10 Best Homescreen Setup For Android in 2023


If you have got bored using the same Android Home screen for months? Then Android offers you the power to customize your Home screen. There are different launchers, icon packs, and widgets that provide you the ability to completely change the way your Android smartphone looks.

That’s exactly why in this article I am going to showcase the 10 best homescreen setups for Android that you should give a try.

Excited? So, Let’s Get Started.

Best Homescreen Setup in 2023

Glossy Shadow (by Clive Glossop)

If you are searching for a stylish and sleek best homescreen setup, Glossy shadow setup might end your searches. The setup combines the modern design and adds a pint of nostalgia to it, making it the ideal choice for someone searching to add elegance to their device.

The setup comes with the popular Lux Icon pack, which is widely regarded for providing an attractive, unique, and cohesive set of icons that will elevate your home screen’s entire appearance. All the icons are designed to fit in with the Glossy Shadow setup’s overall aesthetic appearance and outlook to ensure everything blends in ideally and looks great together.

10 Best Homescreen Setup For Android in 2023

Apart from the Lux Icon Pack, it also uses shadow KWGT widgets. It offers a unique, functional, and beautiful set of widgets that will assist you in keeping the home screen up-to-date and properly organized. A standout feature of this home screen setup is that it offers shadows that add depth and dimension. It makes the entire design looks sophisticated, which would fascinate anyone looking at your device.

It features a dark wallpaper and begins with the clock widget at the top, followed by a weather, date, and alarm widget along with a music player. The icons are then laid down along with the frequently used applications. The Glossy shadows set up are easily customizable, so you can tweak it to suit your personal preferences.

Unwind (by Amirul Eahsan)

This setup features a minimal, clean design with a beautiful aesthetic sense while still being easy to use and offering impeccable functionality. Unwind is powered by three main components: the Snow Cone widget, Pastel Wall Wallpapers, and the Andro12 KWGT.

The Snowcone for KWGT is a custom widget pack that offers a wide range of widgets in several sizes and styles. All the widgets come with a clean, minimalist design and are easily customizable. It is the perfect choice to create a cohesive appearance which they have managed on the Unwind home screen setup.

10 Best Homescreen Setup For Android in 2023

The other pack it uses is the Andro 12 KWGT, a custom widget offering several widgets focusing on functionality. Its widget includes a range of clocks, battery widgets, weather, etc.


The Patel wall wallpaper is a soft, calming, and beautiful set of wallpapers that complements the minimal home screen setup design. The wallpaper is offered in a wide range of pastel colors, so you can easily choose the one which suits your requirements. The background is in light colors featuring kitchen equipment, thus making your home screen appear lavish.

Abyss (by Dam Ceesay)

Abyss by Dam Ceesay is a home screen setup that stands out by its characterization of the clean and modern design along with the use of geometric shapes. Although you might not find the fanciest of elements in it, what you will come across is efficient functionality.

The Abyss home screen setup is powered by two components: the Luna Icon Pack and GeM KWGT (Kustom Widget Maker). It uses Luna icon pack which are designed to match the modern, clean, and aesthetic appearance of the Abyss home screen setup, and they are available in dark colors to match the overall outlook of the home screen.

10 Best Homescreen Setup For Android in 2023

The GeM KWGT icon pack offers a range of widgets which a geometric and modern design. The widgets combine with the Luna icon pack to offer a unified appearance and to provide the feeling of the abyss in the home screen setup. It reflects an easily customizable home screen that reflects your style.

Among various others, a standout feature of this setup is the usage of geometric shapes and their incorporation into the icons and widgets inside the Luna icon pack and the GeM KWGT. Thus, it makes a visually attractive and modern design that sets the Abyss home screen setup apart from the regular choices.


It features dark wallpaper with a tint of white, thus creating an outer space scene with the astronaut in the center. This is one of the finest choices you might find out there, notably when you want to focus on minimalism and a visually appealing look.

Google Colour

The Google Colour home screen setup lets users personalize their home screen with a customized icon pack and unique color schemes. It features Dutch Icon Pack that has bold geometric shapes and a minimalist design, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a modern and clean appearance.

It mainly features three widget packs with the Finesta KWGT leading the lines. The Finesta KWGT offers a wide range of customizable widgets to create a personalized and unique home screen setup. It includes clock widgets to weather widgets. Thus you will find it contributing majorly towards the home screen setup.

10 Best Homescreen Setup For Android in 2023

Lucent KWGT is another choice you will find in the home screen setup. It adds a touch of style as the app offers several widgets, all of which come with sleek and unique designs destined to turn heads.

Finally, the last element is the Fuchsia KWGT, a particularly new addition. The widgets which the app offers focus mainly on elegance and simplicity. From Clock widgets to weather widgets, the Fuchsia KWGT offers tons of choices to increase the functionality of your home screen setup.


The wallpaper design features different colors along with a dark appearance. One notable aspect of it is that all the colors which you will discover in the wallpaper are the ones that represent the Google icon, i.e. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

Forest Pastel (by Cristian Gelvez)

The Forest Pastel By Cristian Galvez is another home screen setup that has gained much prominence among Android users. The setup comes with soft pastel colors and a design that derives its inspiration from nature, making it an excellent option for everyone who prefers a serene and calming look on their home screen.

Another unique and efficient choice for customization of the home screen is the You Icon pack which has the setup features. The icon pack is designed to make your home screen appear modern and stylish and add a minimalist design with bold icon shapes. The icon pack combines various colors, letting the user add plenty of personality to their device.

10 Best Homescreen Setup For Android in 2023

It includes the Feast KWGT widget that provides a sleek, modern, and functional design that not only elevates the home screen’s appearance but also makes usage convenient.

Finally, it also includes the Finesta KWGT, another choice generating waves. The app offers a variety of widgets, thus the widgets and stylish and functional. It will include a music player, weather widgets, and other options to make your home screen efficient and functional.


The wallpaper design is pretty serine, representing a lovely natural scenario that includes sunny days with trees and birds flying overhead.

Colorful Abode (by Somraj Jadhav)

If you are searching for the best homescreen setup that combines artistic wallpapers in high quality and ambient colors, this setup can be an ideal choice. It has a vector wallpaper combined with attractive widgets and an icon pack that will brighten your mood when you access your Android.

If we talk about the wallpaper, It combines a beautiful artistic view of high-roof houses in light colors with a blue sky filled with clouds which can boost your mood at the first sight. The color combination of the wallpaper ensures proper blending with all the screen elements while also keeping a minimalist touch to it.

The home screen setup uses Lhotse KWGTs which are simple yet attractive choices for your home screen. The app drives its name from Lhotse in the central Himalayas which is one of the highest mountain peaks and it’s designed to offer minimalism combined with functionality while the widgets it offers are truly exquisite.

Best Homescreen Setup For Android

It provides the ideal blend of system controls as it leaves the final verdict to you to find the right mix and match. The top widget displays the current date and day followed by another one that shows up-to-date weather conditions. Thus, when you unlock your phone in the morning, you’d know how to start your day.


Although the Colorful Adobe home screen setup excels in providing an impeccable combination of widgets and wallpapers, its icon pack is also a standout choice. The Flora: Material icon pack drives inspiration from Google’s Material design.

Each icon it offers is extremely attractive and comes with a unique artistic touch. Additionally, it is crafted with plenty of attention to ensure the utmost attraction and color combination.

Beach Vibes (by Kitkat Sojib)

A sunset combined with a nice beach presents heavenly scenery and provides you with a tranquil and relaxed appearance. This best homescreen setup ensures minimalism and excellent functionality. The wallpaper is the first thing that you will see when you unlock your device too and I must say it’s refreshing and beautiful.

Best Homescreen Setup

The developer has installed a few extremely useful widgets on the home screen. It starts off with one at the top that displays Day, Time, and Date. The second widget is the one that replaces the icon packs and it is instilled in such a manner as to ensure convenient access to most used apps such as Phones, messenger, music, and snap chat. So instead of clicking on the icon, the KWGT will practically do the exact task tho making things more attractive.

Just Do it (by Mango Setups)

Procrastination is dangerous and if you end up engaging in it too much it becomes a habit that is driven by the subconscious mind. However, one way to go around it is to be constantly reminded to proceed with your tasks and this setup can be vital for that. This best homescreen setup comes with minimalist wallpaper from the mini-wall wallpapers app with the “Just Do it” quote at the center to put you back in the realist world.

Best Homescreen Setup For Android

The setup contains the Finesta KWGT widgets and you can observe quite a few on the home screen. There is a widget at the top which allows you to make a quick Google search followed by another that displays a quote, the exact day. It also contains a weather widget that shows you the accurate weather conditions and there is one at the bottom for Date and time.

Just Do it home screen setup relies on the Pestel line icon pack to provide an excellent combination of pastel shapes with a line. The icons are arranged vertically on one side and the most important apps can be displayed to ensure quick access to them.

Internals (by Kushal Wagh)

The internals home screen setup will be a particularly delightful choice for tech enthusiasts. However, it isn’t certainly limited to them and anyone who is fascinated by the composition of circuit boards and the fine alignment of transistors and diodes will find it appealing. The wallpaper is truly unique and while it does present outlining of an entire board, you will find it also adds a touch of minimalism with its black and white colors and straightforward fonts.

Best Homescreen Setups

It features the Reev Pro icon pack which is one of the most versatile choices out there. Since the icons only have slightly linear lines; it allows them to sync with any wallpaper combination whether dark or light. The icons are well-designed and although they do have a minimalist design they will also stand out on the home screen allowing you to instantly spot and access any app.

The Nebbia KWGT widgets are well-distributed across the home screen to provide optimal functionality and excellent aesthetic sense. The first widget shows the month in large font followed by a Good morning message and the date, and day. Finally, the widget also shows the battery percentage to keep you updated. Another widget is provided at the bottom and it’s the search widget that allows you to make a quick search on the internet.


Squid Games (by Dam Ceesay)

If you are a fan of the Squid games series then this best homescreen setup is for you. The Squid Games by Dam Ceesay will take you back to the memories of the time you were first watching the show. Although it isn’t particularly a choice with a lot of fancy layers, the wallpaper from Papers Wallpaper does include a clue. The hazy cloudy background coupled with a circle, rectangle, and triangle will take you back to the episode of the TV series and enthusiasts can definitely relate to it.

Best Homescreen Setup For Android

The icon pack used in the home screen setup is the Vera Outline White icon pack which is once again a minimalist choice. However, the developer did cleverly integrate all the icons as they fit into each shape.

The widgets are one of the most interesting parts of the Squid Games home screen setup. It combines two KWGT widget packs. The first is the Timeless KWGT widget pack which is apparent on different parts of the screen beginning from the top which contains a search widget, followed by a data and day widget on the right side of the screen. The other KWGT widget used in the icon pack is the Mini Music Player for KWGT which is displayed at the bottom of the screen and will let you play your favorite music easily and effortlessly.

Final Words

So guys these were some of the best homescreen setups for Android that you can try right now. Also, we update this list every month so if you have any home screen setup/ nova launcher themes that you want us to feature in this list then do let us know in the comments down below.

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