20+ Best iPhone Music Player App (2021 EDITION)

Apple is one of the premium brands in the smartphone market due to its brand value. There is various iPhone music player for you to choose from, which allows you to try new options apart from the in-built apple music.

So, if you are in search of an alternative iPhone music player which will assist you in listening, transferring and storing your audio files from iOS music library then we are here to help you out. we are coming with a list of best free iPhone music player app which will help you to find the best iPhone music player out there.

How Does Music Work on iOS?

First let us understand the mechanism behind the working of music in iOS as it is bit different from another operating system. Apple has a very rigid and outdated mechanism in terms of its media management because you will need to import music in your library if you are using your own files. After this you will need to sync your device with the computer in which your audio files are stored.

Best iPhone Music Player App

Now you might agree when I said, a rigid and outdated mechanism, but remember everything has negative and positive, both aspects. The good part about this approach is that your media is wholly managed by the operating system and drawback of this approach is that you can’t use your browser for direct downloads.

Let’s get into the list of best iPhone music player out there.

Best iPhone Music Player

  • Boom Music Player
  • TapTunes
  • Cs Music Player
  • Spotify
  • SoundShare
  • Vox player
  • Musixmatch
  • Stezza Music Player
  • VLC for Mobile
  • SoundCloud
  • Listen: The Gesture Music Player
  • Google Play Music
  • Radsone Hi-Res Player
  • Flacbox
  • Jetaudio
  • Ecoute Music Player
  • TIDAL Music Player
  • Cartunes
  • Onkyo HF Music Player
  • Foobar
  • New Monaural


This list is not based on any preferences, this list is basically a compilation of some of the best and most popular iPhone music player apps that you can try right now. We also update this list every 3 months to keep you updated with the latest apps.

Boom Music PlayerBest iPhone Music Player

The first in our list of best iPhone music player is Boom music player.it sports a catchy look with decent user interface and handy features. What makes it decent and preferable is that it allows you to access music from your Dropbox and google drive. It also has a well-managed equalizer which allow you to adjust the genre according to the music and mood of the track.

It is a good music player which help you to customize your music player according to your taste. It has some bugs but is relatively impressive in terms of performance. This app is entirely free, but if you want to make some in app purchase like you want new themes the you will have to pay $3.99 to access these premium features.

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TapTunesBest iPhone Music Player

Taptune, a leading and popular iPhone music player is developed by David Blundell which helps you to play your favourite soundtracks. This music player is gesture friendly and you can use your sleek fingers to execute the listening and playing options.

You can tap, drag, touch and swipe to access the different functions of your music player. Tap tunes is free and you do not need to pay anything while to unlock some premium feature you need to pay some bucks to get access of the premium features.

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Cs Music PlayerBest iPhone Music Player

This Music Player can be your answer if you are in search of a classy music app with simple and sophisticated features. It has a sleek interface which will enhance your experience of playing your tracks. All the keys of this music player are placed very nicely which is supported by an elegant current playing screen.

The approach of this app is cool, all you need to do is to give permissions to the app to access your music library and all the media files which you have stored in your device. It is one of the similar free iPhone music player apps in terms of feature and looks as compare to the original iOS music player. So, if you are an iPhone fan and want to have same experience after switching, then you can try this music player.

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SpotifyBest iPhone Music Player

Spotify, yes you all know about this popular music app which have a subscriber base of above 75 million. Spotify provides the option of enjoying the music on offline which is one of the main reasons it is loved by masses and is ranked as one of the best streaming apps in the world.

Spotify is a versatile app which has a wide range of genre in its library and allows you to search from this wide range of music. It not only stream music but also allows you to stream audio books and podcasts without charging a single penny.

Spotify is my personal favourite in this list of iPhone music player alternative and is highly recommended. This app also has a free tier service which comes with ads and to avoid those ads you need to switch to the premium version of the app.

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SoundShareBest iPhone Music Player

SoundShare is one of the best music players if you love to collaborate and share. This app is collaborative that can sync many services together like apple music, Deezer and Spotify. This can be done after you ae done with the sign up.

You can collaborate with by working with other people and built your own playlist and at the same time can like, comment and promote your own musical recommendations.

SoundShare can be boring you are going alone and you will need a premium subscription of all the apps if you want to socially connect with people out there.

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Vox playerBest iPhone Music Player

Vox player is a highly rated offline music player which currently has a 30,000 radio stations which is categorized by country and genre. It is one of the best iPhone music player which mainly focuses on sleek and cool interface and in the music player.

Vox player is compatible with all the apple devices whether its iPhone, iPad and iOS devices. This music player allows you to link all your music from other sources to one single account.

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MusixmatchBest iPhone Music Player

Musixmatch is one of the refreshing music players in the list as it helps you to find lyrics of your favourite tracks which is downloaded on your device with the facility to connect your apple music and Spotify profiles.

This music player allows you to track lyrics while playing the song so that you can better understand the meaning of the track and connect with the song.

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Stezza – Best iPhone Music Player

Stezza music player is next on the list of iPhone music player. This player has a sophisticated design which most of the people are familiar with. Its scintillating design and cutting edges make your music player unique with multiple colour themes available.

Stezza music player is available in multiple languages which makes it internationally popular with additional features like video playback and playback support.

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VLC for MobileBest iPhone Music Player

VLC is one of the oldest players of the list and is one of the most trusted music players. It is one of the best choices if you want to replace your apple music. VLC media player supports all kind of audio files and also supports multiple audio tracks.

VLC player is free and doesn’t charge any kind of costs but to get some premium feature you will have to pay to access the extensive media player.

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SoundCloudBest iPhone Music Player

Sound cloud is a free iPhone music player which is one of the best music players in the market which provides you to perform all media related activities like uploading music, podcasts and sessions.

Soundcloud provides you premium features after you purchase the premium subscription of the player. Premium plan will allow you to download offline music and ad free music which will cost you between $5 to $10.

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Listen: The Gesture Music Player

The name is itself very connecting as you love tom listen great music. This iPhone music player is basically a gesture-based player where you can use finger swipes and gestures to operate your whole music player.

The current playing screen is attractive and sleek which enhances the overall look and design of the music player. It is one of those music players which will minimize your efforts with your fingers gesture. The free version of this music player is cool, but if you want premium features the you will have to loosen your pocket.

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Google Play MusicBest iPhone Music Player

Google play music is one of the popular brands which all of you are aware of, this music player allows you to sync more than 50,000 songs with your google account,

As google is a popular brand it comes with a unique interface to beautify its overall look which includes recommendations and suggestions according to your taste.

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Radsone Hi-Res PlayerBest iPhone Music Player

Radsone hi player is one of the unique iPhone music player which has distinctive clear technology or DCT which allows you to optimize sound according to your needs and minimizes the loss in music quality due to digital compression.

The music player has a very sleek and minimal interface which can play analog quality audio and has a variety of options for media playback. Radson media player also allows you to choose from a wide range of preset options while listening music via different medium like earphones, speakers or system.

One limitation of this player is that it only supports iTunes library while it lags behind and misses on other exciting themes and customization.

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FlacboxBest iPhone Music Player

Flacbox is that kind of music player which might be loved by everyone because this iPhone music player eases your task of listening the songs directly from your device and you do not need to go through the syncing hustle.

Apart from directly choosing tracks from your library and downloads, this music player also helps you to browse music which is existing on your drop box, google drive and mega with some other options. Flacbox supports all kinds of audio files and is compatible to play audio files of all format whether its MP3, AAC, M4A, Wav or any other file format.

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JetaudioBest iPhone Music Player

Jetaudio is an iPhone music player which is developed by a Korean manufacturing company COWON which is one of the leading producers of portable media players. This music player is gesture friendly and allows you to use single, double and triple tap gesture options to enhance your accessing experience. Single tap will help you to toggle the lyrics while double tap cam be used to play or pause the track.

This music player shows all the playback on the home screen and it can be selected directly by clicking on the icon. Apart from these the player has a versatile equalizer with impressive bass and pitch shifting feature which will make you feel connected to the song according to the genre of the track.

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Ecoute Best iPhone Music Player

Ecoute music player is a well-designed iPhone music player which has got some approval from higher authority. It has been declared as the best music player for iOS by MacStories which is a well know critic of apple.

it is a fast paced music player which easily add the songs and lets you listen to your favourite tracks. Music player is a must for those who are socially active and wants to connect with the people and share their music choice.

This music player is concerned about the health of the users as it automatically turns the player into night mode to protect you from the harmful rays which can cause damage to your vision. The music player is free but to gets some cool feature you have to pay around $1.

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TIDAL Music PlayerBest iPhone Music Player

Tidal music player is one if those iPhone music players which is very popular amongst the masses as the face of this music player is none other than the popular pop star jay-z. this music player brings some new features as compared to other players in the list.

It offers you premium quality sound tracks which are often equivalent to CD quality which includes albums and concert of jay-z as well as some other popular pop stars like beyonce and Kanye west.

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CarTunesBest iPhone Music Player

CarTunes is a well and sleek designed interface music player which is basically best for people who are socially active and u can want to listen and share music on the go.

This music player is all gesture based and you can perform all the functions of the music player with mere touch, slide, flick and tap. This music player has one of the advance features due to which it costs some bucks to avail the premium features.

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Onkyo HF Music PlayerBest iPhone Music Player

Onkyo HF music player is a customization rich music player which it achieves through optimization and music playback quality. The music player is compatible with all the models of headset.

The music player has a 10 band equalizer which gives you the option to download EQ pre-sets of the different artists. For users who wants to get the best out of this music player have to pay around $9.99 to unlock the premium feature and listen to all kind of high quality soundtracks.

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Foobar Best iPhone Music Player

Foobar is an iPhone music player with a sophisticated user interface and design which supports all kind of audio format and high resolution file types. The playback option is minimalistic and the developer has kept it simple and basic.

To play your tracks you will have to sync your iTunes library to enjoy your favourite sound tracks. Settings page allows you to customize the playback options with a wide variety of options. Customization includes downmix which helps you to change the audio quality from one mode to other plus it has an 18 band equalizer which makes it one of the most flexible iphone music player of the list.

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New MonauralBest iPhone Music Player

New monaural is a bit different from all these orthodox iphone music players out there. The player converts the stereo track into monaural tracks by overlapping the one channel over other which helps one to listen and enjoy the stereo tracks with a single ear.

It can be used to listen through one ear if you want to be actively connected with your surroundings and can leave the second ear open. Apart from this, the same one ear feature can be used to provide a rich surround dolby sound which can be used with both wired and wireless speakers.

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Final Words

So we are done with our iphone music player list and we have tried to cover all the fields which is needed for a iphone music player so that you are left with a wide variety of choices. We have compiled this list to match up to your expectations of iphone music player, so your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and considered. Do drop your valuable views and feedback so that we can improve our work.

20+ Best iPhone Music Player App (2021 EDITION)
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