Zoom teams up with Oracle to fulfil the shoot in demand


Zoom which was on the one hand was facing security concerns and on the other hand was facing tough competition, have teamed up with Oracle cloud to avail its cloud services. Last week Zoom continues to witness an upward trend in user base, which have now reached to 300 million.

To meet up this shoot in demand, Zoom have teamed up with oracle cloud services where the company will be transferring 7 petabytes of data with the help of Oracle’s cloud services. Zoom already uses Amazon web services as its cloud storage along with some anonymous public servers.

It became very necessary for the company to improve its backend and infrastructure, when a large number of audience is using your services. Oracle cloud services will help the company to better cope up with the increasing demand.

Covid-19 outbreak has proved to be one of the main reasons behind the growth of Zoom video calling app. The app is belong used by all class of audience for making video call. From corporate meetings to high school classes all have been taking place on Zoom. Apart from teaming with oracle the company is constantly working on the privacy concerns which have been taking place in recent times.


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