Best Water Purifier Under 5000 in India (June 2021)

There are some premium quality water purifiers available out there at the price tag of under 5000. Planning to buy a water purifier under 5000 and worried about which one to choose? Our list of best water purifier under 5000 will get your doubt clear while picking the best from the lot.

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Best Water Purifier Under 5000

Eureka Forbes AquaSure

RK Aqua Fresh Swift Plus

Aqua Libra

RK Aqua Fresh Swift

Aqua Ultra

Prestige Water purifier

Kent Gold+

How we compile the list of best water purifier under 5000?

Features: We thoroughly go through the specs and features a Water Purifier has to offer, then we compare it with a similar set of Water Purifier to find the best.

User rating: We go through the user review of the product across various leading sites to choose the best Water Purifier.

Pricing: It is one of the most crucial factors that we take into consideration to find the best Water Purifier that suits your wallet.

After Sales Service: We also make sure that the product that you are buying from our list provides better after-sales support.

Always updated: We usually update our list every month so that you don’t miss out on the latest products.

Eureka Forbes AquaSureOur Favorite Purifier

Eureka Forbes is a familiar name in every household. Buyer prefers this brand while picking the best purifier from the options available. Eureka Forbes Aquasquare is an electric water purifier that comes with dual cartridges. 3 stage UV water purifier along with advanced purification technology offers you bacteria-free water to drink.

The purifier is capable of eliminating organic compounds and foul odor from the water with its 3 stage UV purification process. The purifier has a smart flow feature that lets you get 2 liters of water in one minute, saving your time by quickly filling your bottles.  

AquaSure from Aquaguard Aquaflo DX UV Water Purifier,...
3,378 Reviews
AquaSure from Aquaguard Aquaflo DX UV Water Purifier,...
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water...

The purifier has a smart indicator that will keep you updated about the status of the cartridge and UV bulb. The built-in voltage stabilizer makes sure that minor fluctuations in current do not damage the internal component of the purifier. With so much to offer, Eureka Forbes Aquasquare could be a tempting choice if you are hunting for the best water purifier under 5000.

Reasons To Buy

  • 3 stage UV purification process
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Smart indicator

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Average build quality


RK Aqua Fresh Swift PlusTop Rated Purifier

If you want the highest standard of drinking water quality in your house, then RL Aqua Fresh Swift Plus can be an ideal choice for you. The purifier is capable of filtering water from all sources, whether it’s Overhead storage tanks or municipal taps. All minor and major impurities are removed from raw water making it fit for consumption.

The 14 stage purification process eliminates all the dissolved impurities in the water with the help of RO+UV and UF+TDS technology. The purifier has a 12-liter storage capacity and can filter up to 12 liters of water per hour.

The purifier comprises of TDS control valve that will help to adjust the level of mineral in the pure water. The build quality of the purifier is durable and the electrical components inside are also long-lasting. You can also open and clean the purifier weekly and monthly to keep it hygienic and suitable for usage.

Reasons To Buy

  • Filter water from all sources
  • 14 stage purification process
  • TDS control valve

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Average cartridge

Aqua LibraBest Amazon Purifier

Next up we have Aqua Libra on our list which is made of a high – quality ABS food-grade plastic. The purifier has RO + UV + UF + TDS purification system that will remove all the impurities from the raw water and make it fit for consumption.

The purifier can from 100 to 200 TDS or Total Dissolved solids and can remove all the suspended and organic particles from the war water. With a capacity of 17 liters, the purifier would be suitable for the medium as well as big families.

1,082 Reviews
  • Filtered alkaline ionized water contains...
  • Top quality has always been aqua libra...
  • The filtered water is also ideal for...

Ultraviolet or UV rays kill all the pathogens inside the water with the help of powerful rays that destroy the core of disease-causing germs. The purifier is light and can easily be installed which makes it the best water purifier under 5000.

Reasons To Buy

  • Large capacity
  • TDS
  • UV rays kills disease causing bacteria

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Consumes large amount of water

RK Aqua Fresh SwiftPremium Looking Purifier

Aqua fresh swift is a compact and attractive looking water purifier that will be a solution to all of your purification needs. This 15 liters water purifier can offer you pure and sweet consumable water. You get a long-lasting cartridge that is handy in removing the impurities from the water effectively. The Ph level of the water is balanced and that gives you sweet water to consume. It is an affordable and best water purifier under 5000 where you can invest your money on.

R.k. Aqua Fresh India Swift 12ltrs 14Stage Purification...
  • Rk aquafresh purifier comes with free...
  • Removes up to 80-90% of contaminants...

The purifier has a 15 liters storage capacity along with a water level indicator that keeps you track of the water level. Reverse osmosis ensures that every kind of contamination inside the water is removed, while the UV rays destroy all the disease-causing microbes. The purifier has a transparent cover that keeps all the components intact. The build quality of the purifier is durable and can last for longer periods.

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact and elegant
  • Transparent cover
  • UV rays to eliminate contamination

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Leakage through multiple joints if not installed properly

Aqua UltraBudget Friendly Purifier

Aqua Ultra electrical water purifier comes with a 14 stage purification process that will filter the water through each stage to give you pure drinking water. The purifier has a 100 GPD booster pump that effectively pumps out of the filters.

The purifier has a storage capacity of 15 liters and can filter up to 20000 liters of water annually. To track the water level in the purifier, you get a water level wide indicator. Anti scalan iron remover ball removes all the suspended inside the water to make it fit for drinking.

AQUAULTRA RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier Filter - 15...
  • Its Works Up to 3000TDS which gives 95%...
  • UV Filter It Provides Double Protection...
  • AN ISO 9001:2015 Reg. Trademark: 3052103...
  • RO Membrane removes hardness of the...

The purifier is capable of filtering out 15 to 18 liters of water in an hour, making it the best purifier under 5000. The purifier uses RO + UV +UF + Alkaline + Auto TDS controller purification to make the water contamination free. The purifier can work up to 2000 TDS that eliminates 95% to 98% TDS from the drinking water.

You also get an automatic water level sensor that will automatically switch off the purifier when the water level is full. The purifier can be mounted on the wall that will take the minimum space in your kitchen.

Reasons To Buy

  • Large storage capacity
  • Anti scalan iron remover ball
  • Water level sensor

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Average after sales service

Prestige Water purifierBest Build Purifier

We all are aware of the benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel. Copper has numerous benefits and keeping this in mind Prestige has crafted Tattva 2.0 Copper water purifier. This 16 liters water purifier by Prestige can be a good choice for you if you are a believer of traditional remedies and hunting for the best water purifier under 5000.

PRESTIGE Water Purifiers Copper Tattva 2.0
  • Enhances digestion
  • Slows, Filter: 3 Stage Filtration,...
  • Stops growth of harmful bacteria
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Enhances hemoglobin synthesis

The purifier comes with a copper storage container that has natural antimicrobial properties to kill all the harmful contaminants in the water. The purifier has an advanced FACT filters technology that removes the impurities without using any kind of chemical that may be harmful to your health.

With a high filtration rate of 9 Liters per hour, the purifier is capable of removing 99.99% of the waterborne virus. The purifier has a 1500L of purification capacity throughout its life. Buyers can go for this product if they want traditional solutions to their modern problems.

Reasons To Buy

  • Advanced FACT filters technology
  • High filtration rate
  • No use of chemicals

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Average tap quality

Kent Gold+Must Buy Purifier

Kent is one of the most preferred brands when we talk about water purifiers. It is a gravity-based water purifier that uses all the traditional methods to purify your drinking water. It is made of Food Grade Plastic material that makes it durable and long-lasting.

The purifier does not need electricity to operate and uses a chemical-free method to purify the raw water from your taps. It has 10 liters of purified water storage tank along with 10 liters of a raw storage water tank. The spin wielded UF membrane improves the life of the membrane to pore out maximum drinking water into the tank.

KENT Gold+ 20-litres Gravity Based Water Purifier, White and...
  • Color: White and Blue ; Max. Duty Cycle...
  • Purification by hollow fiber ultra...
  • Use of nano-silver carbon for better...
  • Long life membrane expected to last upto...
  • Transparent tank made of unbreakable ABS...

Kent Gold+ has a Hollow Fibre Hydrophilic UF membrane with 0.1 Microns that restrict the entry of any kind of pathogen or microbes in the water. The product is highly rated and has received certification from various institutions in terms of quality, which makes it the best water purifier under 5000.

Reasons To Buy

  • Food Grade plastic build
  • Hydrophilic UF membrane
  • Highly rated and certified

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Sediment filters needs to be frequently changed

Final Words

These are the top 7 and best water purifiers under 5000 that you can avail of if you are looking for the best. Reach out and comment below to tell us about your favorite purifier on the list that you might be buying in the coming time. 

Also, share your views about the topics that you would like to see on our website. Do share our content with your friends and peers who are also looking for quality water purifiers.



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Best Water Purifier Under 5000 in India (June 2021)
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