Amidst Zoom security concern, Skype Introduced No sign-up video call meetings


As we all know that Zoom is facing major security and privacy issues. Identifying this as an opportunity Skype introduced no sign up video call meetings for the users which will act as a perfect alternative for Zoom. Skype being a renowned company in the market will certainly receive positive response from this introduction.

Skype have introduced a new free sign up option where users can attend meetings without any sign up or Login. What skype does is that It have made the video call meetings where the users can just go to web page of Skype and directly attend the meeting without any hassle.

Apart from this you can also invite your contacts which is saved your contact list even if you do not have Skype installed on your device. This is certainly a very user friendly feature which Skype have introduced which might work in the favour of company and help it to expand its customer base.

This is not done; Skype also comes with many additional features which might not be there in Zoom. For instance, you can blur your background if you are attending a meeting on a short notice. Apart from this the meeting link have a long duration and will not expire in a short period of time.

Skype will also provide screen share where you can share your device screen, which is a similar feature which is also provided by Zoom. You can also record and save your videos which will be saved in the storage for your device for a period of 30 days.


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