Listening to music is indeed one of the most common hobbies of all people. Most of the phones have an inbuilt music player, however, the default app lacks a lot of features and necessary tools that are frequently needed in any app.

Nowadays people have shifted to online music apps because of a significantly vast collection present on these platforms along with the ability to create and share an entire playlist. This article will help you with the best music player app for android that you try in 2019.

PI Music Player

PI Music Player has all the features that are required by anyone in their music player. The app starts with giving the user an option for a theme in which they could select out of its four given options.

Its top features include a sleep timer, ringtone cutter, widget support and an inbuilt 5 band equalizer presets bass boost, virtualizer and others which makes it one of the best music player.

Pixel-Music Player

This is a unique user- friendly application for Android. Its common features include automatic notification, screen-locking system and also it has the ability to enter metadata like title, album cover artist etc.

There are 3 themes from which you can choose your preference. Moreover, it has 5 band audio equalizer, bass boost and a 3D sound with headphones or earphones.

Pixel - Music Player
Pixel - Music Player
  • Pixel - Music Player Screenshot
  • Pixel - Music Player Screenshot

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is a basic music player with a lot of features. It has a handy control system where you can give most of the command by not even touching the phone and directly by earphone buttons only. Its unique GUI system provides easy access on tabs and folders and albums.

Its special features include the likes of lyrics support, tag editor and Android auto and probably only one with a multi-editor queue which counts in all essentials.

N7 player

This music player is known for its elegant user interface. The app has amazing features like bass, tag editor sound virtualization effects along with other basic functions. Though it is not free, still it is worth a buy for a genuine music lover for unlimited ad-free listening.

Moreover, it has an advance 10- band equalizer with multiple presets and also it supports for Chromecast, AIRplay as well which is included in best music player applications.

Music Player ( by Inshot inc.)

Inshot inc. Music Player is one of the most popular music app and where you can play an audio file of any format whether it is MP3, MIDI, WAV etc. Moreover, it has a decent in-built equalizer, bass boost and decent reverb effects.

You can choose your desirable theme or can set simple color theme options. You can easily set ringtones from offline music, search songs by keywords, and operate it on the lock screen with a sleep timer and widget supported system.

Dub Music Player

This music player has a well balanced audio system which will enhance your music experience. The inbuilt 5-band equalizer with 9 predefined presets will improve the sound quality and it also has a special ability to save custom presets.

DUB Music Player can let you browse music by songs, albums, artists, playlist and genres with a visualization of music played including a home screen and lock screen widget.

BOOM: Music Player

You can enhance your music experience through BOOM: Music Player no matter which app you’re using to play your favorite songs. Whether you are using Tidal or Spotify, you can stream all its music through Boom which will give blast effects to your music app or you can listen to your stored music as well.

BOOM uses a distinctive patent-pending 3D audio technology which gives realistic music experience on any headsets and what makes it the best is the 22 predefined equalizer presets.

Musicana Music Player

Musicana is an amazing ad-free music app with a friendly user interface. The app provides a decent 5-band equalizer, custom presets, reverbs and a strong tunable bass for flawless music experience.

In addition to that, Musicana Music Player also supports online music library, online lyrics support, cool widgets and the best part about it is real-time music identification. Create your own playlist and set it with a sleep timer.

Musicana Music Player
Musicana Music Player
Developer: Sebin Paul
Price: Free
  • Musicana Music Player Screenshot
  • Musicana Music Player Screenshot


Musixmatch is lyrics based music application. Its lyrics widget can help lyrics synced in real-time whether you are listening on Spotify, YouTube or any other app. The unique quality in this app is that it identifies lyrics of songs playing in your surrounding.

Other than that it has all basic features like a song by playlist, genre, albums and also it supports Chromecast and WearOS.


FlipBeats has an intuitive and customizable Flip user-interface available with numerous other advanced features. It has two modes Basic and Advance Mode where the Basic one provides with 22-equalizer presets and 2 FlipBeats Pro EQ presets.

Whereas the Advance mode has 5 User Memory Settings and an in-built EQ engine which supports bass boost, balance control and Room Size Configuration. Both of them are supported by Pro Reverbs engine.

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