10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022


With so much unrated and unrestricted content on the internet, it becomes necessary to keep track of your child smartphone. It becomes vital to know which websites and videos your child is visiting frequently. You may also need to track your child’s activities while he is away to make sure he is safe. For all your concerns, we have a listicle of the best phone tracker apps. You can say goodbye to all your worries if you install any of these apps from our list of the best phone tracker apps.

The phone tracker app basically provides a wide variety of features to the users. It can track your device in case you have misplaced it, track your child’s online activity, restricts explicit content, and much more. Moreover, many of these best phone tracker apps provide basic features without charging anything.  You can take the flexible subscription plans to avail of other useful features of the best phone tracker apps. Before getting started, let’s look at some benefits users can take from the best phone tracker apps.

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Benefits Of Best Phone Tracker Apps

  • Track child’s online activities: Best phone tracker apps provide valuable tracking features to the parents. Parents can track what their child is browsing and is there any unusual online activity. You can track the social media usage and screen time of your child. After assessing the above-mentioned things, you can take the necessary steps to improve your child’s online activity.
  • Find your device: There can be instances where you may misplace your device. This is where the best phone tracker apps come into play. You can relocate your device with the real-time GPS tracking feature of the phone tracker apps.  It can also help you to track the live location of your child when he is outside.
  • Restrict activities:  You can restrict your child’s activities if you think he is spending unnecessary time on the screen. You can set app usage limits or block the website where your child is spending most of his time. It will help parents to improve the child’s productivity and develop healthy habits.

Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS


mSpy is a feature-rich best phone tracker app. You can start using the app by signing up via your Email. Once you have selected a suitable subscription plan, you are good to track.  You can monitor every tap and keystroke your child is hitting on this smartphone. The app provides a real-time location of every activity when your child is outside. The standout feature of the app is that it provides frequent updates to the users and always comes up with new tracking features.

Talking about the tracking features, you can access search and call history to know the people he is in touch with often. As social media are the most engaging and time-consuming apps, you can have an overview of all the social media chats of your child. You can read their chats and text messages including the deleted ones without being getting detected.


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 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

Standout Features:

  • Assess call and search history
  • Real-time location
  • Read social media chats and text messages
  • Detection free monitoring


Monitor 30+ apps and social media platforms in real-time with the UMobix mobile tracking app. You can detect any new contact added to the contact list or view the incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s device. Also, you can view the deleted text messages. Dating apps have become popular nowadays, and the UMobix app has the tool the monitor them. The app can monitor the activities on the dating app of your child. 

You can have a detailed analysis of the web history of your child and take screenshots if needed. The app provides a detailed list of the app installed on your child’s device and monitors the time spent on each app. You can use the Email scanner to scan all the incoming and outgoing emails from different email service providers. You can restrict incoming and outgoing calls, block websites, Wi-Fi access and block the target device with the UMobix app. The list of the tracking features goes on and on. The app should be on top of your priority list if you are looking for the best phone tracker apps.

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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Restricts incoming and outgoing calls
  • Block target device
  • Social and dating apps monitoring


As the name suggests, FamiSafe keeps the safety of your family as its top priority. The app has numerous family safety features to keep you connected with your family members. You can create a safe zone for your kids to monitor all the activities of your kids. The app will immediately alert you when kids go beyond the safe zone.

You can view the apps which the kids are using on their smartphones. You can also view the apps which kids are installing on their devices. The app allows you to keep track of your driving history. The app has more than a million downloads in the Google Play Store, making it one of the best phone tracker apps to try.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Remotely track activities
  • Safe zone for kids
  • Driving history


Cleveguard app can make spyware detection and make sure that your device is free from malware tracking links. You can remove spyware and stalkware in only one click with the Clevguard app. It will alert you of any tracking app installed on your smartphone. The app scans your devices and notifies you of the suspicious links and apps. You can check if there is any data breach on your device. You simply need to enter your email and the app will run a comprehensive check.


You can do an app audit to see the permissions like location, microphone, and other access installed apps have. Clevguard app has enhanced AI technology that can detect spy apps instantly. You can take assistance from the customer support team of Clevguard to know about privacy tips.

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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Standout Features:

  • App audit
  • Data breach check
  • Enhanced AI technology to detect spyware


You can track the target user’s device by remaining anonymous. The Hoverwatch app keeps you undetectable while tracking the device. The app allows you to track 5 devices at a time including PC and laptops. You can have a detailed insight into the web browsing history of the target device. Also, you can view the To-Do list of your child’s device to know his plans for the day.

The app can track SMS and MMS along with the media files attached during the exchange. You can also listen to the audio recordings saved in the device of the target user. You can determine the location of the target device with the help of the geolocation feature. You get access to Hoverwatch Keylogger to know the details of every button pressed by the target device. The monthly plan of the app costs $24.95 while the yearly plan can be availed at $99.95.


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Standout Features:

  • Geolocation feature
  • Stay anonymous while tracking
  • Hovewatch Keylogger

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is not so good news for the pick-pockets and thieves.  You can find your smartphone by using GPS location and relocating it. If you are unable to find your device, the app will remotely lock the device, wipe SD card, and phone data to secure your confidential data. It also gives the passcode protection feature to the users that can block any unknown user to make any unauthorized app changes. If anyone is trying to change the SIM card, the app sends an instant notification.​

The standout feature of the app is that it can send GPS coordinates with a link to Google Maps in case you have lost your phone. It will help you quickly find your device. The premium features of the app are worth trying. In the premium version, you get features like Geofencing, Auto theft detection, location history, passive location updates, and much more.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
Wheres My Droid
Wheres My Droid

Standout Features:

  • Auto theft detection
  • Wipe SD card and phone data
  • Location history


Glympse is a critically acclaimed and highly rated app due to which it has landed on our list of the best phone tracker apps. You can start using the app without signing in the app. The app lets you share live locations with your friends and family with the help of the dynamic map.

The app always runs in the background and lets your loved ones know your live location when you are outside. It can also be handy in cases where you are stuck in traffic and want to inform your client.

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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
Glympse: Comparte tu ubicación
Glympse: Comparte tu ubicación

Standout Features:

  • Share real-time location
  • User-friendly
  • Dynamic map


Trackview can be a handy app for users with a forgetful memory. This best phone tracker app comes with a buzz that rings when you are unable to locate your device. The buzz rings even if you have activated the silent sound profile. The app has a Family Locator and GPS Finder to stay in touch with your loved ones. It also supports remote audio and video recording features. You can record the route you have been often visiting. It can be later used to view the location history.

You can activate the dark mode to access the app efficiently during the nighttime. The sound and motion detection feature will help you quickly look for your device. You can create backup files for the audio recordings of the target device. The app is easy to install and comes with in-app purchases that you can buy for more premium features.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
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Standout Features:

  • Buzzer ring
  • Remote audio and video recording
  • Dark mode

Lite 360

With the help of Life360, you can share 2 days of location history of your family members and can get to know which places they have been for the past 2 days. 

You also get place alerts and have a glance at their top places like home, school, and work. You also get automated SOS that will help you in emergencies like fire and theft. The automatic crash feature of the app will help you to respond to a car crash faster and save your drivers from fatal accidents.


The free version of the app offers you ample features to make it one of the best phone tracker apps. Taking membership of Life360 will give you some exclusive features, so you can buy the premium version if you want more assistance and features from the app.

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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022
Life360: Compartir ubicación
Life360: Compartir ubicación
Developer: Life360
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Share 2 days of location history.
  • Automatic Car Crash feature
  • Automated SOS

Family Locator

Family Locator is the last app on our list of best phone tracker apps, which can be a very useful app as it helps you to locate your family members instantly. The app is simple to use, All you need to do is to invite and select your family members in your created network. 

Once all the family members are connected to your network, you can locate them whenever you want. You can also search GPS-based zones, where you can reach in case of any emergency. You will get instant notifications when they need help.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Easy to use
  • GPS based zones

Final Words

These were the 10 best phone tracker apps we have compiled for the users who are in search of a suitable app for their device. Where’s My Droid, Glympse, and Hoverwatch are some highly recommended apps you can try without giving any second thought. Famisafe, Life 360, and Trackview can be ideal choices for users looking to stay in touch with their loved ones. You can drop your suggestions and comments in the comment section below.

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