Announcements made by Xiaomi for it’s new MI smart LED desk lamp 1S

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    Xiaomi, the #1 smartphone brand in India is not just  limited to smartphones. It is also famous for its huge range of home products as well. 

    And it is came to know that Xiaomi announces to launch such home product i.e. Mi smart LED desk lamp 1S which seems likely to be the successor of the Mi Desk lamp launched back in 2016.

    The lamp seems to be the refreshed version of it’s predecessor i.e. Mi smart LED desk lamp. 

    Design of the lamp is kept compact due to which it can be folded to an angle of 135 degrees. 

    It is made of metal and is available only in white color as of now.  You have to wait for some time if you are a black lover like me.


    Talking about controls, a round knob is also attached in order to control the brightness and the color temperature.

    mi smart desk lamp

    The knob is multipurpose also, the lamp can be turned on and off just by clicking the button, in addition to this, the brightness and color temperature is controlled by the rotation of the knob.

    As the lamp is offered by Xiaomi, how can it be a usual static lamp? It has four modes available – Reading mode, Child mode, Computer mode and Focus mode. These four modes are crafted to suit different people in different conditions. 

    Switching between the modes can be easily done with the help of the Mi home app but at the same time, you can enter focus mode instantly by double clicking the knob.

    The best part about theMi smart desk lamp 1S is that you can easily control it with the help of Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Assistant.

    mi smart desk lamp integration with assistant and alexa


    Final selling price for this device is set up 2999 INR (~42$) which seems a little bit high as compared to the functionality. Let us know in the comments what you thought about the price.

    Also, Xiaomi says that the shipping of the device ill starts from December 2019.

    We will be updating the post as soon as we find more details for this device. Till then a quick tour of the below Guides may interest you.

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