Samsung Galaxy Z Flip renders revealed in a commercial ran by Samsung during the Oscars


Samsung has taken all of us by a surprise, when it aired its commercial of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip revealing its design and specifications during the Oscars. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is one of the first foldable device of Samsung which will have a glass display.

Earlier it was expected that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be launched at the chaebol event which was planned to take place on February 11, but it seems like Samsung has some other plans. We can also expect launch of Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphones alongside Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The aired video of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shows that the device was partially folded and was not flat folded. The commercial also shows that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will come in two color variants that is purple and black. The commercial has managed to keep the key specs of the device confidential.

Looking at the design of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, it is apparent that the target audience of the device is female, as we can see from the commercial that the handset is designed in a clamshell shaped powder compact case.

Samsung has a habit of surprising its audience and made exciting revelations through the commercials. Now let us wait for the launch of this unique Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable device which has a glass display.


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