real-time traffic updates of the city; thus, the apps provide you with it.


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