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The 7 Best Privacy Apps For Android in 2023

Best Privacy Apps

With a slew of high-profile cybersecurity hacks and data breaches around the world, it’s easy to see why consumers in the digital age are worried about privacy.

In order to protect your privacy there are, of course, basic settings that can help mitigate some of these issues. However, if you’re serious about privacy, anonymity, and security, then you’ll probably need to go a step further.

There are dedicated apps out there, that can solve this issue and we are going to showcase some of the best privacy apps for Android that you should definitely give a try.

Excited? So, Let’s Get Started.

Best Privacy Apps For Android

Malloc VPN

Malloc VPN might not ring any bells from its name, but it might seem familiar when it comes to functionality. It was previously called Antistalker, which revolved around providing users with an application that protects their data and information against big companies and tech giants, which collect, compile and circulate it without our consent.


Malloc VPN comes with a brand-new user interface that is cleaner and minimalist, thus ensuring maximum functionality, and it provides users with a reliable VPN service.

In terms of features, Malloc VPN excels by offering some competent features, allowing it to stand out in the category. It lets you, spy, for malicious apps, spyware, and rooted devices, connect to global and secure VPN servers, protect data through a VPN data shield, check for data collections, and monitor network activity.

One of my favorite features is a VPN data shield that allows you to block spyware domains and ads. It comes with powerful encryption for top-grade data security and privacy. You can use it to protect your device from spyware, data trackers, block advertisers, adult sites, and crypto miners who attempt to collect your personal information.

The connection report feature let you get the history reports to monitor where your smartphone is sharing or sending data and which domains aren’t blocked.

The Security Scan feature which is Android-only for now lets you detect any spyware, locate apps with necessary privacy permissions, find apps with suspicious domains and data trackers or check if your device is rooted.


It also has a Mute Microphone feature that prevents apps from accessing the microphone and recording any conversations. An anti-theft alarm feature that will ensure your smartphone security with charger removal detection and also has the ability to detect spyware.

Bromite – Take back your browser

Currently, Google Chrome is at the top of the list of best browsers and it had wiped the floor for many popular alternatives. However, it does have some privacy issues and concerns that bother a lot of users out there. Thus, we have a reliable choice in Bromite, which is mainly a chromium fork with more advanced security features. Since it is based on Chromium, you will get access to all the Google Chrome features, but it takes a slightly different approach to privacy.

Bromite aims to offer an impeccable browsing and non-cluttering experience without any privacy-intrusive features. It also provides a quick ad-blocking engine to ensure you are okay with constant ads flooding and ruining the entire user experience.

It also focuses on offering a cleaner user interface apart from tons of different privacy features, which to name include the option to block all the trackers, including click tracking, hiding user data from the website, always going to incognito, DNS instead of HTTPS smart search and disabling amp by default.

Now the features we have listed are only the tip of the iceberg, and there is much more than this browser offers.



Regarding backup, the first thing that comes to mind is cloud storage services, which is a great thing, but one major factor that often goes unnoticed is that they tend to be pricey and can consume plenty of personal data. Thus, Syncthing comes into play and offers a unique solution.

Syncthing is an open-sourced file sync application that you can use to create your own customized private cloud storage. Syncthing does not rely on cloud services at all and instead, you can use it as your storage system and sync all the data across different devices.

The full functionality of Syncthing is quite simple, for instance, if you set up Syncthing on your laptop and smartphone. The application will let you transfer your file from one source to another and will now be available on both ends. Thus, it establishes a reliable connection between both channels, and you can always share folders privately and save them with access open to the allowed devices.

Developer: Syncthing Community
Price: Free

Aurora Droid

Now I am pretty sure most of you guys are familiar with the F-Droid app store that lets you download some of the best apps that are not available on the play store. Also, doesn’t track your data and is more on the privacy side as compared to the Google Play store.

But one of the major drawbacks of using F-Droid is the outdated and cluttered UI, but not anymore with Aurora Droid which is basically a third-party client for F Droid you will get a whole new UI update that feels fast and at the same time, it uses the material design to showcase the apps which is way cleaner the F- Droid.


Another Amazing feature of Aurora Droid is that it features more repositories to sync meaning you will get access to more up taped apps that are not available on the play store.


When we download certain applications, we must grant certain permissions such as media, storage, location, etc. Well, if you have an app that you completely trust and would like to use in the long term, then granting it the required permissions isn’t particularly a bad choice; however, if you are concerned about your privacy, then we have an app for you on our list, known as bouncer that lets you grant temporary permissions.

Suppose you want to use certain features when it comes to an application, such as tagging a picture or location but don’t want the application to use a site or camera whenever required. In that case, the bouncer will provide you with it. Once you exit the application, it instantly eliminates the permissions so you can continue your tasks without worrying about any potential privacy invasion or battery wastage.

The app is primarily designed to let you provide apps with permissions in the foreground, that is to allow one-time permissions. The full functionality and interface are straightforward, allowing you to conveniently access and avail of all the features.

Developer: Sam Ruston
Price: 1,99 €

Temp Mail

If you are tired of handing out your real e-mail address and regretting it later because of endless promotions and spam mail? Well, you are not alone. A clean, clutter-less e-mail inbox is a distant dream for many of us but Temp Mail can solve it for you. The way temp mail works is, by acting as a temporary mailbox for handling e-mails from people with whom you don’t want to share your professional or primary e-mail Id.


The best use case is to use Temp Mail as a pre-filter system for those services that you think are spamming in nature. Using Temp Mail, you can generate a new temporary e-mail and even dispose of them after you use it. By this method, you can test out a service and still remain guarded against spam.

Jumbo: Privacy + Security

Although the Internet is an information hub that grants us access to an entire world of information, far more than we can process, it also exposes us to a great risk. Many websites or applications we use to collect and gather data from us, which is used to create an entire profile. Facebook openly admitted it in the past, followed by some other tech giants; however, although some also ensure safety, you can also be at risk of a potential data breach. Therefore, applications like Jumbo are like messiahs protecting us from the digital world’s evils.

Jumbo is one of the finest security and privacy assistants, which ensures protection from several online risks like online tracking, data breaches, unsecured Wifi networks, or unwanted access to social media sites at the top of a lot more.

The application offers a user-friendly interface that lets you control everything comfortably. The home screen contains different tabs displaying different protection types and categories. You can hover into any sort of, such as protecting personal data, including data leaks and Wifi monitoring, and find any specific threats.

The app also lets you block online trackers, control and manage your online reputation, and protect your friends and family. It will send you instant alerts in case of a potential threat that requires instant sorting.

Developer: 2121 Atelier Inc
Price: Free

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