10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021


Many ideas pop up in our minds but vanish if we haven’t written them down on paper. It is difficult to recall all the details of your idea at a later time. Act smartly and use the best note-taking apps to avoid these problems. These best note taking apps will capture all your thoughts in one place and organize them.

You can note down all your day-to-day tasks in note-taking apps, track their status, and analyze your progress. You can add text notes, photos, and other vital documents to these apps.

Excited? so, let’s get started.

What are the benefits of note-taking apps?

You might think that when we have pen and paper to take notes, why install an app on our device then? Well, there are lots of unknown benefits of a note-taking app that we seldom look over. Following are some of the benefits that make note-taking apps a must-have on your devices:

  • Compiles information effectively

Note-taking apps are readily available that assist you in noting down information effectively. You do not need to search for a pen or paper to write down the vital notes. You can take your smartphone and start taking notes on it. You can compile all the notes in one place and share them with your team to discuss them.

  • Easily searchable

You forget to add a bookmark to an important note and waste hours looking for it. That is not the case with these digital notes. You only need to type the title of the note and within seconds you will be on the document which you want to access.

  • Cost-Effective

Many notes taking apps are free to use. First, it saves your expense on stationery items, and second, the apps do not charge anything to use its features which makes it cost-effective.

  • Integration

You can add every type of file in note-taking apps whether it’s PDF or doc extension. You can also add media files like photos, videos, and voice notes to the app. This feature allows you to integrate all your files in one place for easy and quick access.

Best Note Taking Apps

  • Microsoft One
  • Colornote Notepad
  • Google Keep
  • Squid
  • Easy Notes
  • Evernote
  • Microsoft To Do
  • Keep My Notes
  • Smart Note
  • Voice Notes
  • Create My Notes
  • Notepad


This list is not based on any preferences, this list is basically a compilation of some of the best and most popular Android note taking apps that you can try right now and we also update this list at an interval of every 3 months.

Microsoft OneBest Note Taking Apps

Microsoft One can be the digital notebook that will help you to organize your notes at the office and school. You can write notes, clip important stick notes, add pictures or images, and scan your document on the go.

The document saved can be synced across multiple devices which is shareable with your team. Search for important notes with the help of a powerful search engine of Microsoft One. The app can be used as a notebook, journal, or notepad according to your preference.

The app has 3 ring-binder feature that makes it the best note taking apps. With the help of 3 ring-binder, you can sort your notes into sections and pages that can be easily understood. Besides this, you can make to-do lists, follow-up items, and custom labels in Microsoft One. This multi-purpose note taking app is a must-have app on your smartphones.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Multi-purpose
  • 3 ring-binder
  • Sticky notes
  • Sync across multiple devices 

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Colornote NotepadBest Note Taking Apps 2021

Colornote Notepad is a simple note taking app rich in features. You can create notes, edit them, share them, and set a reminder to get it done before the deadline. You can make a random to-do list and arrange them in order by the drag and drop feature. After the completion of an item in the to-do list, it will be slashed down.

The app offers you to organize notes in different colored notebooks. This will help you to remember your notes via color that can be accessed easily. You can protect your notes via a passcode so that no third person can get access to sensitive information. The app uses AES standard to encrypt your files which is a bank-level encryption service.

The app also contains a task reminder which will keep reminding you about the deadline so that you are never late for your projects. The sticky notes memo widget is one useful feature of the app which makes it the best note taking apps on this list.

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10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

 Standout Features:

  • AES Standard encryption
  • Sticky notes memo
  • Different color notebooks
  • Powerful task reminder

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Google KeepBest Android Note Taking Apps

Google always offers the best apps keeping in mind the convenience of its users. Google Keep is one such useful app by the developer that will increase your productivity and get your things done in time. The dark theme recently introduced by the app is a refreshing update.

You can create notes in the Google keep wherever you are which gets automatically synced with your Google account. You can add color and labels to the notes to make them easily recognizable. The app is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and Android wearables+ where you can access the notes by signing into your Google account.

You can also set a location-based reminder when you are out for buying loads of items for your home. As soon as you reach the location you will get a reminder to buy the essentials. With simple UI and easy to sync across various platforms, this app can be the best note taking apps for you.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Location-based reminder
  • Add color and label to the notes
  • Multiple platform compatibility

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SquidBest Note Taking Apps

Steadfast Innovation has collaborated with Google to offer you the best note taking apps. Squid gives you a realistic note-taking experience with its interactive UI. You can take notes in Squid with the help of a stylus or finger and can erase them in case you made a mistake.

The app has multiple paper types to write on like blank, ruled, and graph. You can cut, copy, and paste items between the notes. You can also add images to your notes that can be cropped and resized according to your preference. You can create notes and notebooks in the app for easy access.

Your notes can be exported to the PDF, PNG, and JPEG format that can later be transformed into hard copies. The app has in-app purchases that will upgrade you to the premium membership. You can create notes with premium backgrounds in the premium version of the app along with some other useful features.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Organize notes within notebooks
  • Import, crop, and resize images
  • Multiple paper types
  • Vector graphics engine

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Easy NotesBest Customization Note Taking Apps

Easy Notes is a customization rich note-taking app where you can create notes with custom background and themes. The app supports multiple backgrounds that can be used to create photos, notes, audios, and memos. You can arrange your notes in tabs in a chronological order that can be accessed in a single click.

You can pin important notes for quick access or set up a reminder for important events. The notes are automatically saved and can be shared in two different formats. You can also create a checklist to complete your tasks within the given deadline.

The app has a rich text editor where you can also draw and paint your creative ideas. The app is offering all the features for free that makes it a top contender for the best note taking apps.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Customizable colorful background
  • Rich text editor
  • Clear interface

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EvernoteBest Note Taking Apps For Android

Evernote is a multi-tasking app that can be a useful tool for managing your personal and professional life. The app lets you capture your ideas in searchable notes form as soon as it strikes in your mind. You can keep journals of the important events and milestones achieved in daily life.

Besides text, you can add sketches, photos, audio files, and web clippings. All your important documents, memos, journal, and drawings can be scanned and converted into digital form for easy access. You can clip useful articles in the app for later reference.

You can also create separate notebooks to organize your memos, receipts, and invoice. The app can quickly find anything with its powerful search engine. All your notes and important data can be synced and accessed from different devices.

Business people can manage plans, create an agenda, keep up with the meeting by taking notes, and plan their short and long-term goals. The app has multiple utilities that make it the best note taking apps for every user. The Premium version of the app will give you additional features like Annotate PDF, syncing across unlimited devices, and 10 GB of new uploads every month.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Scan, Digitize, and Organize docs
  • Attach PDF, photos, and audio files
  • Create separate notebooks

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Microsoft To DoBest Note Taking Apps For Students

Microsoft To-Do is a popular app that is preferred by users to manage their tasks and stay organized. You can create a to-do list that can be accessed anywhere from any device. You can choose from different backgrounds to set on your to-do list.

The app suggests daily tasks for you according to your activities. The app breaks your task into small blocks so that you can hit them with motivation. You can share the task list with your team members to complete them. The app allows you to attach files up to 25MB in a document.

The notes will get synced with your Microsoft account that can be accessed from any device. Plan your day and stay organized with the Microsoft To-Do app.

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10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Task manager
  • Daily planner
  • Office 365 integration

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Keep My NotesBest Note Taking Apps For Android Tablet

Keep My Notes is another useful note-taking app that deserves a place on your app list. You can take notes in offline mode that can be synced once you are back in the network area. You can add text notes, voice notes in this app. The app runs a spellcheck on your notes to make sure that everything is perfect.

You can lock your notes with the help of a password or you can lock the specific segment of the note. The app is available in dark and light theme options. You can also create checklists of the things that need to be completed with the given time. The app offers multiple customization features that make it a highly preferable note-taking app.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Voice recording notepad
  • Memo alarm reminders
  • Wordpad styles
  • Picture attachments

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Smart NoteBest Note Taking Apps

The Smart Note app can store anything you want to insert into your document. You can write text, add photos, and add voice notes in your document. Create checklists to stay updated with the task which needs to be done. Add external documents in your notes after scanning.

Stay organized by categorizing your notes in stacks. You can search the important notes by typing the keyword of the saved document. Add a reminder on the important notes so that you do not miss anything vital. You can choose a customized color in the background of your notes. 

The app has a home screen widget that gives you a quick overview of the notes without opening it. The app is free and you will be getting these features without paying anything. It is one of the best note taking apps that should be considered while looking for the best.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Home screen widget
  • Password protection
  • Backup data

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Voice NotesBest Voice Note Apps

Voice Notes app can be a useful note taking app for busy people. The app supports 20 user interface language and speech recognition in around 120 languages. You can plug in your headphone and start recording your voice note.

The app recognizes more than 120 languages so you do not need to worry about your native language. Your recorded voice note is saved in your internal storage. This app has tried its hands in something new that makes it the best note taking apps on this list.

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Supports 20 User Interface
  • Support speech recognition of 120 languages
  • Simple and easy UI

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Create My NotesBest Note Taking Apps

Next up, we have Create My Notes app on our list of the best note taking apps. You can create encrypted notes in the app. You can add text, audio, document, and extract text from handwriting with this app.

Set one time or recurring reminders on your vital notes. You can organize notebook and subnotebooks of your notes that can be shared with your team members. You can add tags in your notes to highlight a vital point in your notes. Assign different colors to your notebook to make it easily searchable in the future.

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10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Create notebooks and sub-notebooks
  • Assign different colors to the notebook
  • Tag your notes

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NotepadBest Free Note Taking Apps

Notepad is an all-around performer that offers loads of features to manage your digital notes. You can write an unlimited text field as a note on this app and assign them colors for easy reference. You can add high-quality photos and voice notes to your document. Add the most important document as favorites for easy access.

The app has a tag support feature that efficiently manages all your notes. You can also add quick notes when you are attending an important seminar. An easy to access resizable widget gives you insight into the notes. You can sync the notes saved in the app on Google Drive and Dropbox. 

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Resizeable widget
  • Quick notes
  • Efficient search engine

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Final Words

These note taking apps will be a handy tool to improve your management skills and productivity. We hope this list of the best note taking apps will be useful for you. Download any of these apps to hit your goals and get your things done in time.


Which are the best free note taking apps for Android?

Google Keep
Microsoft To-do list
Easy Notes

Which are the best task management apps for Android?

Microsoft To Do List
Smart Note

10 Best Note Taking Apps For Android in 2021
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