12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Keto diet is a norm nowadays as it helps people lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. A Keto diet is primarily focused on low-carb meals that ultimately result in a low body fat percentage. You can take assistance from coaches or opt for the best keto apps from the Play Store to maintain a keto diet. Based on your requirements, you can opt for the best keto apps from the number of options available.

Keto apps provide multiple services like keto recipes, keto meals, and keto schedules to meet your goals. We are listing a comprehensive listicle of the best keto apps that offer varied services. Without any further delay, let’s dive into our listicle of the best keto apps.

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Benefits Of Best Keto Apps

  • Specific low carb diets: Numerous fitness apps can help you meet your fitness goals. Keto apps excel in this category as it provides specific keto meals. You can also create custom keto meals according to your taste and preference. Also, you can adjust the serving size to accurately fulfill the carbs intake.
  • Provides nutritional information: Keto apps help you know about the nutritional information of what you are consuming. You can set your goal and take the help of a keto app to achieve it. The app will let you know the number of calories you need to intake to attain your keto goal.

Best Keto Apps For Android

Carb Manager

Carbohydrate forms a dominant portion of the macros, and the Carb Manager app specializes in carb tracking. The app has an industry-leading food logger where you can track every bite you consume. You get low-carb diet articles, forums, articles, and recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can count the macro within seconds, thanks to photo recognition technology.

The app has a macro calculator that automatically calculates the macro intake and alerts you when macros exceed. You can use the BMI and weight tracker to know the current state of your body. Track ketones, blood glucose, insulin, diabetes carbs, intermittent fasting, glycemic load, GKI, and much more with the Carb Manager app. This best keto app also provides educational macro-related content to the users.

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Macro calculator
  • Educational content
  • Photo recognition technology
  • Food logger

Total Keto Diet

Total Keto Diet is a tailor-made best keto app for fitness enthusiasts planning a ketogenic diet. The app has custom keto meal plans that will fulfill your calorie intake. You can choose from the massive food database available in the app. The app offers low-carb recipes that help you attain your keto goals swiftly. With the help of the Keto Calculator, you can keep a record of your low-carb diet.

You can directly hop into the keto section to look for the low-carb recipes for your meal. The app also has a keto diet guide for beginners that guide them in their fitness journey. You can swiftly lose body fat and stay fit with the Total Keto Diet app. The app has in-app purchases that unlock more exclusive features for the users.

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022
Total Keto Diet: Carb Manager
Total Keto Diet: Carb Manager

Standout Features:

  • Keto calculator
  • Beginners keto guide
  • The low carb recipes section

MyFitness Pal 

My Fitness Pal has the largest food database, due to which is a part of our list of the best keto apps. First, you need to set the fitness goal you want to achieve, whether fat loss or weight gain. The app calculates calories via the weight or quantitative value of the food item. The app has 14 million food items that you can choose to meet your calorie intake of the day.

The app automatically calculates the calories and shows the nutritional breakdown. You can also track the macro and micro values of the nutrients. You can track your progress with the interactive dashboard of the app. You can take help from a personal coach for meal plans in the premium version of the app.

12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • 14 million food items
  • Track macro and micro value
  • Personalized dashboard


Senza is a keto and fasting app that offers a vast keto database to users. This best Keto app has more than 1.6 million food items and 5000+ keto recipes. You can also keep track of your daily workout plans to sync them with your keto diet. You can create customized tools to meet your low-carb diet needs.

The app is syncable with Google Fit, Fitbit, and Biosense that will help you to transfer all your health-related matrix. You can log in to the Senza app using multiple devices simultaneously. Also, you can share the keto diet secrets with your keto buddies with the Senza app. It has a barcode scanner to scan the nutritional value of the meal. 

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022
Senza: Keto & Fasting
Senza: Keto & Fasting
Developer: Senza
Price: Free+

Standout Features:

  • Huge keto database
  • Sync with Google Fit and Fitbit
  • Create customized tools

My Macros+

With over 5M+ food items to choose from, My Macros+ is the latter app on our list of the best keto apps. You can set the keto nutritional goals via grams. The app has beautiful graphs that let you keep track of your body weight and carbs. You can use the barcode scanner to know the nutritional value of the food. The app has a macro calculator to track the accurate carb value.

The app has a water tracker to track the hydration of your body. You can set an unlimited number of nutritional goals in the My Macros+ database. You can opt for your favorite foods from your favorite restaurants as the app has an in-built food database. The app provides a precise nutritional breakdown of your macros.

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022
My Macros+
My Macros+
Developer: My Macros LLC
Price: 3,29 €

Standout Features:

  • Set unlimited nutritional goals
  • Water tracker
  • Precise nutritional breakdown

Keto Diet Tracker

The Keto Diet Tracker app is a handy tool to know the condition of your body. All you need is to feed your current body parameter, and the app will provide a specific meal type for you. Also, the app eliminates sugar and alcohol from your diet and provides an accurate carb quantity you are consuming. The app has a vast food database like packaged products, beverages, and restaurant items. Newbies can access the FAQ section of the app to get answers to the most frequent questions. The app is highly rated and can be one of the best keto apps for you.

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Vast food database
  • Accurate carb count

KetoDiet App Tracker

KetoDiet App Tracker assists you in changing and adapting to a healthy lifestyle. The app has custom keto meals that offer accurate nutritional facts. You can adjust the serving size of meals based on your requirement. Also, the app offers optional ingredients that help you create your favorite meals.

The app has an in-built keto calculator to manage your carbs intake. You get hundred of meals in the app along with branded packaged products. You can measure body fat, carbs, nutrients, blood glucose, and blood lipids with this best keto app. The premium version of the app gives access to all the recipes and meals.

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Custom keto meals
  • Serving size adjustment
  • Branded packaged products

Low Carb Keto Recipes

Low Carb Keto Recipes app specializes in keto recipes ranging across different categories. Some of the keto categories you will be getting in the app are keto breakfast, keto lunch, keto dinner, keto snack, and keto smoothie recipes. You will never run out of keto recipes if you choose this best keto app as an inclusion in your app drawer.

You can browse a free offline collection of more than 1000+ keto diet recipes in the Low Carb Keto Recipes app. Each of the available keto recipes provides wholistic nutritional information to the users. The app has a smart recipe finder to discover your favorite keto meals. You can use the keto calculator to quantify the carbs consumption throughout the day.

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • 1000+ keto diet recipes
  • Multiple categories
  • Smart recipe finder

8Fit Workout

8 Fir Workout app provides ketogenic meals to the users along with handy workout routines. The app helps you create a balance between your exercise routine and meals. You can create weekly healthy keto meals with the 8Fit Workout app. The app has 400+ healthy recipes tailor-made for keto users. You can also choose dietary plans like paleo, vegan, pescatarian, and others with this best keto app.

The app has 350+ exercises that you can choose from based on your progress level. You can assess a strength test to keep track of your progress. You can take the assistance of professional coaches to attain your fitness goals.

12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022
8fit - Fitness y Nutrición
8fit - Fitness y Nutrición
Developer: Urbanite Inc
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Choose different dietary plans
  • Assess strength test
  • Tips from professionals


Right from the editor’s choice, Lifesum is the next best keto app apps on our list. The app offers healthy meal plans according to every fitness goal. You get access to a detailed diet plan and tips to meet your goal. With the calorie counter and food tracker, you can keep an overview of the nutritional information of your diet.

You get numerous diet plans based on your goal. The app offers keto, fasting, paleo, and sugar detox diet plans. The app has delicious recipes that you can choose to meet your calorie intake. You can know the nutritional information by scanning the bar code of the food packet. Maintain a daily food diary to keep track of your progress.

12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022
Lifesum: Contador de Calorias
Lifesum: Contador de Calorias
Developer: Lifesum
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Macro tracker
  • Bar code
  • Numerous diet plans


Cronometer is trusted by health experts, due to which it is a part of our list of the best keto apps. The app tracks and provides the most accurate meal data to the users. You can fulfill your dietary needs irrespective of the diet plan you are following. 

The app can track up to 82 macronutrients which makes it a standout amongst its peers. You can scan food labels to know the nutritional information of the food item. The app has a keto calculator that can be handy in meeting your fitness goals. Besides this, you can add custom recipes and food to the database of the app. The app has monthly and annual subscription plans.

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12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Track up to 82 macronutrients
  • Accurate meal data
  • Recommended by health experts

Stupid Simple Keo

Stupid Simple Keo is the latter app on our list of the best keto apps. The app can be an ideal choice to track your macros and maintain a consistent keto diet. You can accurately track the macros and carbs of your keto diet. The app allows you to set daily goals to stay focused and motivated. You can scan products to add them to your meal list instantly with the Stupid Simple Keo app. The app reminds you when you are exceeding your daily carb limit. You can add custom foods and review them frequently. You can sync the devices between multiple devices conveniently.

12 Best Keto Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Sync between multiple devices
  • Reminder when you exceed the carb limit
  • Set daily goals

Final Words

These are the 12 best keto apps you can install on your smartphones and get started. Carb Manager, Total Keto Diet, Senza, My Macros+, and Low Carb Keto recipes are some standout apps we highly recommend to users. You can also mention your top picks of the list in the comment section below. If you loved our content, do not forget to share it with your friends. Also, you can add your valuable suggestions in the comment section.

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General FAQs

How do I start a ketogenic diet for free?

There is no rocket science behind a ketogenic diet. All you need is willpower and consistency to follow a ketogenic diet. Make sure you are aware of the quality and quantity of the food you are eating. Follow a low carb and healthy fat diet and consume the required amount of calories. You can choose any app from our listicle of the best keto diet app if you are planning to follow a ketogenic diet.

Which fruits can I eat on a keto diet?

Low-carb fruits like strawberries and avocado can be a rich source of nutrients for you if you are following a ketogenic diet. We highly recommend you take advice from a qualified dietician and nutritionist regarding the things you can eat on a keto diet plan.

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