Honor MagicBook 15 gets listed on


All of us are familiar with the honor magic book series which though are not that popular amongst the users but still has maintained a pretty good record in terms of sales with its appealing specs and attractive build.

Latest news has suggested that the company will be introducing the brand-new magic book 15. The news has been confirmed by jingmong doll which has listed the device on its website and gave us some glimpse about the honor laptop.

The website listing suggests that the honor laptop will be running only on Linux operating system with the storage options available in two variants of 256 GB and 512 GB SSD storage.

We can also spot the old honor MagicBook fingerprint power sensor button which can be a refreshing addition to this Honor laptop. Through the listing it is apparent that there appears to be only intel variant with no AMD Ryzen variants in sight.

The design of Honor MagicBook 15 is somewhat interesting and it looking quite similar to the apple MacBook but it adds a dash of colour with a ring of blue on the edges around the display. the back side of the device is sported with purple and blue colour combination on the logo.

The listing has not revealed the price of the device but the listing has been very helpful to get a fair idea about this honor laptop which can be useful for the brand as the customers will get some glimpse of this device before the official launch.

Honor MagicBook 15 gets listed on
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