8 Amazing MIUI 12 Features & Changes

    What are New MIUI 12 Features?

    Around a week ago, Xiaomi has announced that it will be stopping the development of MIUI 11 which paved the way for the development of MIUI 12. Xiaomi usually have been launching its updates in the month of August and September but it might arrive earlier this time.

    Now thanks to a Chinese developer, who has recently posted some initial MIUI 12 screenshots in the Chinese forum of Xiaomi, through which now we know some of the design changes and new features that are coming to MIUI 12.

    Do keep that in mind that MIUI 12 is still in alpha stage of testing and some of the features that I am going to mention. These features may or may not made to the final MIUI 12. With that said let’s dive deep into the features list.  

    Upcoming MIUI 12 Features:

    • Improved Dark Mode
    • New Animations and Multitasking
    • New Gestures and Navigation Bar
    • New Camera UI
    • Improved Notification System
    • Improved Privacy Management
    • New Background

    1. Improved Dark Mode

    The first major development which we might expect from MIUI 12 is improved dark mode. MIUI 12 features an optimized dark mode experience and with the presence of reverse color options we can expect an improved dark mode theme.

    MIUI 12 Features

    2. New Animations and Multitasking

    The new MIUI 12 features includes some new animations alongside multitasking. We will be getting some new animations like opening screen animations and some other basic animations in an improved way.

    MIUI 12

    3. New Gestures and Navigation Bar

    Apart from improvement in Animation, we will also receive some changes in Navigation bar which is a system feature of Android 10. Though the existing MIUI 11 animations have marginally lagged behind but we can expect something better from MIUI 12.

    4. New Camera UI

    MIUI 12 features an improved Camera UI. Some of the reliable sources like Weibo have confirmed that there will be some modifications in the camera UI. Camera improvement might include Imperative Camera UI and enhanced lens modules.

    MIUI 12 Features

    5. Improved Notification System

    MIUI 12 features a whole new system of notification management which might include improved Push notification. Now this has been one of the concerns for MIUI device which might improve with the introduction of MIUI 12.

    MIUI 12 Features

    7. Improved Privacy Management

    MIUI 12 features an improved Privacy management to ensure your device protection. MIUI ensures that all the privacy management issues lie in the hands of the user. MIUI 12 provides the option of proper management of all the available software on your device.

    8. New Background

    Xiaomi users have always been requesting for improved background on their devices. After looking at the various comments on the Xiaomi community the MIUI might include improved background theme.

    MIUI 12 Supported Device List:

    The mentioned list of devices is not provided by company’s official channels, so the devices may vary and may be subject to changes. We will keep you updated with the new list of supported deivices.

    8 Amazing MIUI 12 Features & Changes
    Redmi PhonesXiaomi PhonePocoPhone
    Redmi K30
    Redmi K20 Pro/ Mi 9T Pro
    Redmi K20 / Mi 9T
    Redmi Note 8 Pro
    Redmi Note 8
    Redmi 8T
    Redmi Note 7 Pro
    Redmi Note 7
    Redmi Note 7S
    Redmi 8
    Redmi 8A
    Redmi 7
    Redmi 7A
    Redmi Y1/ Redmi Note 5A/ Redmi Note 5A Prime
    Redmi Y1 Lite
    Redmi Y2/S2
    Redmi Y3
    Redmi Note 6 Pro/ Mi A2 Lite
    Redmi Note 6
    Redmi 6
    Redmi Note 5 Pro
    Redmi Note 5/ Redmi Note 5 Plus
    Redmi 5/ 5A
    Redmi Note 4/ 4X
    Xiaomi MI 10 Pro
    Xiaomi MI 10
    Xiaomi MI 9
    Xiaomi MI 9 SE
    Xiaomi MI 9 Pro
    Xiaomi MI 9 Lite
    Xiaomi MI 8 Pro
    Xiaomi MI 8
    Xiaomi MI 8 Lite
    Xiaomi CC9 Pro/ Mi Note 10
    Xiaomi CC9
    Xiaomi CC9E/ Mi A3
    Mi Mix Alpha
    Mi Mix 3
    Mi Mix 2s
    Mi Mix 2
    Mi Max 2
    POCO F1
    POCO X2

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    8 Amazing MIUI 12 Features & Changes
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    8 Amazing MIUI 12 Features & Changes

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