LG announces its mid-range Velvet smartphones


LG today in an announcement have stated that the company will be launching Velvet smartphones in the upcoming time. The company has made the announcement on Sunday Easter so that it can have maximum reach amongst the audience.

The mid-range Velvet smartphones of LG will be more focused towards the design of the device rather than the specs. The company claims that it will be using “tactile Intelligence” to produce their new line of product.

The company has managed to keep most of the information about their new product line confidential, revealing only some little information. It is expected that mid-range velvet smartphones will come with a raindrop design camera setup, which was earlier teased by the company.

As of now we only know about the logo of the velvet smartphones. LG had earlier stated that it will fix it mobile division by 2021, so this announcement can be one of the steps towards improving their mobile division. Velvet mid-range smartphones might be smooth, shiny and soft in design as velvet have all these qualities. So we should wait till the launch of the device to see how the new product line of the company is better in design than its earlier devices


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