Covid-19 Conspiracy theory videos will be removed by YouTube

    Misinformation is one of the modern age problems which is faced by the internet users. Due to the misinformation there is panic, chaos and confusion amongst the general public. To tackle this problem, YouTube have decided that it will be removing all the Covid-19 Conspiracy theories which are present on their platform.

    YouTube have come hard on those who are posting videos which shows conspiracy theories behind the spread of Covid-19. Apart from these conspiracy videos, YouTube will also be removing videos which falsely claims the reasons of spread of virus to be 5G network and shows some of the ways to prevent Covid-19, which are not backed by any scientific facts.

    YouTube stated “We also have clear policies that prohibit videos promoting medically unsubstantiated methods to prevent the coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment, and we quickly remove videos violating these policies when flagged to us. We have also begun reducing recommendations of borderline content such as conspiracy theories related to 5G and coronavirus, that could misinform users in harmful ways.”

    The step taken by YouTube will reduce the spread of information. In this time of chaos and panic it is very necessary that no misinformation reaches amongst the general public, which can further increase the problems for the government and authorities.  The best thing you can do is to verify everything which you are watching on an individual level.

    Covid-19 Conspiracy theory videos will be removed by YouTube
    Saif Zaidi
    An MBA guy who likes to explore new things, part time blogger and loves to learn new skillset. Book lover and is a habitual reader.



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