Best Android Setup 2019 (Best Nova Launcher Setup)

One of the best things about Android is its customization capabilities, meaning you can literally change every aspect of your device. Now there are users who want to customise their Android setup, but don’t know which apps they should use in order to get the setup they are looking for.

And that’s exactly why today I’ll be showing you a step by step guide to create a neon-ish looking home screen setup which is quite colourful at the same time very minimal.

It has a dual screen setup that packs all of the functionality that you’ll need in a home screen. The wallpaper really complements the whole setup. The home screen icons also have this unique neon shade.

So, let’s see how you can achieve it.


Let’s start with the wallpaper, the wallpaper that I am using for this setup is one of the most unique wallpaper that I have used in any setup. This looks best on AMOLED screens but it won’t look bad on LCD screens either as long as your display can give off deep blacks.

Best Android Setup 2019 (Best Nova Launcher Setup)

One thing to notice on the home screen is that the icons don’t cover the wallpaper. Even if we scroll through the pages. However, the screen features almost all the necessary widgets and icons one would need. The search bar is there along with the space to accommodate almost a dozen of icons. Despite keeping it clean, functional and appealing to the eye.


Icon pack

For the icon pack I have used 2 different sets of icon packs one specific for the home screen and 2nd for the app drawer.

So, for the home screen I have used this TwoPixel icon pack, which basically has this neon-ish looking icons and I used this to match the colour scheme of the setup.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.mowmo.twopixel]

TwoPixel is literally, different than anything you are used to till date. All the icons in this pack are clean outlines i.e. they just have a border with no colour filled in them whatsoever. This may sound a bit weird at first but TwoPixel is really a beautiful icon pack.

Note: You have to manually change the home screen icons to TwoPixel icons.

For the app drawer I have used this Pixel drop icons which is an elegantly designed teardrop-shaped icon pack. Simply put, it’s like stock icon, as it keeps their official colours, but with teardrop shape. Each icon is very detailed and of extremely high quality.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.allshape.Dropcon]


If we talk about the widget there are 3 widgets that I used in this setup and all are from zooper widgets. The first one at the bottom showcase the Day and Date, the 2nd one is this unique looking search bar and third one is this 3 sets of social media apps, which consist of Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube app.

To setup this widget first you have to download the Zooper app from the play store. Additional you also have to download frosbit zooper widget app.

Zooper Widget

Frosbit Widget

Steps Involved:

  1. Go to the widget section by long pressing anywhere on the home screen and create a zooper widget. You can also resize it according to your liking.
  2. Now click on that widget, then go to Frosbit widget and from there select the widget (as shown in the setup), and here you go we have this widget on the home screen now you can place it and also resize it according to your choice.

Note: You can setup the other 2 widgets in the same way.


Moving forward to the launcher which is as always, the Nova launcher and it’s my all-time favourite as it allows users to change every aspect of launcher. And you have to do some tweaks in order to achieve this exact look.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.teslacoilsw.launcher]

Steps Involved:

  1. For this look, change the desktop grid size to 9*5 and reduce the icon layout to 85%. Also disabled the dock as that will give you a cleaner look.
  2. Changed the grid size of the app drawer to 6*5 and reduce the background transparency to 100%.

So, there you have it guys that’s how you can achieve this look and customize your android. Do let me know what setup I should do next and for more future videos like this do consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Video Guide:

YouTube video

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Best Android Setup 2019 (Best Nova Launcher Setup)
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