Amidst Zoom Security concerns, Facebook launched messenger rooms with exciting features


We had discussed earlier about the exponential growth which the Video Calling Apps have witnessed. Zoom which have seen the highest growth on one hand, have also faced security concerns which led people to switch platforms. Amidst Zoom Security concerns, Facebook launched messenger room which may be a potential competitor for Zoom.

Facebook messenger videos includes some of the features which have not been in other video calling apps, especially Zoom. The messenger room of Facebook give user the perk to create a room, host a meeting and add up to 50 members in the video. Now you might be thinking that the messenger rooms are only for those who have Facebook ID.

The messenger room can be joined by any user who even doesn’t have a Facebook account. Facebook messenger room provides some exclusive perks to the host. For instance, a host can invite any member via link and can lock the room if he wants no unnecessary member boomed into your meeting. Apart from this the host can remove any user any time.

The best thing about Facebook messenger room is that the video meeting does not have any time limit whatsoever, which was one of the drawbacks of Zoom. Apart from this, of you have a Facebook account and you have joined the messenger via Facebook messenger then you can avail some exclusive features AR effects, cool backgrounds and scintillating lighting.

One of the drawbacks of Facebook Messenger rooms is that its videos are not end to end encrypted which might be concern for some people, but the company claims that the date of the user are save and apart from the users, no one tracks their video and audio calls.


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