iPhone 7 Plus in 2019 – Still the best performer?


iPhone 7 Plus is one of the most controversial iPhones from Apple which was released back in 2016. This is the first iPhone that features a dual camera setup, which led the biggest change in the mobile tech industry.

It is powered by A10 Fusion quad Core Processor, 3 gigs of ram and it’s been around 3 years now.

So, is it still a good deal, should we buy iPhone 7 plus in 2019?

These are the questions that we are going to answer in this post. So, lets get straight into the article.

Design & Display:

Let’s start with the design & display, when it comes to display, the iPhone 7 plus is having a 5.5 inches FULL HD retina display which is actually much better than iPhone XR.


This display is protected by oleophobic coating and it supports peek and pop technology aka 3D touch. Watching videos and playing games are really amazing. When it comes to brightness, the “7 Plus” can support up to 600 Nits. At the bottom of the display, you may find a legacy home button which can be used for all in one navigation. By the way, this is not a physical home button.

For the first time ever Apple has implemented the virtual home button on an iPhone which can simulate all of the UI actions with the help of the haptic engine. It gives feedback to the user for every action on pressing the home button and pretends like a physical button.

You can also set a pressure sensitivity, that way it will work that you are actually interacting with a physical button. The home button has a built-in second generation touch ID from Apple and helps to unlock your iPhone much faster. If you compare it with a current generation Android flagships, I would say this is one of the fastest fingerprint sensors which you can get from Apple on an iPhone till date.

On the back of an iPhone, you can see there is a dual camera setup and I will be talking about this in a moment. On the right, you may see a power button along with the sim tray which supports single nano SIM capable of providing LTE/3G and 2G network services. On the left side, you may get a traditional mute switch which you can toggle it to silence the iPhone, along with volume rocker. At the bottom of an iPhone, you may see a normal lighting connector which is a reversible connector that means you can hook the connector in any linear direction. Also, you will find a speaker grill next to it.

Talking about speakers, the iPhone 7 Plus has a stereo speakers, the one at the bottom along with another speaker which is embedded within the earpiece. This way the sound output on 7+ is full of exuberance. I, really like the way how 7+ produces a sound output.


And the most controversial part of a 7+ is the headphone jack. Apple has an act of courage and they have removed the headphone jack. Personally, I am not a headphone jack user anymore and I mostly rely on AIR PODS, but for those who own a 3.5 MM headphones, well you may need a dongle which apple provides you out of the box. Overall, I would give a 10/10 for the Display & design on an iPhone 7+ Plus.


Moving towards the camera department, one of the biggest assets of an iPhone is the camera. iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone featured with a dual camera setup. Currently, all of the Android vendors are following this trend to date.

It has two main camera sensors which you may find on the back, which can serve the different actions along with a quad LED dual Tone Flash Light. This way the photography on 7+ is staggering. The first sensor which is a 12 MP, f/1.8 – Wide Angle Lens which supports optical Image stabilization and phase detection autofocus. And then another one, a same 12 MP f/2.8 telephoto lens which supports up to 2X optical zoom. But, with the help the software you can stretch the zoom up to 10X.

I really love the cameras on an iPhone 7 Plus and it can take stunning pictures. Off course, when it comes to dark light conditions iPhone 7 Plus get contended a little bit but, If it finds ample lighting conditions it will take whooping DSLR quality pictures without any doubt.

Thanks to the Portrait Mode. This is my favorite feature of an iPhone. Sadly, the portrait mode only works with the back cameras.


When it comes to video recording, the iPhone 7 Plus supports OIS which means if you have shaky hands, then don’t worry the 7+ will auto stabilizes the video for you. You can also capture a video of maximum up to 4K @30Fps.

Moving on to the selfie camera, on the front the 7+ has a single 7-megapixel camera with an aperture of f/2.2. The selfie camera on an iPhone 7 plus is adequately impressive. You can shoot a video of maximum up to 1080P @ 30FPS. Overall, I would give a 9/10 for the cameras.

Software & Hardware:

iPhone 7 Plus currently runs on iOS 12. This update is primarily focused on the performance and optimized for older devices. That makes the iPhone 7 Plus get revived from facing lag issues which it had in iOS 11. It handles iOS 12 without any issues. I would say it is a buttery smooth experience.

All of your applications open up faster without any stutter. When it comes to games you can play FORTNITE, PUBG, ASPHALT 9 legends at ultra high settings without any frame drops. Thanks to its powerful hardware embedded internally.

The iPhone 7 Plus is powered by A10 Fusion Chip which is a quad-core processor clocked @2.3GHZ coupled along with six core power VR graphics. It has 3 gigs of fast ram. 3 Gigs Of Ram Seriously in 2019? When it comes to iOS, you don’t need 8GB or 10GB of ram. Apple has optimized iOS 12 to even run on an iPhone with a GIG of ram that’s sound like bonkers.


Overall, I would say the performance on an iPhone 7 plus is top notch. It can still easily compete with current Android flagship smartphones in terms of performance. So, I would give a 9/10 for the Software and Hardware.



Lastly, the battery life. It has 2900MAH battery which can easily serve your entire day without the need of plugging your device to the charger. When it comes to my screen on time, I get around 4+ hours with medium usage. For a fair and minimal usage, you can easily get around 6+ hours of battery life. Overall, I would give an 8/10 for the battery.


So the bottom line, definitely iPhone 7 Plus is a valid purchase in 2019. It got all the usefull stuff like a dual camera setup, quad-core powerful processor, 3 GIGS of ram, home button and you can still use it for one more year without upgrading to any iPhone.

And yes, It will get iOS 13 this year and iOS 14 in coming Years. When it comes to pricing, currently in India, the iPhone 7 plus is being sold for RS:48,000 that would be around $650 for a 32 GB variant. Keep in mind this includes all of the taxes and import duty fees in India and I would recommend trying to buy any refurbished iPhone for a decent price rather than spending around $650 for a sealed box.

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