7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022

We encounter the marvels of innovation and technology every day. It empowers us with problem-solving strategies and creative insights that will let you view things from a different and unique perspective. An earthquake is a natural disaster that leads to instant panic and anxiety. It’s also common to lose your senses in such a situation, and you could end up suffering from an injury or expose yourself to a fatal occurrence. Luckily, technology also leaves a mark in the form of the best earthquake app.

Earthquakes often come as a surprise because of their dangerous nature; they can lead to confused and terrified emotions. Additionally, since an earthquake tends to be of various magnitudes ranging from slightly annoying to viciously frightening, it sometimes leads to property damage.

There best earthquake app will let you deal with the situation rationally instead of instincts. Charles Duhigg, in his book “The Power of Habit,” states that Anticipation of a situation takes away its power to react unreasonably. Hence you are more likely to take the proper steps when expecting an earthquake.

The idea behind the best earthquake app is simple, providing you an alert when things are about to shake up. However, not every application will be the right choice for you. Exceptionally, the apps can be an excellent choice for people who live in areas that often encounter a lot of shaking. After carefully examining their features and functionality, our list will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive list of the best applications.

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Benefits of Best Earthquake Apps

  • Precise Alerts: The best earthquake app will instantly provide you with an alert before shaking. It will provide you with more time. Thus, you can react as per the situation. Additionally, the app will inform you when the shaking is above a magnitude of 4.5 and could lead to threatening outcomes. Although, you can adjust their functionality and choose it to alert you at any magnitude.
  • Updates: In addition to sending a reminder when an earthquake is about to hit your locality, the best earthquake app also provides regular and accurate updates. You will be notified about all the instances in your surroundings.
  • Design: A major problem with plenty of applications is that they lack design despite providing excellent features and functionality. Without an excellent user interface, things may get difficult for you, and thus you cannot obtain the results you desire. However, that isn’t the case with the best earthquake app, which provides a clear map with markings and alert sections showing the date and time the earthquake is expected.

Best Earthquake Apps For Android

Earthquake Alert!

If you are a novice user with any previous knowledge about these applications, Earthquake alert is the Best Earthquake app. There are various reasons for its popularity among new users, and one of the most prominent reasons includes a convenient user interface. Once you load the application, it contains all the required information on the home screen. It makes it easier to scroll to any tab and find the relevant information instantly. Some of the data that you can access with the app includes the latest news about the earthquake, such as its location, duration, depth or magnitude, and distance.

You can also open the map tab and find the exact locations where it has occurred. The app also comprises the latest news about the earthquakes, including predictions from experts about where it will head out next.

The most notable feature that many users find helpful is stats. The tab shows all the earthquakes that have taken place today, this week, and month. Furthermore, it also displays stats of the largest earthquake and its locality, distance from you. The tab is the most beneficial feature for seismology enthusiasts and people researching the field.

Another significant feature of the app is the Earthquake alert which will notify you if any shaking is expected around your locality and other information like magnitude, depth, time residual, etc.

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7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022
Earthquake Alert!
Earthquake Alert!
Developer: Josh Clemm
Price: Free

Standout features:

  • Detailed information about the earthquake
  • User-friendly interface
  • Stats tab for detailed information

Earthquake – American Red Cross

Earthquake -American Red Cross is an essential app that everyone should have on their android. It is the best earthquake app for people who require safety, although the app goes further and offers learning in a fun way.

The application will provide you with all the information about an earthquake beginning with emergency alerts. Once you enter your location in the app, it will show you all the alerts and their date and timing.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about taking details about a particular place only as the application offers to monitor all the places that matter. Thus, you can enter various locations and get information about them by offering educational and informative quizzes.

The American Red Cross earthquake app also offers live map features that mark all the hazards, thus making it easier to track the route of the quake. Since it’s easy to panic and lose footing when you hear about an earthquake, the app will provide you with a prepare feature to educate you on all the safety and precautionary measures you want to take.  It includes the preparations during, post and pre-earthquake, and recovery options.

The app’s most notable feature is its detailed statistics, which include the intensity, magnitude, and distance of the earthquake so you can prepare for it as per the gravity of the situation.

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7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022
Terremoto Cruz Roja Americana
Terremoto Cruz Roja Americana
Developer: American Red Cross
Price: To be announced

Standout Features:

  • Detailed information about safety steps
  • Educational and informative quizzes
  • Earthquake data and stats

EarthQuake PRO

Whether you are a seismologist or someone who wants to gain more insights on shakings, EarthQuake PRO can be a great choice. Although it’s a fairly basic application that won’t provide you with many advanced and complicated features, it still does the task brilliantly.

It’s the best earthquake app if you want to view the quakes that have taken place in the past across the globe.  The application also provides regular updates and reminders about the earthquakes in your locality. It also features a built-in seismograph function that adds functionality and convenience.

The user interface of EarthQuake Pro has a material design that appears quite attractive and straightforward to navigate through it. It provides a global view with clear indications of the areas that have recently suffered this natural disaster. You can also see the shape and location of the tectonic plates with a red indicator on the globe.

The app will also let you search any event by distance, date, and keyword and show the close-by city to the epicenter. The Earthquake reminders provide all the stats and data such as distance, location, and magnitude, thus clearly expressing what’s about to come.

Some other features of EarthQuake Pro include a Tsunami notification, real-time stats, global chat, felt reports, comments. Although you will have to buy the app, it ensures the best ad-free experience.

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7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022
EarthQuake PRO
EarthQuake PRO
Developer: Francesk Xhaferri
Price: 5,99 €

Standout Features:

  • Interactive globe view
  • Detailed stats
  • Search event by distance, date, and keyword

Vibration Meter

If you want a more multi-purpose app, vibration meter can be the best earthquake app on our list. It’s the best choice for measuring the strength of vibrations, earthquakes, or even objects around you. The application accurately detects and records the production of seismic waves due to volcanic eruptions, shocks, avalanches, and earthquakes. The application will use the accelerometer inside your phone to detect these vibrations and measure analysis.

If you want a graphical representation of the vibrations, the app can again prove to be of great help. It uses the graph to express a ground motion record at any measuring point. The object’s ground movement is expressed as a function of time inside the three Cartesian axes, with its z-axis being perpendicular to the earth’s surface. In contrast, the x and y-axis are parrels to their surface.

The application also comprises a Mercall intensity scale, a seismic scale that measures the earthquake’s intensity. It also measures its effects along with the distance of the magnitude moment.

The application is also extremely sensitive; thus, its sensors are some of the best. Additionally, it comes with a clean and simple user interface, making it convenient to access all the features. Although to get the SOS features, you will have to get the premium subscription since the standard version does not offer it.

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7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022
Vibration Meter
Vibration Meter
Developer: EXA Tools
Price: Free+

Standout Features:

  • Measure any vibration
  • Mercall intensity scale
  • Measures the variations using the x,y, z-axis

Earthquake Network

Earthquake Network is not just another mention on our best earthquake app list, and it’s one of the most comprehensive choices. The app is a few ways to get an early warning or alert about the seismic waves in several countries. The application has it all, an intuitive and straightforward interface to excellent functionality, precise predication, and timely reminder so you can prepare beforehand in case or a disaster approaches you.

Earthquake network alerts you about the closeby earthquakes, and it also uses your android to sense earthquakes and acts as a type of network. As per stats, there are around 8800 devices registered on the network. Thus the alerts are generated from these individuals, making them accurate.

The app will use the accelerometer in your smartphone as a seismograph. It will help the app predict any vibrations coming your way. Other app features include user reports on the earthquakes and real-time data from international and national seismic networks at various magnitudes. It also provides chatrooms that users can utilize to communicate their experience of the quakes.

You can download the application for free from the Playstore. If you want to get some extra features, the premium remains the best choice. The premium will unlock earthquake notification during crises through a voice synthesizer and chat messaging.

7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022
Sismo Detector
Sismo Detector
Developer: Francesco Finazzi
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Real-time earthquake detection
  • Accurate user reports on the quakes
  • Chatrooms for exchanging information

Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Earthquakes are not the only cause of vibrations and shakings, and if you live in an area with active volcanoes,  It is the best earthquake app you can find. The app will provide you with real-time reports on earthquakes and expresses the expected volcanic eruptions.

The application contains information about the erupting volcanoes through the map as it contains data of more than 1600 active and other dormant volcanoes. You can also get other volcano news, such as the volcanic ash advisories. The database for earthquakes of the application is also one of the best you can find. It will provide you with the latest and up-to-date information on the internet with up to 7 days old records.  

The app also offers reminders and alerts about eruptions and earthquakes. You can also set the app to get custom alerts. The user interface and design of the application also provide all the features and data such as indictions on the map of the volcanoes, the earthquake routes, and details of the quakes. Additionally, the volcanoes and areas that can expect shaking are marked so users can easily differentiate between threats.

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7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022
Volcanes y Terremotos
Volcanes y Terremotos
Developer: VolcanoDiscovery
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Regular reminders of vibrations
  • Accurate and detailed stats
  • Easy to operate

My Earthquake Alerts – Map

If you are looking for a simple app that does the job, you might find My Earthquake alerts as the best earthquake app around. This app performs exceptionally because it has a convenient design that doesn’t provide a lot of extra and detailed stats but still does the task.

Its features include a live earthquake map that can efficiently track and detect earthquakes across different parts of the globe. You can also customize the alerts for earthquakes without any restrictions. The app’s most notable feature is that it offers a powerful search option to find the history of the earthquake that can be dated back to 1970.

You can also use the app to find particular locations along with the distance and depth of the earthquakes from you. It uses information and data from different worldwide networks and US sources, including EMSC and USGS.

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7 Best Earthquake Apps For Android in 2022
Mis Alertas de Terremotos
Mis Alertas de Terremotos

Standout Features:

  • Simple, beautiful, and operative design
  • Effective monitoring and reminders
  • Accurate alerts and stats

Final Words

The best earthquake app will allow you to be more prepared for the situation, giving you more time to react. These applications also provide a valuable feature of communicating with other community members, thus providing factual information about what to expect. Although the apps we have listed above are all exceptional in terms of functionality, they also offer certain exclusive features suitable for different groups of people. The best earthquake app from our list that is also pretty high in popularity ranking is Earthquake Alert, Earthquake -American Red Cross, and Vibration Meter.

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General FAQs

Is the best earthquake app useful?

Yes, the best earthquake app tends to be extremely useful, especially in areas that encounter a lot of vibrations. It can provide you a timely reminder, an early warning so you can prepare for it and take the necessary safety measures

What’s the best earthquake app?

There are many selections on our list. However, the two most popular choices are Earthquake alert and The American red cross.

What is the best free earthquake app?

The best free earthquake app on our list is  Earthquake Network

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