OxygenOS 12 Update Major Features Leaked: New theme store, FPS counter, new Dark mode & more

Android 12 release is right around the corner. So Xiaomi is coming with MIUI 13, Samsung is coming with their next version of OneUI, and now, Oneplus is also working on their next update, which will be OxygenOS 12. OxygenOS remains my favorite android custom skin so far. It’s very smooth and fluid, gives us stock experience, and comes with its customization options.

Oxygen OS 12 New Features:

Oneplus is very consistent with its updates for the past few years, and now it’s time for OxygenOS 12. So talking about the changes, let’s start with some minor changes and then move towards all the significant changes. So the new OxygenOS 12 will feature a new dark mode. When you turn on the dark mode, the AMOLED screen is a sight to behold.

Another unique feature will let you check the FPS count while you are gaming. It’s a minor feature but is very helpful for reviewers and testers. The next feature is some aggressive power-saving modes.

Turning this mode on will switch the refresh rate to the lowest possible value. In addition, it will automatically apply the dark theme and will close almost all the background processes. Now, you will still be given options to call or use an alarm or text someone.

But for the most part, this power-saving mode will end all the tasks and drastically extend your battery. The next feature is related to customization. There’s a reason why Oxygen OS is my favorite custom skin because it provides lots of customization options while keeping the stock experience alive.

Oxygen OS Theme Store:

The OxygenOS 12 will add a new customization feature in the form of a theme store. You will be able to apply different themes on your OnePlus devices using the theme store. Each new theme will include new wallpapers, new icons and will provide you with a completely different experience.

MIUI has a theme store that also works very great with all minor tweaks. And last but not least is that OxygenOS will give you an option to set different audio profiles for other applications. It means that you will be able to assign different volume levels to various apps. To give you an example, suppose your music app has 70 percent volume; simultaneously, your Instagram can have its volume level set to 50 percent, and it’s pretty useful.

For now, we can only do this with notification, alarm, and media volume, but soon you will get more functionality with your volume slider. So, guys, these were just some of the changes that OxygenOS 12 will bring with it. If you want to know more, let me know in the comments down below.

Oxygen OS 12 Video:

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OxygenOS 12 Update Major Features Leaked: New theme store, FPS counter, new Dark mode & more
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