5 Best Backpack Under 1000 In India [2021 Updated]


Backpack? Smart ones? Under 1000? Seems like a distant possibility but not today. I feel relieved that finally, we have economical smart backpacks in the market that don’t cost top dollar. Even with a measly budget of 1000, you can get a smart backpack, which is much better to store and carry your stuff around.

I have sourced the list after meticulous research for the best backpack under 1000 in India. These backpacks are cheap, have abundant storage capacity, and can safely house your precious tech products.

The USP of a smart backpack lies in its construction which is superior to a normal backpack in every aspect. Organizing contents in your backpack becomes fairly easy if you use a smart backpack.

Now finding the best backpack under 1000 is not easy when you have many traditional backpacks posing as a smart ones. In this post, I will include only those options that strictly deserve to lie under the category of best backpack under 1000 and emphasize the following points.

  1. Which is the best backpack under 1000?
  2. Detailed Comparison and Review of best backpack under 1000.
  3. What are their pros & cons?
  4. Which best backpack under 1000 you should buy?

Excited, So let’s get started.


Best backpack under 1000

Fur Jaden – Best Backpack Under 1000

Fur Jaden is the best backpack under 1000 only because it comes in a perfect size, not too big, not too dainty either. This 15 liters backpack is the most rated smart backpack on popular e-commerce websites for its firm construction and ample space. It is one of the few options for the best backpack under 1000 that offer a variety of color options rather than just plain black. 

Fur Jaden is designed to securely house a 15.6-inch laptop without any tension to the device. The bag can be opened flat out to 180 degrees thus cleaning it becomes pretty easy if lint accumulates over time.

The backpack has neatly arranged a laptop and a tablet compartment on the backside while the opposite sides contain smaller compartments and chain pouch. The side compartment contains a USB wire that needs to be a connection to a power bank if you want to charge on the go.

Going by the exterior material, it is quite soft and appears impervious to water. The bag has a water-resistant rating mainly due to the use of high-quality polyester material. If you fill up all the compartments, there is still enough room to carry your daily work files lunch, and a water bottle, although I would highly advise against that.

Technical components and water/food should never be organized in the same backpack. The backpack has a single chain running around the extreme back which makes it an anti-theft design. Overall, the Fur Jaden impressed me with its simple look, quality padded straps, minimal use of chains, and of course the durable plastic material.

9Expert Score
Our Favorite Backpack
  • Anti-theft design
  • Water-resistant to some extent
  • Small-sized 
  • No bottle storage compartment

Gear Vintage 2 – Best Backpack in India

Gear Vintage 2 is another budget backpack on our list for the best backpack under 1000. Compared to the Fur Jaden smart backpack, this one’s all about the looks. On the exterior, you get a faux leather material that looks best in the Navy Blue variant, in my opinion.

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No products found.

Contrary to the Fur Jaden, the Gear Vintage 2 is an anti-theft design but has most of the pockets and chains on the outside. Rather than being a complete anti-theft design it only has a single hidden compartment.

Design-wise you get 28-liter capacity, almost twice that of Fur Jaden at almost the same price. The backpack has the best quality straps that are padded with dense foam.

Hidden compartments and pockets are scattered all over the backpack, with the most subtle one being the chain on the strap to carry your change. The backpack can easily fit in a 15.6-inch laptop along with a few other accessories without any trouble.


One more feature that is appreciable is the use of sweat-proof material inside the straps and the backside of the backpack. Being a smart backpack you get a pass-through to charge your phone via a data cable. It doesn’t have the same embedded pin as most backpacks.

The material used on the exterior is water repellent but there are no flaps for the chain where the water can easily get into the backpack. Overall, a large carrying capacity, premium material, water repellent fabric, and a few hidden compartments make the Gear Vintage 2, an easy pick for the best backpack under 1000.

8.5Expert Score
Best Amazon Backpack
  • Dense padded backside and straps
  • 28-liter capacity
  • No compartment for power bank
  • Chains are openly visible

Vebeto – Best Backpack Under 1000

Vebeto is a good fit in our list of the best backpack under 1000 due to its simple design and good overall functionality. This is a smart backpack that can easily house your work/college items along with electronic gadgets like laptops, chargers, phones, etc. The exterior material is smooth but not like you get in the Gear Vintage.

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The backpack, however, comes with an anti-theft design that makes it impossible to open from the front while walking or commuting in crowded trains, buses, etc. The chain is concealed in the backside and is only accessible if you take off the backpack. The backpack also opens to 180 degrees and facilitated easy cleaning, searching, and organization of the components.


The bag has a dedicated power outlet that accepts connection via a USB type A cable. It is easy to charge your phone without carrying the power bank in your hands or your pockets. A dedicated port is also good for safely hiding the power bank inside.

One minor detail that I like about the backpack is that it has a metallic zipper and not the plastic ones that easily break on impact. It has a dedicated compartment for a 15.6-inch laptop, a tablet, and other tiny compartments on the opposite side. 

The backpack uses a water-resistant Oxford fabric that provides superior protection against water and is also impervious to cuts, scratches, and damage. The high-quality dense polyester fabric is the main highlight of this backpack. Vebeto backpack also uses reflective strips on the face of the backpack that glows in the night. The straps start very wide and then thin down. You can experience a little sweat as the top part of the strap is too wide. 

8Expert Score
Premium Looking Backpack
  • 300D rigid polyester fabric
  • Charging port
  • Secret compartments
  • Plain design
  • No dedicated compartment for power bank

Artistix Philon – Best Backpack For Women

In our otherwise bleak line-up of the smart backpack, at least color-wise, the Artistix Philon appears as a vibrant option with a few minor design changes. Artistix Philon is surely colorful but it is not the only reason why it features in our list of the best backpack under 1000.

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No products found.

In appearance, it is like a simple laptop backpack with two compartments but things get exciting as you open the backpack. The interior is in tacky orange color, almost too bold, but complements the color scheme. 

Artistix Philon is not only a show, it comes packed with features as well. There are two compartments on either side that can be used to store quick-access items, tokens, etc. The interior is fitted with two main compartments, one for a laptop, one for a thin tablet or book.

The bag is slightly taller and that means you can store bigger laptops too. The backpack provides an internal wire connector that can be attached to the power bank. On the outside, there is a USB Type-A port that provides an outlet for charging your smartphone or earphones. 

The straps and the padding are quite thick and wouldn’t burden your back while preserving the internal items from any damage. Overall, the material used is quite nice and doesn’t appear the brand cheaped out.

But there is no official water-resistant rating available for the bag that makes it slightly risky to carry electronic items amid bad weather. Also, the bag lacks a dedicated bottle compartment outside, which is a letdown for this price range. 

8.5Expert Score
Highly Rated Backpack
  • Vibrant color scheme
  • Thick padding for extended comfort
  • Weak top handle

Kraptick – Best Backpack in India

Kraptick is another fresh design in our line-up of the best backpack under 1000. The backpack comes in a grey accent color scheme. The backpack retains a few features from the existing design of older generation backpacks while adding the much-needed technology storage approach to the design. It is one of the few backpacks to feature a wired headphone output hole and a dedicated power charging port. 

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The backpack may appear as a simple one but it is indeed anti-theft is design. The backpack doesn’t use the hidden chain design like most backpacks but instead uses a number lock to lock the chain in place.

It is a much-appreciated move in this price range when there are no physical locks available on any of the best backpack under 1000. So the security is no issue on the Kraptick backpack.

The backpack comes with the usual laptop and tablet compartment on one side while having a set of tiny compartments on the other side. You will love the padding on this backpack as it is soft and comfortable to wear. The straps have ample cushioning so that you don’t experience undue pressure on the collar bone.


The fabric used in the backpack is water-resistant polyester so it can survive a few light drizzles. It is not advisable to carry it in pouring weather as the water can easily penetrate the fabric. All in all, a good option that combines functionality with design and even comes with a bottle storage compartment.

8Expert Score
Best Budget Backpack
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Combination lock
  • Cannot withstand the harsh rain
  • The top handle is very weak

Final words

Fur Jaden and Gear Vintage 2 remain my top choices for the best backpack under 1000. They are equipped with modern amenities required in a smart backpack and do not compromise on the comfort of the user. Artistix Philon also strikes as a stellar choice with an appealing color scheme in our list for best backpack under 1000.

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