10 Powerful Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021

Writing apps is one of the most useful tools that help to improve productivity and manage your work. The best writing app is one that enhances the overall efficiency and left a positive impression on your readers. To avail of the best writing apps, we have compiled a list of the best writing apps for you.

These best writing apps will help you organize, manage, and save all your written material in one place. These apps will also help you to make your content grammatically sound and appealing to the readers.

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This list is not based on any preferences, this list is basically a compilation of some of the best and most popular writing apps that you can try right now. We also update this list every 3 months to keep you updated with the latest apps.

Best Writing Apps For Android

  • Microsoft Word
  • Grammarly
  • Jotterpad
  • Google Docs
  • Character Story Planner 2
  • Pure Writer
  • Evernote
  • Novelist
  • Writer Plus
  • Writing

Microsoft WordBest Writing Apps

You can create documents, blogs, resumes, and letters on Microsoft Word. You can read or edit documents and collaborate with your team to execute a project. The app has useful tools that let you write your content in various styles, fonts, and formats. The app has introduced a mobile PDF editor to read and edit the document on your smartphones.

The created file can be shared and collaborated with your team in one tap. You can convert the word file into PDF format to make it easily readable and editable. You will have complete control over the shared documents where you can track the changes made. The app can be a useful tool for project managers. You can comment on the doc to make suggestions to the team. 

Its simple UI and multi-utility make it one of the best writing apps. The basic features are available in the free version of the app while additional features need a premium subscription plan. Make sure that your device has the latest platform that is compatible with the app.

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Best Writing Apps For Android

Standout Features:

  • Editing with rich formatting and layout
  • Share files and collaborate with a few tap
  • Document editor 

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Grammarly KeyboardBest Writing Apps For Android

Grammarly will help you to make your content specific and suggest you make necessary changes for better readability. The app will correct your grammatical mistakes by suggesting the best possible alternatives for the content. Based on your writing Grammarly will calculate your readability score.

The app will show the correctness, Engagement, Delivery, and clarity of your content for the readers. You can also download the PDF report of your performance and analyze the areas to improve. This app can be a very good option for professional writers who want to create engaging content for their readers. The best feature of the app that makes it the best writing apps is that it gives you a short clear explanation for the mistakes.

The app will suggest additional writing changes that can be resolved by upgrading to the premium version. The app has different subscription plans for individual users and businesses. Premium subscription includes features like Vocabulary enhancement, Tone adjustments, Formality level, Word choice, and fluency.

Best Writing Apps For Android

Standout Features:

  • Short, clear explanations for every correction
  • Advanced punctuation correction
  • Synonyms
  • Spelling checker and proofreader

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JotterpadBest Distraction Free Writing Apps

Jotterpad app is a dream come true app for creative content creators who look for useful editing apps. Jotterpad is one such useful app that will help them to pen down their thoughts into a thought-provoking writing piece. It is a plain text editor that is suitable for writing books, novels, poems, essays, drafts, and screenplay.

The app has a beautiful text editor loaded with features to assist you in writing a masterpiece. The text editor has features like a dark theme, Extended keyboard, Snapshots, typewriter, etc that will make writing easy and fun. Remain distractions free with the neat interface of Jotterpad. 

The app has appealing typefaces and customizable typography that lets ”s you create your personal writing space. To know the detailed meaning of a word the app has an in-built dictionary. Your writing piece can be converted into PDF or RTF format and can be shared.

10 Powerful Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Beautiful typefaces and customizable typography
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Sync with all the cloud services

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Google DocsBest Free Apps For Writing and Organizing

Google docs is a simple writing and editing tool that will help you to create projects and collaborate with your team. You can create documents, edit them, share them, and collaborate with your team on the same document. You can work without any internet connection in offline mode which makes it a favorite for the users.

You can edit or suggest necessary changes that need to be done in the document. Your data is always protected as all your work is autosaved in the app. You can also open and edit the word documents in the app that is a useful feature. The app is free that makes it one of the best writing apps on this list.

Best Writing Apps For Android

Standout Features:

  • Useful editing tools
  • Easy to collaborate with team
  • Autosave

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Character Story Planner 2Best Writing Apps

You might have guessed from the name of the app what it will offer you. If you’re planning to develop a story and want assistance from any writing app, this app will be perfect for you. The app offers numerous templates to build your characters.

You can use the app to develop characters, relations, groups, races, and creatures. You can also create your imaginary world of your own if you want to explore your creativity. The app lets you organize your story in a neat and tidy style that will help you efficiently complete your story building.

The app can be a handy addition to your productivity apps list. Efficiency and productivity make it the best writing apps for content creators and creative writers.

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10 Powerful Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Development of characters
  • Useful templates
  • D&D planning

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Pure WriterBest Writing Apps 2021

We often lose our data due to accidental deletion or forget to save the data. This app makes sure that your data is encrypted in case the data is not saved on your device. You can access the data from the historical records of the app to recover your lost data.

The app is a fast plain text editor that lets you effortlessly craft your thoughts into a beautiful piece of writing. The line and paragraph spacing feature enable you to write clear text that can be easily readable. The app also has a smooth scrolling and collapsible keyboard that further assists you in writing.

The app checks that the content is saved every two seconds in the database and if it doesn’t happen it will notify you immediately. The content will be saved automatically during the editing process. The app has a trash folder that will keep a record of your deleted files that can be recovered if you want them again.

Best Writing Apps For Android

Standout Features:

  • Fast plain text editor
  • Line and paragraph spacing feature
  • A protective mechanism to save your data

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EvernoteBest Free Apps For Writing

Evernote is a multi-tasking app that can be a useful tool for managing your personal and professional life. The app lets you capture your ideas in searchable notes form as soon as it strikes in your mind. You can keep journals of the important events and milestones achieved in daily life.

Besides text, you can add sketches, photos, audio files, and web clippings. All your important documents, memos, journal, and drawings can be scanned and converted into digital form for easy access. You can clip useful articles in the app for later reference.

You can also create separate notebooks to organize your memos, receipts, and invoice. The app can quickly find anything with its powerful search engine. You can set reminders to complete your tasks within the given deadline. All your notes and important data can be synced and accessed from different devices.

Business people can manage plans, create an agenda, keep up with the meeting by taking notes, and plan their short and long-term goals. The app has multiple utilities that make it the best writing apps for every user. The Premium version of the app will give you additional features like Annotate PDF, syncing across unlimited devices, and 10 GB of new uploads every month.

10 Powerful Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Create separate notebooks 
  • Scan, digitize, and organize your documents
  • Set reminders
  • Attach docs, PDF, photos, and audio

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NovelistBest Story Writing Apps

To write a masterpiece novel, switch to the Novelist app. The app is free of cost without any in-app purchases that let you craft your novel. More than 70,000 writers are already using the app to write their best pieces. You can organize all the puzzles of your novel and arrange them in chronological order to make a perfect story.

In the first stage, you can plot all the important elements of your novel. You can edit, merge, split, and order these elements to make them look appealing. After the completion of the Plot, you can start the Write stage to compile all your scenes in one frame.

Sort and categorize your elements by arranging them in chronological order. In the last stage, you can schedule your novel according to your goal. Your work will be automatically saved on Google Drive.

You can preview your work and made the final editing to make it floor ready. The app offers wholesome features a novelist might look for that make it the best writing apps.

Best Writing Apps For Android

Standout Features:

  • Book compilation in EPUB, ODT, or HTML format
  • Rich text editor with the format, counters, and autosave
  • Insert and review comments in texts

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Writer PlusBest Writing Apps

Writer plus is a simple writing app that will assist you in writing notes, novels, poems, essays, and drafts. The app has an Android material UI style that offers efficient performance to the writers. The app has keyboard shortcuts to ease your tasks and save your time. 

The markdown format feature keeps your writing simple that can be easily understood by the readers. you can write text in bold and italic format and list them according to your preference. The app also has a night mode theme which will help you work during the late-night time. The app is free and you can write in around 10 languages that make it the best writing apps.

10 Powerful Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Markdown format
  • Android material UI style
  • Battery friendly
  • Night mode

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WritingBest Writing Apps For Beginners

This app could be the best writing apps for you if you are a beginner in any field of writing. The app offers you educational articles and videos that will improve your skills and make you a pro in writing. The app offers in-depth articles that are compiled from various trusted sources.

The app will help you to write a book, prepare your college paper, and create appealing newsletters for your business. You will receive a daily article or tutorial which you need to thoroughly go through. If you are interested and feel that the topic of the article thrills you, then bookmark it for later reference.

Spend more time reading the article to better understand the minute details of writing. If you think you are done with reading then take action to implement what you have learned from the tutorials.

Repeat this practice to become a pro at writing. The app is free but contains some ads which you need to manage while you are working.

10 Powerful Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Daily tutorials
  • Curative in-depth researched tutorials
  • Best in improving writing skills

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Final Words

This multi-utility list of best writing apps is a must-try for every kind of writer. You can use these apps if you are a content creator, Blogger, or Novelist. Show your appreciation by liking and sharing our content so that we keep coming with more awesome stuff for you.


Which are the most productive writing apps?

Microsoft Word
Google Docs

Which writing apps can be best for creative writers?

Character Story Planner 2
Pure Writer

10 Powerful Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021
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