You need best productivity apps Android for streamlining your business processes. Communication, documentation, and time management are the 3 essential areas where these applications must be leveraged for maximum productivity. However, there are umpteen applications available in the market. To de-clutter your search, we’ve listed 8 best productivity apps Android in 2019.


Trello is a free project management application based on Kanban’s philosophy. Kanban’s method is breaking a project into tasks and categorize these tasks into 3 parts: 1. What has been done? 2. What is being currently done? 3. What is to be done? Therefore, Trello breaks a project into small tasks.

A user creates a “card” for each task that they can arrange into columns, renaming them to represent project phases. Each column can be arranged and moved as the project progresses. For the starters, let’s suppose, there is a company that produces notebooks and it has to deliver them on a certain date.

The manager can create a Trello board with the following columns: “Binding”, “Covering”, “Designing”, and “Delivering”. Whenever a notebook undergoes the whole process, the manager can move its serial number and then move it to “delivered” section once completed.

Even though the free version of Trello makes it a strong candidate of the best productivity apps Android, you can also explore its premium version starting at $9.99/month.


Wunderlist is a free task management application based on the cloud. You can use Wunderlist to create a comprehensive to-do list—whether it be for shopping or a project—and track its progress by adding due dates.

If you’re working in a collaborative environment, you can delegate these tasks. There is an option to add the name of the individual you’ve assigned the task to. For clear communication, the comment section allows you to add a comment directly on the GUI. These comments can be edited and curated by the administrator.

Wunderlist is supported on the computer, smartphone, tablet, and even a smartwatch. You can create to-do lists right from a web browser and categorize them into folders, giving them relevant names. Therefore, despite being one of the best productivity apps android, it also is a perfect choice for your company’s management department.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes is another note-taking application, but it completely relies on voice communication. It allows you to record meetings, speeches, and ideas with 10 hours of free recording on a monthly basis. Ensuring full-time availability, it allows you to export voice notes to a text file.

You can also bookmark important points in a voice note so that you don’t have to listen to the whole audio repeatedly. In fact, you can also add images with the audio that will help you recall things more effectively.

Otter Voice Notes uses your smartphone’s in-built mic and Bluetooth to record articulate voice notes. You can create a desktop shortcut and start recording right from the home screen with a single click. If 10 hours are insufficient, you can subscribe to the premium version at $9.99/month and enjoy up to 100 hours per month. It is one of the best productivity apps android if your organization relies on audio communication.


Toggl is the free time-tracking application available on both smartphone and desktop. If your employees work remotely, Toggl is the best add-on for your company. With a single click, a stopwatch lookalike tracker starts with a title section where the user can describe the task they are performing.

You can also manually add, edit, and delete Toggl entries by adding the start and end time of a project. Toggle also sends you a weekly email with the list of the tasks you performed and the time you spent on them. To ensure you don’t forget to stop the tracker, it sends you an email that your tracker is running for more than 10 hours.

For the administrator, it creates a comparative graph of the time spent by team members. It also allows the admin to track the work hours of any registered user with a single click. Toggle also allows you to export the data to a CSV and a PDF file. Toggle is our personal favorite application in the list of best productivity apps android.

Duolingo—Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo is a free app to learn a language. It includes a web application, mobile application, and online assessment exam. With over 300 million users, Duolingo offers 85 language courses in 24 languages. It includes languages like French, German, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, etc. Other languages include Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, etc.

Duolingo is a facsimile of a video game for user engagement. A user gets an in-game currency called “lingots” on completing courses that they can spend on unlocking extra features. It includes character customizations and reaching bonus levels. Duolingo has a global leaderboard where you can participate in online competitions and showcase your skills. You can also earn badges by acquiring a specific skill or completing a challenge.

Chosen as the best iPhone app by Apple in the year 2013, Duolingo will add wonders in your list of best productivity apps Android. 

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Pocket is a free bookmarking application. It allows you to bookmark websites and their web pages. It also allows you to categories your bookmarks into sections.

Pocket consolidates all your favorite articles that you wish to read and the videos you must watch. The best thing about Pocket that makes it one of the best productivity apps Android is its user-friendly interface. You can add and delete your bookmarks with a single click of a mouse. It is smart enough to track the website you visit more frequently and show it in the top part of the list.

To ensure you don’t miss out on important bookmarks, Pocket saves them in a secure repository. It aims to enhance your browsing experience and make you more productive.

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As the name suggests, CamScanner is a mobile scanner application. It converts the camera of your phone into a portable scanner. It allows you to smoothly scan any document or image and convert it into PDF or JPG format. To facilitate data integrity, you can directly upload your scanned documents to the cloud. You can also share them with your friends from within the application.

CamScanner also allows you to edit your documents before you save them. It covers cropping, highlighting, contrasting, and adjusting documents. In fact, you can also scan a whiteboard and its smart scanner will read all the information precisely and save your time to a large length.

CamScanner shows advertisements to generate revenue and adds a watermark to the documents you scan/save. If you want to get rid of both advertisements and watermark, you will have to purchase the premium version of CamScanner. It will also scale its features and add things like expanded collaboration, OCR editing, etc.—making it a viable member of best productivity apps Android.

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ToDoist—with a userbase of over 10 million users—is an intelligent to-do listing application. It automates the majority of the manual work. For the starters, you just have to enter your to-do list and ToDoist will analyze and interpret it to categorize the list based on the relevance.

If you make an entry called, “Wish Elina, Happy birthday”, and it will set a reminder to send a text message/email to Elina and it will add a task in your relationships section.

Outside the personal use, ToDoist can also help your team streamline its activities. You can use it as a project tracker and delegate roles and evaluate the progress. It will help your team meet deadlines by keeping things transparent.

To use the basic functionality of ToDoist, you can download it for free. To enjoy premium features, you have to pay $36 for a year. Whereas, to delegate it for your entire team, there is a fee of $60/year per user basis.

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If you’re struggling to have a productive workflow, these 8 best productivity apps android will be a great decision for you and your organization. They cover all the important areas that need to be managed such as communication, documentation, and time management. Be productive.

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