10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022

Busy professionals find it difficult to keep a record of everything. Often we miss important sections of the meeting and we do not have any written record to recall it. Technology has the solution for every problem. There is plenty of the best speech to text apps available on the web that can make the tedious task of recording every minute of information convenient. Best speech to text apps can transcribe each spoken word in seconds.

Best speech-to-text apps are useful in multiple domains and can keep you organized in both professional and personal life. You can speak in any language and the best speech to text app can do the job for you. Out of many benefits, we are listing some major reasons to opt for the best speech to text app.

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Benefits Of Best Speech To Text App

  • Live Transcription: Best speech to text apps can transcribe every spoken word on your digital notepad conveniently. Speech-to-text apps can transcribe multiple languages at a time that further enhancing the task of recording relevant information. 
  • Time-Saving: Manually transcribing the speech is a time-consuming task. The best speech to text app can convert your speech in detailed transcription in minutes. It helps you save a lot of time in the transcription process and makes the best speech to text an essential inclusion in your app drawer.
  • Transcribe multiple languages: With the best speech to text apps, you can translate and transcribe your native language conveniently. Whether you are speaking an American dialect or European, the best speech to text app can do all for you. Speech to text app can simultaneously translate and transcribe your speech.

Best Speech To Text Apps For Android


Speechnotes comes with an in-built keyboard that can record speech, punctuation, and symbols in a speech-enabled notepad. This best speech to text app is accessible in offline mode that making it the first choice for professionals. It comes with a fast, simple, and reliable notepad backed with Google Speech’s recognition service. The smart AI of the Speechnotes can auto-capitalize the succeeding alphabet at the end of every sentence.

The app can effectively reduce typos, spelling errors, and can edit text while you are in speech mode. It also has fun emojis that you can add to the transcription to make it more expressive. This free and best speech to text app has all the features that can assist you in increasing your productivity. You can conveniently import and export files in the Speechnotes app to maintain a free flow of information and data.

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Best Speech To Text Apps For Android

Standout Features:

  • Speech-enabled notepad
  • In-built keyboard
  • Reduce typos and spelling errors
  • Auto capitalization

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the most convenient source for speech-to-text preferred by users across the globe. The app is the first choice of professionals to execute day-to-day tasks. You can use Google Assistant to search any topic on the Google search engine. Also, you can use Google Assistant to control other gadgets at your home via voice command. You can record spoken every in your device notepad and keep a record of all the important information. If you are looking for a simple and readily available best speech to text app, Google Assistant is your option to go.

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10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022
Asistente de Google
Asistente de Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Readily available 
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for professional use

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere provides professional-grade dictation services that make it a mandatory inclusion on our list of the best speech to text app. The app has 99% speech to text recognition accuracy that making it a red hot favorite for professionals. You can dictate for a long duration and record a document and even a book with the Dragon Anywhere app.

The app comes with proficient voice formatting features where you can edit, correct, and delete text. The app has some handy customization features that can save your time. You can add industry-specific words and short-cut repetitive steps to swiftly complete the document. You can import and export files via cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Evernote. You can try your hands on a one-week free trial version of the app before opting for annual subscription plans.

10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Voice formatting features
  • Add industry-specific words
  • Powerful customizations

Voice Notes

Voice Notes is a highly customizable best speech to text app. You can choose from a number of color schemes to add to your notes. The app has a black and white theme option that you can hop in between according to your moods. You can create notes using speech recognition and edit the transcription with the help of the virtual keyboard.

You can create an unlimited number of categories to sort your notes in an easily accessible form. Also, you can create audio alert reminders for the important notes. The notes are easily shareable via messages and mail. You can opt for in-app purchases to access more exclusive features of the app.

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10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Edit notes and create reminders
  • Audio alert reminders
  • Lots of color schemes

Live Transcribe

With over 80 languages and dialects, the next best speech to text app on our list is Live Transcribe. You get real-time transcriptions of your words directly on your phone screen. You can quickly switch between the two options in the Live Transcribe app. You can add custom words in the database of the app that is frequently used. Also, the app can help you understand the context of each spoken word.

You can use your phone’s keyboard to write transcriptions accurately in your notepad. The app also comes with a sound indicator feature that will help you adjust the volume according to the surroundings. You can save transcriptions and export them whenever you want.

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10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Real time transcriptions
  • Sound indicator
  • Add custom words

Speech Texter

Moving down the ladder, the next app on our list is Speech Texter. The app comes integrated with a dictionary that has custom commands. You can use the dictionary to place punctuation marks, phone numbers, and addresses in your transcription, The app provides continuous speech recognition to note down all the important points in one sitting. The app supports 70+ languages like Armenian, Chinese, Arabic, Punjabi, Norwegian, Persian, and much more. The app also promises to provide 95% transcription accuracy, making it one of the best speech to text apps on our list.

Best Speech To Text Apps For Android
SpeechTexter - Speech to Text
SpeechTexter - Speech to Text

Standout Features:

  • 70 Languages supported
  • 95% Accuracy
  • Dictioanary with custom commands

Voice Notebook

You can take accurate voice notes with the Voice Notebook app. The app contains a customizable list of replaceable words and punctuation for voice input. The app can auto-capitalize the letters when required. You can use the continuous speech recognition feature to record all the notes. This best speech to text app is capable of recognizing speech in online and offline mode.

The app is suitable for multi-lingual voice input, preferable in the bilingual voice input. It also contains a word and character counter that you can use to track the word count of the document. You can use the app widget to ease the task of voice recognition. The premium version of the app gives access to features like live word counter, Always On Screen mode, and so on.

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10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Can recognize speech in online and offline mode
  • Track word count of the document
  • Ideal for bilingual voice input


e-Dictate is a secure, accurate, and intuitive speech recognition app designed for bloggers, writers, students, and business professionals. You can dictate any language and get it converted into English or any other language your want. The app can convert thousands of phrases to text from multiple dialects across the world. It has an integrated translator that can help you translate words and phrases. The app can be ideal for travelers as they can roam around the world without any communication barrier.

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10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Integrated translator
  • Convert thousand of phrases into text
  • Ideal for bloggers, students, and writers

Speech To Text

Speech To Text app can convert your voice language into any language of the world. You can speak in any language and can convert text into notes form conveniently. The app is primarily designed for professionals who are into extensive chatting on smartphones. You can also use this best speech to text app to convert audio into text form. You can share all the notes via Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and Email. The supported languages are Arabic, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Afrikaans, and many more.

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10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022

Standout Features:

  • Convert speech to text
  • Support multiple languages

Pacific Voice Notes

Voice Notes by Pacific Fisher Group is a simple and powerful speech recognition app. You can create notes, memos, to-do lists just by speaking on your smartphone. You can create reminders for your notes and the app will remind you of the set date and time. The app allows you to share notes with your friends via social media. Your notes are automatically saved in the database of the app and backed up in the cloud. You can create an unlimited number of projects and categories with the Pacific Voice Notes app.

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10 Best Speech To Text Apps For Android in 2022
Voice Notes
Voice Notes
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Powerful speech recognition
  • Share notes with friends
  • Automatically save notes and back up in cloud storage

Final Words

These were the best speech-to-text apps you can install on your smartphone to ease your professional tasks. Speech Notes, Dragon Anywhere, and Live Transcribe are some highly recommended apps from our list. You can also drop your comment and mention your top picks on the list.  Do not forget to mention your valuable suggestions in the comment section below. Do share our listicle of the best speech to text app with your friends who are looking for the same.

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General FAQs

Is Google Docs safe for writing?

Yes, Google Docs is one of the safest and convenient ways to write your notes, documents, and books. Google Doc is feature-rich and provides editing features to edit and complete your document. You can also collaborate with your team members to edit and add comments to your documents.

Is dictation better than typing?

Dictation is faster but not a better option than typing. Dictation may result in errors if you do not pronounce or dictate any word properly. There is also a high possibility of wrong words recognized by speech recognition that sounds similar to the words you are trying to speak.

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