10 Best Photo Editing Apps 2019 | As technology is improving day by day, new apps are coming in the market with distinct features, however, the issue is that there are so many photo editing applications in the market that a user might get confused which one to use. This article will come handy when you are to decide which mobile photo editing app you need to install.

Here are the 10 best photo editing apps for Android in the year 2019:


It is an amazing Android photograph editing app created by Google that conveys a considerable amount of highlights. You can tweak pretty much every aspect of your photo using Snapseed as it is packed with all the elementary editing options like straightening, vignettes, text, cropping, and frames.

Moreover, there are features like “Selective Adjust” available with Snapseed, thus allowing you to alter the contract, brightness, and saturation of a selection area. You can even get access to your edit history so as change any of the previously made edits.

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VSCO is not only known for its full-fledged editing features but also the community space it provides a user with. You can use tons of filters that it comes packed with and adjust each of these using an in-built slider.

While there are tons of editing apps that let you add filters, what truly differentiates VSCO is the subtlety and softness of its filters.

This way you can edit your photos with a natural tone instead of making them appear over edited. You can even tweak the skin tones, contrast, temperature, and contrast of your image and upload it to any social media platform or share it with VSCO’s community.

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Adobe Lightroom CC

Those looking for something beyond basic editing need to install the mobile version of widely popular Adobe app.

In this competitive market where app developers are loading their apps with a plethora of features, and added ones with updates, Adobe tends to play it simple and rather focused.

It further becomes quite evident with its compatibility with RAW files.

Any photographer would know the substantial difference that comes when you have a RAW file of the image containing tons of details available for editing that a processed image might not deliver.

Most users find this app handy while twitching detail, distortion, color and even light in their photographs. You can also opt for its premium version that comes with selective editing and an AI-based tool designed to tag your photos to let you find them with ease.

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Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor also secures its rank when it comes to the popularity of mobile editing apps. It not only comes packed with all the basic tools for removing blemish and skin smoothening but also comes with a significantly large filter library.

While some filters like HDR and black and white are those you can find anywhere, Fancy is a filter that you need to try while using this app for the first time. This filter lets you apply a watercolor shade to your photo that you would hardly find here. Fancy along with several other innovative filters present in this app is what has made it increasingly popular lately.

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For all the selfie lovers, this app turns out to be a standout among all the mobile editor apps. You can easily whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, smoothen the tone of your skin or even chose to change the way various facial features are placed in the image.

You can also dive into some of the additional features that let you change the background of your selfie and place some cool graphics of your choice.

It is quite easy to switch between your original image and the edited one using the blue button present at the bottom of its interface.

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Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma has genuinely nailed the art of turning your photo into an actual artwork while you are tired of ending up with painfully messed up images in the name of “drawings” or “paintings”.

There is a decent number of free filters provided to you and you can always decide to access the rest by paying some additional charge. This app might seem like a no-brainer, however, landing at the apt choice can turn out to be a tasking process.

Once you’re done editing your image, you can not only save it on your device but also share it on social media as well as Prisma’s own community feed.

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Adobe Spark Post

This app lets you carry out various aspects of design graphics from your mobile device even you don’t have any designing skills.

Don’t worry, all the essential tools, such as borders, adjustments, vignettes, and cropping are natively available with Adobe Spark Post. It is equipped with tons of preloaded filters that let you have a noticeable difference in the image.

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Foodie helps you choose between more than 30 filters and additional editing features to make your cuisine look professionally edited.

The colors of your delicious food items pop up when you’re using this app, thus clicking a perfect shot becomes handy.

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This app lets you easily change the angle of perspective so that you can rectify any alignment issues in your image.

Moreover, if you’ve been looking for an option to deal with the lens distortion issue, SKRWT is what you need to install right now. It comes with an automated tool for correcting perspective and cropping the image along with 4 manual “Point Correction” options.

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If you’ve got a decent image that seems terribly photobombed, Touchretouch will let you deal with this situation swiftly.

This app allows you to remove several objects from your image including but not limited to soda cans, power lines, street signs, and telephone wires. All you need is a single tap and the object will no longer appear in your picture.

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Takeaway: This was a quick rundown of some of the best mobile editing applications that you can use to step up your game of mobile photography. Keep in mind that choosing the right editing app(s) is crucial when you want to have an unparalleled blend of edits and filters.

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