Amidst Economic chaos, Google pledged to pay $800 Million

    Coronavirus outbreak have caused a great amount of problems for the Global Economy and all the developed countries have crashed marginally. To stabilize and lay a helping hand in this chaotic situation, Google pledged to pay $800 to the business sector and health organization which have been hit hard by this outbreak.

    The Indian origin CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai explained that the aid will be provided in the form of cash, ad credits and cloud services. He further explained the break down of $800 and how much amount of money will be allocated in different sectors.

    $340 million out of $800 million will be given to small or medium sized businesses as free advertisement to those who are associated with Google network for a long time. This will help all medium and small sized business to survive the outbreak and generate some revenue for their business via free advertisement.

    $250 million which is estimated to be 1870 crores INR will be provided by Google to World health organization or WHO and to all the public agencies who have been working hard to create awareness about Coronavirus and providing useful information about the spread of virus.

    $20 Million out of $800 million will be given to the researchers and institutions who have been doing research to counter this deadly and contagious virus. This fund will be made available via Google “cloud” via world of credit for services.

    Amidst Economic chaos, Google pledged to pay $800 Million
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