Xiaomi’s Dingling doorbell is now released to the market

    Exactly one year from now, Xiaomi has introduced a sleek, smart doorbell under the Youpin Crowdfunding program and the product was a total hit, it was known as Xiaomi’s Dingling doorbell.

    Not only this, but the product performed really great and collected a number of positive reviews.

    The crowdfunding program under which the Xiaomi’s dingling doorbell introduced was a total 4000% hit and the product was sold out in very less span of time like the other products.

    And now, after one year, the curtains are raised from the new and improved version of the same doorbell.

    This improved version of the Xiaomi’s Dingling doorbell S has a lot of enhancements in the performance as well.

    At first, the wide angle of the camera is increased from 105 degrees FOV to 156 degrees. Also, the new model now has a FullHD lens with a resolution of 1080 pixels.

    It also comes with a higher H.256 video coding technology which makes video transmission faster and experience better.

    However, the biggest improvement noted about the Dingling smart doorbell S is the battery life. This is being said that the battery is capable of lasting for around 6 months straight under the condition of shooting twenty videos of 10-seconds duration per day.

    Although the battery life is not affected by the ambient temperature, but also it is compatible with most of the rechargeable batteries available in the market.

    Some other cool features are also part of this dingling doorbell, like the users are now able to record messages for the unattended access, by the help of which people like delivery boy can record the message to ask the directions for dropping off the package or delivering orders.

    Also, you can manually adjust the monitoring distance to make sure that the alarm doesn’t go off on a neighbour passing by in a shared passageway.

    The enhanced version now uses a 100 degrees PIR detection angle, and the longest distance for this can reach up to 5-6 metres. Three angles are there to for distance detection – Far, Middle, and Near.

    This version of the bell comes with a new generation of Artificial Intelligence chip and AI human figure recognition technology to effectively reduce invalid triggers.

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    Finally the feature that is known as “Variable Voice Intercom” is onboard. This is specially developed for women and enables female users to bettre protect themselves by disguising their voices. Also, a reminder is sent to your mobile once a person rings doorbell.

    Talking about price, it starts at the price of 259 yuan ($36) while the entire package is on offer for 299 yuan ($42).

    By price it seems that the doorbell is going to be in mid range in India as well. Let’s wait for it’s release in India, but until then you don’t have to be get bored, just get a quick tour of the below news as well.

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