Android Q: New Features, Expected Names, and Release Date

    Like every other time, we are super-excited for the release of Android Q 10.0 and it is not something happening for the first time. Every time, a new version arrives in the market, we all get curious to know what Android has to offer this time.

    Avalanche of questions related to the launch date, specifications, technical additions and performance get circulated on the internet and users always a hard time getting answers. We decided to take this trouble on ourselves and compile almost everything you might want to know at a single place.

    What is in a name?

    Shakespeare might have asked what is in a name, but we defiantly wanted to know what dessert name Google will give to Android 10. We found the below predictions:

    1. Android Quesito (ke-see-toe)
    2. Android Quindim
    3. Android Quiche
    4. Android Qottab (Ghottab)
    5. Quince (kwins)
    6. Queen of Puddings
    7. Quarabiya (Kurabiye)
    8. Queijadas

    PS~ Quarabiya is our favorite.

    What is in a date?

    There is a defiantly a lot. Waiting for the new release is the hardest time of the life and we have all been there. Before we break the ice, we should remind ourselves of the unpredictability of Google. Fortunately, we were able to analyse past dates—and based on our math—Android Q is likely to launch between 1st to 10th August.  

    Let us talk about features:

    This is probably the part you came here for. We understand. Without any further delay, let us see some features that you can find in Android Q.

    • Privacy

    Seeing the increasing breaches in the past 2 years, we put this feature at the top. Android Q will let you decide if you want an app to know your location.

    And when you will let it use your Microphone or Camera, the app will list the sensors of your phone it is using so that you’re always aware.

    Android 10 might also provide a dedicated Privacy page where you can see which app is able to access what information stored in your phone—contacts, messages, and browsing history.

    • Dark Mode

    We also expected it to be there like you were doing. However, Android 10 came up with even more than we expected from it. It will provide a system-wide dark mode—meaning it will work independent on the android application you’re using—unlike the older versions where it is restricted to home screen.

    For those apps that are incompatible with it, you might also be able to force them to adopt it. It’s just that the risk of breaking them is yours.

    • Desktop Mode

    It didn’t overlook the PC lovers. Android 10 will give a desktop mode akin to the projection mode provided by Huawei. With the default-size applications and standard desktop resolution, it will give you an experience of being in front of your beloved PC when you’re out of the town or travelling on an airplane.

    • Carrier Lockdown

    With great power, comes great responsibility. However, Google seemed to have taken it in all the wrong ways. Sources have alleged that on buying Android Q from a specific carrier – it can allow them to restrict you from using SIM of their rival carriers. Strange.

    • Facial Recognition
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    Android 10 might have inbuilt facial recognition feature as predicted by XDA. This suggests Google will provide its complete aid to the smartphones that already provides this feature. The other things that may integrate with the in-built face recognition feature could be payment through Face ID that can proliferate security. We hope for the best here.

    • Password Protection

    Google has come with a unique way to protect your password. In the older version, an android app running in your phone can access your clipboard. As there is a possibility that you copied your password—and it gets saved in your clipboard—then it becomes vulnerable as an app might read it. Android 10 has introduced a security feature like “READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND” that will let you decide which app you want to give permission to read your clipboard and which app you want to restrict.

    • Customization

    Google couldn’t let its competitors outrun it in the race of customization. With Android 10, it has introduced several new fonts and accent colors. This includes shapes such as Squircle and Square. Whereas, green, black, and blue are the colors.

    Our Take on Android 10:

    Our expectations are as high as yours. It’s just that we are more on the ease-of-design. We have seen in past how mobile developers ended up making thigs complicated in the attempt to add extra features. We have also seen new users struggling with bugs coming with new release. We do understand that technical flaws are inevitable. It is just that we hope Google also prepares itself for solving them without having to trouble its users.

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