Install Android 11 (R) On Any Treble Device ( Detailed Guide)


Recently, Google has Released Android 11 for all pixel devices, along with them they also released Android 11 GSI (generic system image) for all project treble devices. This way you can Install Android 11 right now on any device in just few minutes.

In order to install Android 11 on your device make sure your device is treble complaint. Project treble is a feature that was announced back in android 8.0 Oreo. It’s an android policy, enforcing manufacturers to implement treble support on the devices running Android 8 or higher. So, all devices shipped with Android 8 or higher are treble supported devices.

This way you can install Android 11 On any device without the need of waiting for your manufacturer to push the latest update. 

How to Check Treble Compatibility:

To verify if your device is project treble compatible or not install an app called Treble checker & open it. This will evaluate that your device is capable of running Android 11 GSI or not.


For those Naive Users, who aren’t aware of what is GSI?

GSI Stands for Generic system image, which is the purest form of unmodified android build, that can be installed on any project treble android phone.

Note – Use Android 11 Google edition on any device launched with Android 9.0 Pie. Other devices launched with Android 8.0 use ERFAN Android 11 GSI.


Installation Guide:

  1. Make sure your Device is Treble Compatible
  2. Unlocked Boot Loader & TWRP Custom Recovery Has Installed
  3. Need Android Treble Compatible ROM like Lineage OS, Evolution X, Revenge OS, etc
  4. Download Android 11 GSI & Extract – copy the system.img , Treble ROM & Disable Force Encrypter to the internal storage
  5. Boot in To TWRP – Wipe – Dalvik, Cache, System & Data then Install ZIP flash Treble Custom ROM & DM verity Zip files. Reboot the device. Setup the New Treble custom ROM. Keep in mind, while setting up, don’t sign in with google account as well as don’t use any lock screen biometrics.
  6. Boot Back to TWRP – backup current ROM – then install ZIP – change mode to Install Image & flash android 11 GSI (system.img) as system image.  Reboot & enjoy Android 11.

Note, if in case device stuck at boot loop or Fastboot logo then make sure you have flashed the correct treblised custom rom before flashing android 11 GSI or check XDA / Telegram groups.


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