Rolo Secure Chat – A New Standard For Business Communication


Over the past two decades, the world of technology reached heights we could once only imagine. Every year, new ideas and innovations come forward with the idea of making our lives easier. However, one of the most prominent names on the list of revolutions is digital messaging applications. The idea of communication that once began with letters has now evolved, and it’s safe to say that you no longer need pigeon or post office services to communicate with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Digital messaging apps made their way into the smartphone with the likes of WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Signal leading the charts. Many of these apps are a necessity, and although they all revolve around a similar key idea to make communication and sharing easy, all of these apps still have plenty of shortcomings.

Now technology increases the benefits and puts people at a greater risk of privacy violations and potential data losses. It arises a big question over the most popular apps as to whether they are taking all the precautionary measures to protect you from data theft.

At this point, you may think that well, if the “big names” aren’t providing us the most benefits, then what are the alternatives?

That’s where “Rolo Secure Chat” comes in; it’s a secure messaging application for Android and iOS with a focus on security and privacy. The app developers went to extraordinary measures to incorporate various features that ensure that it’s nearly impossible for any hacker to break into your phone or, even worse, private conversations and documents.


You might have heard back in the day about BlackBerry Messenger Enterprise (BBMe), which was the preferred choice of executives and other large organizations due to its security. Well, the good news is that Rolo Secure Chat is utilizing BlackBerry’s end-to-end encrypted chat technology.

Now, if you wonder why you should choose Rolo Secure Chat over other messaging applications, let us simplify the task for you. This article will give you an insight into why choosing Rolo over the giants can be an intelligent choice.

User Interface:

Let’s start with the user interface of Rolo. The application has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can choose the language you want from the home screen before creating an account from the app, which is beneficial for people who don’t want to use it in English.

The app will let you create an account by using your email or a social account (such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, or Salesforce) and you don’t need your phone number. After inserting your email address and creating a unique password, the app will let you quickly log in by verifying through email. Thus, it only takes a few minutes to create an account, and the simplicity of the operation makes the app an excellent choice for novice users.

The home screen of Rolo Secure Chat is also pretty convenient and straightforward. It will provide you with all the options you require on the front page; thus, you won’t have to spend time looking for them. 


All the contacts that you have approved will show on the Contacts page. A notable feature is that the app lets you send a request to any contact you want to connect with, and once they approve it, you can chat with or call them. It restricts unknown or annoying people from getting into your inbox. Once a contact becomes a part of your list, you can Pin, Tag, Block or Delete them.

The application also features a Vault page where you can browse through the files you have sent and received in your chats. Your important documents are stored in this secure storage, so you don’t have to wander through the app looking for them. The search bar at the bottom will let you instantly find the exact one.

Features of Rolo Secure Chat

Enterprise Security:

Rolo Secure Chat is a digital messaging application with multi-layered security and impeccable features that satisfy your daily communication requirements. It is an app you can use for private calling and chatting, as it secures your data with BlackBerry’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technology.

BlackBerry’s E2EE technology is famous for securing chats across all operating systems. Furthermore, if you share important documents and files through the application, it encrypts files by putting a key on it that only you can access, or the ones you share it with (the recipients), which guarantees high-grade protection. Even if you lose your phone, the app’s safety features will ensure that the person doesn’t get access to your private documents and files.

In-Chat Translation:

Another amazing and useful feature that Rolo offers, is the in-chat message translation feature, meaning you can translate messages with a simple push of a button with support for 50+ global languages. Now, this feature can be quite handy for small businesses that have a global customer base.

Rolo Secure Chat

Secret Chats:

Now as I previously mentioned that Rolo Secure Chat is primarily focused on privacy and with its “Secret Chats” feature you can take your privacy to the next level. By making chats secret, those conversations will no longer appear in your main chat list. To enter your secret chats list, on Android you just have to press and hold the navigation bar for a couple of seconds, while on iOS you pull down the chat list for a couple of seconds. Once inside the secret chats list, here you also get the option to make your chats in the main list again.

Unread Tray:

The Unread Tray is a very versatile feature that will make sure that you are not missing out on important messages. It enables you to keep an eye on your unread chats without leaving your current conversation. When you have unread chat, a red horizontal line will appear inside your chats just above your keyboard, which you can tap or swipe on to reveal the Unread Tray.

Versatile Compatibility & Support:

Rolo secure chat offers amazing cross-platform compatibility. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux via the Chrome web browser, or Android, and iOS on native apps.

One of Rolo’s most significant features is that it will let you use the same account on up to 3 different phones without compromising the privacy and security of your data which, is unheard of among end-to-end encrypted mobile chat apps. Sometimes we don’t have our phone while working on another device like a laptop or tablet, in that case, you don’t have to access it separately. You can download the app on other devices and use it efficiently.

Other Messaging Features:

The following are some of the most notable messaging features that Rolo Secure Chat offers:-

  1. After adding a contact on Rolo, you can start a 1-to-1 chat by simply pressing the chat icon next to their name.
  2. If you want to begin a group conversation, the app will let you add up to 255 participants and set a topic that regulates the focus of the chat.
  3. Messages you send in chats have an undo button, allowing you to easily remove any mistakes or wrong text before others read it. For up to 5 seconds, the undo button will appear on the side of the message, letting you un-send it.
  4. You can also copy or edit your messages in case there is a mistake. The other options with a particular message include reply, forward, and delete.
  5. Rolo Secure Chat offers a theater mode that enlarges messages which is an excellent choice for reading important and long messages if the other parts of the conversation get distracting.
  6. One of Rolo’s most unique features is its File Permission Controls. You can send a file as “View Only”, restricing others in the app from downloading it, and you can later revoke access to that file, making it very useful for sharing confidential business documents or private images.

Calling Features:

Audio and Video calling has become standard on every messaging app, and with Rolo Secure Chat you can also voice or video call anyone through the application after adding them to your contact list. The app will let you create a group call and add up to 35 participants (and 500 by 2Q2022)

Thus, it’s beneficial for both personal and commercial usage as you can contact your team or any individual through the application by using the calling features it offers.

Rolo vs Competition

Now how Rolo fares against other messaging applications is another big question. Just because Rolo Secure Chat is a relatively new app on the block, that doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the giants. There are some features that Rolo offers that the others don’t.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications with a billion downloads and millions of daily active users. Rolo Secure Chat provides all the features that you get on WhatsApp. Currently, it doesn’t support E2EE calls, but the feature will be live in  2022. However, there are some aspects of Rolo which you won’t find in WhatsApp. Rolo offers E2EE cloud storage for all files and messages, which safeguards the privacy and security of the documents you send through the application, without the risk of losing them should you lose or change your mobile device

Furthermore, you also get malicious URL detection and Jailbroken/rooted device recognition features that aren’t available in WhatsApp. The benefit of this feature is that it protects your device from hackers, and Rolo won’t run if it detects a compromised device. Both WhatsApp and Signal fail to provide the extra features and safety measures that Rolo offers.


Telegram is another popular application with a lot of users. However, Rolo Secure Chat offers a lot more features and is also the ideal choice if you want privacy. By default, Telegram does not offer E2EE chats (while group chats are never end-to-end encrypted), and it’s only their “Secret Chats” that protect your messages, chats, location with E2EE. Telegram also fails to provide any malicious URL detection or other features that protect your device from hackers.

Rolo vs WhatsApp vs SignalThe Epic Battel
No phone number is required to sign up
No use of your data for advertising purposes
Message translation
E2EE cloud storage of messages & files
Malicious URL detection
Use on multiple phones simultaneously
Rooted/Jailbroken device detection

Time-limited Special Bundle with (BlackBerry Protect):

Rolo has partnered with BlackBerry to create a Rolo x BlackBerry Protect bundle to protect your computers and mobile devices beyond your communications.

BlackBerry Protect is a real game-changer. It is the next generation of device protection powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), preventing viruses, ransomware, potential exploits, and malware from accessing or running on your phone and computer.

The bundle will cost you around US$3.99 per month (paid annually) for both apps. You can also get a 5-pack which reduces each device/account rate to just US$2.99/month. The app is worth the value if you consider both app’s features and functionality, and is perfect for people who prioritize their security.


Although Rolo is a comparatively new app and will take some time to get the brand recognition they deserve, the developers are preparing a masterpiece that provides functionality, excellent sharing features on top of matchless security, and privacy. The app should be the ideal choice for personal and business users that want to protect their data at all costs. It’s a great choice as your default communications app.


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