Covid-19, Boon for some, Bane for video calling apps


Though Covid-19 outbreak have caused a lot of issued all around the world due to its deadliness. But for internet, to be categorical, for video calling apps like Google Duo, Zoom and Skype it has been a bane. Reason being the general public have turned towards the video calling apps to stay in connect with their loved ones.

People are moving towards the video calling apps for normal video calling, corporate meeting, political meetings etc. for instance Zoom users visit figure have skyrocketed from 10 Million in last December to 200 million after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Apart from this some surprising stats have also been revealed. A recent stat revealed, tough the number of users of the Video calling apps have seen a small spike, but the alternative browser version of these apps have seen a high spike between 15 February and 24 March.

Isolation and social distancing have led people to choose options of video calling apps as their best alternative to stay in connect with the world. We might see the same trend in coming months also, as the virus is still spreading at a very high rate. We might be witnessing the same upward trend till June all over the world.


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