Best Washing Machine Under 15000 in India (June 2021)


A washing machine has made our life easy as it saves our energy and time. It has also become a necessity in every home. A buyer always looks for budget-friendly washing machines. So here are some budget-friendly and the best washing machine under 15000 that you can buy now.

We will be listing washing machines from some of the top brands that are common in every household. So get ready to know about some of the best washing machines you can buy if you are looking to spend your money.

Also, keep reading until the end to know about the following key points:

  1. Which are the Best Washing Machine Under 15000?
  2. Detailed Comparison and Review of Best Washing Machine Under 15000.
  3. What are their pros & cons?
  4. Which Best Washing Machine Under 15000 you should buy?

Excited? So Let’s Get Started

Best Washing Machine Under 15000

LG 6.2KG 5 Star Machine

Whirlpool 6.5KG Machine

Samsung 6.2KG Machine

Whirlpool 10.5KG Machine

Bosch 6.5KG Machine

Godrej 6KG Machine

How we compile the list of best washing machine under 15000?

Features: We thoroughly go through the specs and features a washing machine has to offer, then we compare it with a similar set of washing machine has to find the best.

User rating: We go through the user review of the product across various leading sites to choose the best washing machine.

Pricing: It is one of the most crucial factors that we take into consideration to find the best washing machine has that suits your wallet.

After Sales Service: We also make sure that the product that you are buying from our list provides better after-sales support.

Always updated: We usually update our list every month so that you don’t miss out on the latest products.

LG 6.2Kg 5 Star Washing Machine Our Favorite Washing Machine

LG 6.2KG is an affordable and smart washing machine that seems to be worth buy. This 6.2Kg capacity washing machine by LG comes with multiple wash programs that can be used to wash different cloth materials.

You have Normal, Pre Wash+ Normal, Gentle, and Quick wash programs in the machine. The machine has a speed of 780RPM which will help to dry your clothes faster. The machine is made from rustproof stainless steel which keeps it safe from every kind of damage. You get the Tub Clean feature which will sterilize the tub and keep it free from odor.

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing...
1,841 Reviews
LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing...
  • Fully-automatic top load washing...
  • Capacity 6.2 Kg : Suitable for bachelors...
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on...
  • 780 rpm: Higher spin speeds helps in...
  • Wash Programs: Normal, Pre Wash+Normal,...

The powerful motor inside the machine comes with BMC motor protection that makes it long-lasting and durable. The machine is equipped with a Turbo Drum which is capable of removing tough stains and dirt from your clothes.

You get Smart Inverter Technology that will use the optimum energy required to operate the machine through the washing cycle. Under the price belt of 15K INR, this machine is offering all the necessary features a buyer will look for while buying the best washing machine under 15000.

Reasons To Buy

  • Rustproof stainless steel body
  • BMC motor protection
  • Turbo drum

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No direct automatic mode

Whirlpool 6.5Kg Automatic Top loading MachineBest Amazon Washing Machine

Whirpool is a common name in every household. Most of our home appliances belong to this brand. Next up, we have Whirlpool 6.5 KG capacity Automatic Top loading washing machine.

It is one of the most user-friendly washing machines which needs minimum effort to operate. The machine has an easy 123 control button that will help you to wash your clothes just by tapping the 1 -2-3 button on the machine. The machine comes with 12 water programs that primarily include Daily, heavy, Delicates, Whites, Wash only, and other useful wash programs.

You can use the Express Wash feature in the machine that can clean up your clothes and complete your washing cycle in a quick time. The machine uses the Spiro Wash technique that spins your cloth in a circular motion and extracts all the dirt from your clothes.

Whirlpool 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing...
  • 12 Wash Programs - Daily, Heavy,...
  • 1-2-3 Wash System: Just 3 simple buttons...
  • LED Digital Display
  • Power Scrub Technology: creates superior...
  • Hard Water Wash Technology

The dirt which is left after washing your clothes is cleaned with the help of Magic Lint Filter. This filter removes all the dirt with the help of centrifugal force. The unpleasant smell after the cleaning process is removed with the help of Auto Tub Clean that reuses the remaining water to eliminate the odor and smell.

The machine comes with Zero Pressure Fill Technology that can quickly fill the tub of the machine even if the water pressure is low. You can also use the wash delay future to cope up with all your home tasks during the wash cycle. This easy to use washing machine by Whirlpool should be your top priority while looking for the best washing machine under 15000.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to operate
  • Zero Pressure Fill Technology
  • Express wash feature

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Consumes large quantity of water

Samsung 6.2KG Fully Automatic MachineHighly Rated Washing Machine

Samsung Top loading washing machine is next on our list of the best washing machine under 15000. This is a compact machine which can easily fit inside your home without bothering you much. The machine is equipped with some of the latest washing techniques that will get your things done effectively and efficiently.

To start with, the machine has Wobble Technology that squeezes your clothes firmly in multi directions to remove all the tough stains and dirt. with the help of the Air Turbo drying System, your clothes will be quickly dried after the wash. The machine has Center Jet Technology which improves the washing efficiency of the machine by generating jets of water from the center.

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine...
19,741 Reviews
Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine...
  • Fully-automatic top load washing...
  • Capacity 6.2 Kg: Suitable for bachelors...
  • Product Warranty: 2 years comprehensive...
  • 680 rpm: Higher spin speeds helps in...
  • Number of wash Cycle -6

The machine has a 6.2KG capacity and has a fan speed of 680rpm which will be handy in drying the clothes in quick time. The machine comes with multiple wash programs that can be used to wash all kinds of fabric. The Diamond Drum where your clothes rest comprises soft diamond-shaped ridges that make sure your clothes are protected from any kind of damage.

This Samsung washing machine comes with 5 water levels that use the minimum water to wash your clothes which saves water as well as electricity. Overall the machine has an appealing design with a durable tempered glass door and streamlined design that are some of the segments where this machine excels apart from specifications.

Reasons To Buy

  • Wobble technology
  • Diamond drum
  • 5 water levels

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Clothes get tangled

Whirlpool 10.5KG Semi-Automatic MachinePremium Looking Washing Machine

Next up we have a Whirlpool Semi-automatic machine that comes with a large capacity as compared to the previous Whirlpool machine on the list. This 10.5 Kg capacity washing machine will be a perfect choice for a big family that has 4 or more than 4 members.

The machine comes with a large ACE XL washing drum that can accommodate heavy loads in one cycle. The machine has a 3D Turbo impeller that has 3D Scrub pads and a rotary stem for effective cleaning of your clothes. With the help of 3D Scrub technology, you can remove 10 types of tough stains from your clothes.

No products found.

The machine has 5 wash programs that include Normal, Normal Plus, Delicate, General, and Stainwash program. You also get a Hard Water Wash feature that can help to remove the dirt from the clothes in hards water conditions. 1400 RPM speed of the blades ensures that you can quickly wash and dry your clothes in quick succession.

You get 3D lint that is effective in the filtration process. The unique triple layered filtration process ensures that your machine is clean from all impurities after the completion of your wash cycle. This high capacity Whirlpool machine would be a good choice to go for if you are looking for the best washing machine under 15000.

Reasons To Buy

  • 3D Turbo Impeller
  • Unique triple layered protection
  • Ace XL wash drum

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Noisy during spin mode

Bosch 6.5Kg Fully Automatic MachineMust Buy Washing Machine

Bosch is a German brand which needs no introduction as it is quite popular amongst the masses. Bosch washing machine comes with a laundry capacity of 6.5KG that will be suitable for a small family of 3 to 4 members.

The machine has an intelligent wave frum movement that is capable of removing the dirtiest and toughest stains on the fabric of your cloth. As for the rotating blades, it comes with 680rpm that can dry up your laundry lot quickly.

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine...
1,070 Reviews
Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine...
  • Fully-automatic top load washing...
  • Capacity 6.5 kg :Suitable for families...
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years...
  • 680 rpm: Higher the spin speed, faster...
  • Special Features: Power Wave wash...

You get a soft-closing transparent lead that helps to easily close and open the door of the machine. The machine has a power-off memory function which resumes your last wash cycle during the power cut. This premium looking washing machine by Bosch would give full worth for your money if you are planning to buy the best washing machine under 15000.

Reasons To Buy

  • Light and durable
  • Power off memory function
  • Wave Frum movement

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Low RPM

Godrej 6 KG Fully Automatic MachineBudget-Friendly Washing Machine

With in-built soak technology, next up, we have the Godrej 6KG washing machine on this list. The machine has some of the latest washing technology which will be useful for household usage. This Godrej machine has a 5-star energy rating which will reduce your electricity bills.

This is a fully automatic top loading washing machine which can wash up to 6KG clothes on a single cycle. You can choose your preferred wash program according to the fabric you are putting into the machine. The machine has an Acu wash drum that gently scrubs the cloth in the opposite direction to remove the stains.

The best thing this machine offers that makes it the best washing machine under 15000 is the in-built soak technology. This technology has a pre-set automatic soak time which would be ideal to soak all the fluid from the clothes.

Godrej 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing...
  • Fully-automatic top load washing...
  • Capacity 6 kg: suitable for medium size...
  • Manufacturer warranty: 10 Year Warranty...
  • 700 Spin RPM: higher spin speeds helps...
  • Wash programs: 9 wash programs

The washtub inside the machine is made of stainless steel which prevents the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odor after the wash cycle. If you are in a hurry to wash your laundry, then this machine has Quick Wash mode that can wind up your one wash cycle in 29 minutes. The glass lid see-through panel lets you track the wash status of your laundry.

The machine is light and compact which will not take much of the space inside your home. You must consider this highly rated washing machine by Godrej if you are hunting for the best washing machine under 15000.

Reasons To Buy

  • In built soak technology
  • Preset soak time
  • Quick wash mode

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Limited wash modes

Final Words

These were some of the best washing machine under 15000 that will be suitable under your budget. Do consider commenting and tell us about your pick of this list which might become a part of your family in the coming time. You can also share our content with your friends and relatives so that they can also choose the best.


Best Washing Machine Under 15000 in India (June 2021)
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