Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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    What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning? Are they same? If not—then how?

    To understand it, let us talk about you.

    You must wear a warm jacket when you’re trekking—because Hypothermia. You understand it because your brain can reason.

    Shakuntala Devi could multiply giant numbers in her head. Her brain could solve problems. Just like yours can.

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    You tip a waiter, or you don’t. Because your brain is capable of taking decisions.

    There was a time when you were unable to read this post. Now that you can, it implies that your brain is capable of learning.

    You have the ability of learning, reasoning, decision making, and problem-solving. You’ve the ability of, predicting, guessing, recognizing voices, and remembering faces. You’ve the ability of presenting what you know, catching mistakes, and getting improved.

    Therefore, you’re an intelligent being.

    If a machine has this intelligence, and it can use that intelligence to do things that you do, it is called artificial intelligence.

    What is Machine Learning?

    Even though, you’re an intelligent being but you make mistakes. However, every mistake you commit teaches you something. And improves you.

    Moreover, when you start to learn something, you take more time to grasp things. Thereafter, the time you take keeps on decreasing as you practice more and more.

    There comes a time when you become capable of learning things without help. All you need is the correct source—data. It’s because you’ve already built the foundation.

    Naturally, You thank your teacher for making you capable of learning of your own without assistance.

    When you make a machine capable of learning without being instinctively programmed for everything you want it to do and rather learn directly from the data you provide to it, and make predictions and improve them over time, it is called Machine Learning.

    What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

    Artificial and Intelligence and Machine Learning are dissimilar. Machine learning is an important application Artificial Intelligence. And Artificial Intelligence is compulsory for the evolution of machine learning. Because only an artificially intelligent machine can learn. A dumb machine cannot.

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