12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition

    Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS is certainly up to the mark of today’s need of the consumers but it also has some limitations which make a way for its alternatives in the market.

    The secondary app marketplaces which provides a wide variety of choice to download APK files are not available in the play store itself.

    That’s why in this article we will introduce to you some of the best possible Google Play Store alternatives which you can use in case you are feeling your smartphone is incomplete in spite of the presence of Google Play Store.

    Excited? So, let’s get started

    Note: Installing Apps from any other source than Google Play Store is Blocked by default. So, you need to separately enable the “Unknown Sources” from each source you are installing the Apps/APk from.

    Play Store Alternatives:


    Everyone loves freebies and in this era of paid apps, who will not love to have free apps for which you have to pay at other platforms. Appvn is the one stop place for you if you are a freebie lover which is a brand-new app for the sneaky app lovers.

    This was originally developed as a Vietnamese application but now it is also available in English which expands its reach to the audience and customer base.

    Play Store Alternatives

    Now you might think about the security and protection of your phone if you are using this app to download apps on your device, but not to worry as  it is a third party app store where the app content will be updated frequently which will ease your way to have instant and real time information about the latest apps on android.


    F Droid

    Next on the list is F Droid which is a good alternative for you if you are looking for exciting apps which your smartphone might be missing. This app consists of all the apps that are available as open source, from where you can download the apps which are not available at Google Play Store.

    best play store alternative

    The most satisfying thing about the app is that it doesn’t contain any pirated or cracked software which also solves the concern of the consumer about the protection of the device from the unwanted malicious virus.

    This app is a must try for all the app lovers as it provides a versatile choice of exploring the new open source apps which are not available at the play store, one doesn’t need more than this, I guess and this is one of the best Google Play Store Alternative that you can try.



    Third on the list is possibly one of the closest and best google play store alternatives, as it has been designed keeping in mind the google standards and the experience is as good as the play store with a well-designed user interface.

    apptoid appstore

    The highlight of this amazing alternative app is that it has a wide variety of applications which fulfils the taste and preferences of almost all type of consumers. I am saying so because it has approximately 700,00 apps to choose from its exciting collection which has over 3 billion downloads. It has been accessed and used by more than 150 million users worldwide. Now this figure is staggering and consumers should not be worried about the reputation of this app.


    Amazon App Store

    Now comes the amazon app store, yes you heard it right amazon, the leader in today’s e-commerce market, also spreading its wings across all the places. Amazon app store is a great place for getting free premium apps.

    Amazon App store

    Due to some technical and legal issues amazon was shown the exit door by the google reason being that it has violated the google terms of being an app store in an app store. Sounds confusing, right! But that was the case.


    APk Mirror

    Next up on this exciting list is APK mirror which hosts a large number of free apps. APK mirror doesn’t have its own android app as of now, so in order to download the desired apps users will have to visit the website of this app.

    Apps on the homepage of APK mirror are arranged in a chronological order by date like apps popularity over a month, a week or over the last 24 hours which are available in one section in decreasing order according to their popularity.

    play store

    The highlight feature of APk is that the interface is one of the most user friendly which will smoothen your experience while accessing and downloading the apps and this could as amazing Google Play Store Alternative.

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    Next one on this list is AppBrain, which is a one stop solution if you are looking for premium apps and also wants them for free. AppBrain can meet both of your demand that is free and premium.

    Developers of this app provides free apps for a limited period of time on their website and in return of which AppBrain publicizes their app.

    12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition

    This alternative platform will allow you to access the apps in great detailing which will also provide you to gain technical aspects about each and every app and enrich your experience and knowledge about the tech.



    Uptodown is the next alternative platform for all the app lovers. Now you might be thinking what makes it different from the above-mentioned apps, then do not worry we are providing you the list with best possible alternatives keeping in mind the versatility and need of today’s tech freaks.

    The thing which differentiates it from other apps that it is available in twelve languages, sounds interesting right! This app offers localized content with the option of free downloading. So, if you are facing language problems in any of the platforms to find your desired app then you can tune into Uptodown.

    app store

    To provide localized content, the app uses the services of virus total, which provides reports of all of its apps based on the results if more than 50 antivirus programmes. With all of these exciting perks, the app catalogue, has a news blog and tutorials related to the world of software as well as an official application for android.

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    Now this unique feature of the next app will surely make you jump you out of your seat, APkUpdater is designed to help you update all the apps that is installed on your device without using google play.

    Sounds cool, basically what this app does is that it shows you a list of all the apps that needs to be updated, each one with its corresponding “ApkMirror” links to other websites from where you can download the files in APk format.

    12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition

    In simple words, it will redirect you to a website from where you can update apps from the browser which eases your tasks and the final step you have to do is to download and install the file in your device.



    Mobogenie can also quench your needs of free apps with premium quality. This app provides a wide variety of apps and games, and guess what all for free. It allows you to choose from a variety of categories and download the related apps.

    12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition


    Get jar

    You might have heard this name once in your life or have seen a pop-up ad while browsing. Get jar is one of the oldest players in the market which offers thousands of apps and games for free.

    12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition

    Due to its presence in the market since a very long time it enjoys the popularity amongst the users and tech freaks. Downloading from get jar is sophisticated and user friendly.


    Bemobi Mobile Store

    There used to be a time when we were familiar with the keypad phones and all of us might also recall that we used opera mini as our primary browser which had a catchy icon and interesting browsing options.

    Though we were and are familiar about opera mini browser very few of us might know about an app marketplace within opera browser which can act as an alternative for play store. 

    12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition

    Opera app mini store (now known as Bemobi Mobile Store) is available on all the opera browsers. Purchases within the app store are secure and have a huge traffic due to large base of opera browsers in the market. It also provides the files in APk format making it sharing friendly and east to install.



    Another old player in this race is safe and easy to install with user friendly feature, Slideme. Most of the android Open source project are preloaded with slide market.

    Differentiating factor of Slideme is that, based on geographical locations and payment methods, Slideme opens up a convenient marketplace for the developers. Also, this app provides premium app in all genre and is backed by a quality process which ensures the performance and satisfaction for the users.

    12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition


    Did you find this list of Google Play Store alternatives helpful? Share your reviews and suggestions in the comments below. And if you think we have missed any app/website then do let us know.

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    12 Best Google Play Store Alternatives: The 2019 Edition
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