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The 10 Best Minimal Android Launcher in 2022

Speed Up Your Android With These Minimal Launchers

Best Minimal Android Launcher

Launchers are a great way to organize, arrange and interact with applications on Android devices. It usually consists of various home screen designs that let you arrange widgets and customize the overall look, while the rest of the applications sit inside the app drawer.

You can personalize your Android device with Android Launchers even if you don’t possess much technical knowledge. Launchers come in a variety of forms, and they are suitable for different users.

Although the Nova launcher is preferred by the masses for more detailed customization, if you prioritize a more clutter-free experience, then a minimal Android Launcher can be the ideal choice for you.

In this article, we will showcase some of the best minimal Android Launchers that you can try right now.

Best Minimal Android Launcher

Niagara Launcher

Niagara launcher is a newcomer, but its novel approach has earned it a place as one of the best minimal Android launchers. The launcher offers a modern, minimal user interface with sleek animation and a clean design. You can select your favorite apps on the home screen and easily navigate the applications by clicking on the vertical alphabet-style navigation menu.


The notifications from your favorite apps are incorporated into the launcher, which allows you to reply without opening the app conveniently. Although Niagara is customizable, it does limit your options by following the minimalistic nature. It supports embedded notifications, gestures, widgets, and a few customizable options to change the appearance and experience of the launcher.

Most extra features such as weather widgets, calendars, pop-up widgets, and advanced customization options are only available for premium users. Though, Niagara does remain entirely ad-free.

Nothing Launcher

Nothing launcher emphasizes minimalism. It offers certain basic stuff such as home screens, widgets, and a few other light customization options. When you install the nothing launcher, you will be presented with a standard layout with four dock icons, a Google search widget, and two home screen icons.

Unlike the pixel launcher, the default icon packs from nothing convert icons into circles. There are also little things that you can change from the settings section. The application drawer is pretty basic with a soft gray background and icons with text labels. The launcher offers a few interesting widgets, including weather information, an analog clock, and a digital clock.

The best minimal Android Launcher is more of a marketing tactic to show people how Nothing Phone will roll out in its appearance. Although it has many features, it likely won’t sustain against the big fishes in the pond.


Square Home

Square Home is an established name as the launcher has been around since 2016. Although it may not be extremely popular, it’s a clear favorite for users that prefer a minimalist design that is intuitive to navigate. It comes with a grid-based layout, but it still supports widgets, and you can easily add many useful shortcuts across the screen.

The launcher comes with a free trial that lasts 14 days, and if you want to use it consistently, you will have to unlock the complete app with its pro version, valued at $4.99. So, if you prefer a Microsoft-style app launcher with a minimalist design that can be easily navigated, this best minimal Android Launcher can be a great choice.

Developer: ChYK the dev
Price: Free

Ratio Launcher

Another fairly new choice is the Ratio launcher. It’s a choice that packs a minimalistic design with loads of customization options. The launcher provides an all-new perspective to your smartphone through unique and smart customizations. The best thing about the launcher is that it provides an effective way to view and manage screen time.

The home screen is divided into two main sections, providing a more subtle and profound view of the home screen. The first section contains the “drawer’s home view,” where you can efficiently manage and view all the apps in an organized way. The second section comprises a “Root View,” which lets you manage all the required widgets.

Customization is another pro of this best minimal Android Launcher, which lets you change the application’s color, drag and drop similar apps in a particular category and manage other stuff on the home screen. The launcher has an interactive and simple UI with attractive themes, which makes it an excellent choice in the category.

Developer: Blloc
Price: Free

Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2 is a popular name and ranks as one of the best minimal Android launchers. Unlike the Nova launcher, which offers tons of customization options making it rather heavy, Lawnchair 2 takes a conservative approach.

It includes a clean UI that mimics Google’s Pixel Phones to achieve minimalistic status. It features a simple application dock like the pixel launcher with an accessible Google Assistant button and Google search bar.

Despite taking such a simple approach, it still adds extra customization options indicative of Google’s Pixel launchers, such as the icon pack support. It also supports dock customization, and adaptive icons at the top of other methods to personalize the experience.

Developer: David Sn
Price: Free

Wide Launcher

The wide launcher is another great home-screen replacement launcher. It intends to differ from other choices by providing a wider home screen, 3-times wider, which removes the typical home screen grid and size limitation. You can also have plenty of customization options, including the ability to select décor icons, icon styles, themes, and much more.

The launcher comes with mini-apps known as Applets which provide several functionalities that you can add to the home screen. The wide launcher is free to download and use, so if you want something unique, you should give it a shot.

Developer: Shouter Inc.
Price: Free

Ruthless Launcher

Shade Launcher by Amir Zaidi was a hit, but it hasn’t been updated in over two years. Ruthless launcher is an excellent alternative based on the Shade launcher. It is a lightweight app that doesn’t fail to provide several customization options.

It also offers plenty of standard features, which include customizable animations, grid sizes, and adjustable icon sizes. Whether you require something powerful or minimal, this best minimal Android Launcher provides a blend of both.

Ruthless launcher is entirely free without ads or in-app purchases. Each feature and setting are open to everyone using the launcher. So, if you are low on budget and are looking for a reliable launcher replacement, the Ruthless launcher is a great way to begin.

Developer: Shubbyy
Price: Free

Smart Launcher 6

The smart launcher comes with a sorted app folder that categorizes all the applications into six main categories. It includes the internet, communication, settings, games, media, and utilities. The categorization combined with the available search button at the top of each section simplifies the app search process.

The launcher also features a smart search bar at the bottom which offers a convenient one-stop-shop to search the contacts, apps, Google Play apps, and the web. It also offers numerous customization options, including font styles, icon appearances, themes, and more.


The app’s premium version includes extra features such as customized app categories, multiple home page widgets, ultra-immersive mode, pop-up widgets, and custom icon sorting.

Developer: Smart Launcher Team
Price: Free

Before Launcher

Before launcher is an exceptional choice for users looking for a simple launcher that doesn’t block the way, it describes itself as a minimal launcher where every app shortcut is a simple word on the screen.

Changing the wallpaper and a few other shortcuts is all the customization it offers, ensuring it keeps things simple and leaving an opportunity for a few modifications to ensure things don’t go stale.

So if the Niagara launcher doesn’t click for you and you are looking for something that a kid or anyone with little computing knowledge can process, before launcher is the best option. This best minimal Android Launcher is free, and if you want a few extra icons, you can unlock the premium valued at $5.99 via an in-app purchase that provides features such as folders and hidden apps.

ZENIT Launcher

ZENIT launcher is another standout choice on our list of the best minimal Android launchers. It goes out of its lane to simplify things for you. Once you unlock your smartphone, it directs you to the screen consisting of all the apps. Without any fuss, you can efficiently set the scroll direction, although the default is vertical, which is accurately the way your thumb folds while holding the smartphone.


The launcher also doesn’t hold back theming as it offers plenty of customization options to ensure it’s the launcher of your choice. You can install the app for free, and if you want more of it, you can unlock the entire launcher for $2.49, although there isn’t much to unlock yet, and there are a lot of premium features planned for the future. You can get the entire set of features in the free version.

Developer: Aner Torre
Price: Free

Wrapping Up

These were our best picks for the best minimal Android Launchers that will transform your Android device’s appearance without slowing it down. Ratio and Niagara are two distinct yet fastest Android launchers on our list that you must try.

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