The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

The most effective camera you could make use of is the one that’s always there inside your pocket. If the phone you carry around is an iPhone then you’re fortunate to have one of the most potent mobile cameras available. However, the iPhone’s Camera app doesn’t provide you much control over your creativity.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best camera apps for iPhone, which are available on the App Store. Whatever your reason for choosing the latest camera apps, they’re all fantastic tools to add to your arsenal to take your photography to the highest level.

Excited? So, Let’s Get Started.

Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

Halide Mk II

Are you looking for a top-quality camera app for your iPhone? then you should definitely try Halide. It’s not just a flimsy remark Halide has a variety of tools to get every bit of energy from the iPhone’s camera, yet the interface can reduce clutter and thus shouldn’t be a frightener for newbies.

With Halide, it’s not just the control level that makes it stand out. Yes, you can set manual settings for exposure as well as focus and an on-screen histogram, the grid tool, and level tools. The app will take additional steps to help you improve your photos. It includes the focusing loupe to ensure sharper images, the exposure peaking and focus, and a pulse-like data view when you are in the portrait mode and it also enables portrait modes for pets and objects.

If you are a professional photographer, Instant RAW will be the feature that stands out. With the help of the company’s vast expertise in photography, it can create raw images with just a click and quickly transform them into stunning images. If you’d like to take pictures, you can shoot using DNG raw and Smart HDR simultaneously. In short, it’s one of the best camera app for iPhone that you should definitely try.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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FiLMiC Firstlight

Firstlight is created and published through FiLMiC Camera, the same team behind the excellent and highly well-known FiLMiC Pro app for smartphone filmmaking.

Firstlight is a professional camera app made for serious photographers looking to maximize the capabilities available on their iPhones. As with the other apps, it comes with many powerful features that let you take control of each aspect of your image, such as exposure, shutter, ISO priority gridlines, manually focused using peaking and zebras, histograms, and more.

Firstlight can shoot both traditional RAW and ProRAW (as with JPEG, HEIC, and TIFF). It comes with a myriad of film-related simulations, as do most apps; however, unlike the other applications, FiLMiC went the extra step in the way the simulations are executed.

In contrast to other apps that use Soft-light Composite, Firstlight uses what they refer to as ISO Adaptive Mode. The app transforms digital noise into the variable-density grain. This means that the grain sizes and granularity alter depending on the sensitivity and the amount of noise. You cannot do this with the typical “film look” filter overlays in other apps. FiLMiC has even created an original light meter to optimize scene-by-scene metering for the highest exposure.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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Obscura Camera

Obscura Camera offers one of the most traditional-looking interfaces on any iPhone camera app. The entire interface is built around dials that resemble the ones found on real-world camera hardware. The tactile feel is enjoyable, creating a welcoming professional-oriented, user-friendly app.

When you’re using a surfing-sized iPhone, all buttons should be easily accessible with one thumb. The controls for Expose and Focus are located near the shutter. When one is hit, an arrow lets you quickly adjust the settings. It’s the same as the main menu, which includes on-screen guides and white balance, and an alarm clock.

An excellent addition is an integrated library tool that is hidden within the primary interface. Drag the entire interface down to select a photo and view its metadata and perform actions such as duplicate, filter application, and sharing. Therefore, this best camera app for iPhone is a winner that lets you take photos like a professional but is also comfortable and brings a sensation of being physically present on the screen.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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ProCamera can be an excellent match to Halide, and, like Halide, it also offers an outstanding level of manual control over a variety of settings. It also comes with ProRAW support, but Halide’s integration may be a step higher than what we have found to produce more flexible and cleaner results.

However, in contrast to Halide, ProCamera includes a very extensive editing suite that supports features such as Portrait mode. Of all the applications with advanced features discussed here, I believe this is the most user-friendly layout and extremely simple to learn if you are familiar with the fundamentals of editing and exposure. If you aren’t familiar with the fundamentals, it will allow you to easily see the effects of different exposure settings on the image. For those who aren’t interested in that and want more significant levels of automation, ProCamera is likely overkill.

One of the most distinctive features of this best camera app for iPhone that set it apart from its competitors is the ability to integrate with Adobe, which allows you to upload images directly to Creative Cloud storage. If this isn’t important to you, it will not interfere with your work; however, it is there if you require it.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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Adobe Lightroom

For those familiar with the default edition of Lightroom and the Adobe Suite in general, it’s not a surprise to have this as a free application, but it’s not! It requires registration that you can accomplish using either your iCloud or Gmail account; however, the whole application is at no cost, except for synchronizing across several devices using Adobe Cloud – that is dependent on the purchase of an Adobe subscription.

It’s not just that Lightroom is among the top mobile photo editors available and has a camera built-in, but it also comes with a wealth of options that make this application one of the best camera app for iPhone that is suitable for all-purpose use. Full control of exposure and focus as well as RAW capture capabilities, Lightroom presets, watermarks, and of course, all the editing and color correction options you’d anticipate from a mobile-friendly version of Lightroom.

In addition, compared to the desktop counterpart, the mobile version is easy to navigate as a new user. Adobe compressed the most valuable features of the full-featured program into a user-friendly yet feature-rich smartphone camera application.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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VSCO isn’t just an editor for mobile professionals with many filters, but it is also one of the best camera app for iPhone. It has a variety of options, such as being able to regulate the time of the shutter, ISO, white balance, and exposure. For those who are more experienced, you can also use manual focus and the ability to work with RAW files.

VSCO camera app also includes the Exposure slider which is beneficial when shooting motion-packed scenes. The shuttering speed can slow down the movement, while a slower shutter speed blurs the motion within the scene. This slider is available along with other sliders in the lower right part of the image.

Another but equally efficient and valuable feature VSCO provides is the setting for white balance. By using a single slider, you can adjust both cold and warm colors. Create a soft picture, with a tint of orange, or colder, with a blue hue.

To adjust the focus and the exposure, click on the relevant object/detail in the image. There is, however, one slight distinction as you can split the points of focus and exposure. This makes it easier to focus the image on a specific area and keep the exposure in a different area.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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Similar to VSCO, Darkroom is one of the top photo apps available to iOS users; however, Darkroom surpasses VSCO in terms of editing capabilities and features that are professional-grade in a highly user-friendly layout.

The design and interface are among the top on the market. An extremely clear and user-friendly RAW editor includes all standard adjustment sliders and curves batch editing and portrait mode adjustments. Frames with content awareness and the option of filtering and ProRAW along with HDR support.

It’s not just, an effective editing tool; however, it’s also a proficient video editor, which isn’t something that other applications can boast to offer. Additionally, similar to Lightroom, users can access an online version when they sign up for the Mobile version which is another benefit that is rare when compared to competitors. Overall, the user experience is similar to Lightroom; however, it is a little simpler and more beginner-friendly.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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ProCam 8

Plenty is going on within ProCam 8. In the standard camera mode, you can easily understand manual controls and a timer as well as anti-shake. It is easy to select the output format. While adjusting the focus, a loupe will help ensure that everything is sharp in the correct places, and zebra stripes may be added to warn about the exposure that is too high. Everything is fast and easily accessible with this best camera app for iPhone even though the screen’s susceptible to clutter because of the numerous choices.

But you can dig deeper. Press the arrow that is next to the shutter to reveal an array of other options: time-lapse video burst, the slow shutter. It also includes an editor that comes with 17 different lenses that bring a splash of creativity to the app, which on the surface could appear dull and boring compared to its iPhone peers.

In reality, ProCam 8 is best described as adaptable and straightforward as the closest representation of what you would find if Apple made an official edition of their Camera application.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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FiLMiC Pro

Next up we have FiLMiC Pro which is probably one the most well-known app. It has everything you would want in the best camera app for iPhone with complete exposure tools for manual use frames rates ranging from one frame per second all the way to 240 frames per second to accommodate fast and slow-motion Timelapse recording and histograms.

Anamorphic support includes the ability to automatically de-squeeze. It works to both 1.33x or 1.55x anamorphic lenses like lenses made by Moment as well as Beastgrip. It also supports LOG Gamma recording to give you the best versatility and dynamic range in post. Dolby Vision HDR is included on the 12 series iPhones and 10 bit SDR.

Certain features, like Log-Gamma, are only available when you purchase the Cinematographer’s Kit, which costs an additional $13.99. You can buy FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote as a set for $19.99, and buying them separately costs $24.98.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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Hipstamatic Classic

If you’ve been using an iPhone for many years, you’ll be aware of how every app mimicked the materials of the real world. The trend of mimicking real-world materials long ago gave way to minimalistic design; however, Hipstamatic Classic is a throwback. This is good, as the app’s goal is to recreate the feel of photography using analog cameras.

Set-ups consist of film, lens, and flash. When you’re ready to take a picture, you’ll use an interface for cameras similar to an actual camera but with an expanded viewfinder. The photos can be viewed in the app as a developed film strip. It’s an absolute blast.

Fortunately, however Hipstamatic Camera is much more than just a toy as it saves the original image along with the edited image. The app has a professional camera mode, which can manually adjust ISO, shutter speed the exposure, zoom focus, and white balance. Can it replace the professional-oriented iPhone camera apps in this list? Not quite. These features are a sensible, extremely valuable enhancement to the most popular camera applications available and are much better than what it first seems.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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Camera+ 2

Longer shutter speed, macro-shooting, and an attractive portrait mode are the usual main options included in Camera+ 2. This best camera app for iPhone has the same settings for manual use as VSCO shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus.

In terms of the robust and distinctive characteristics, I have noticed the shutter speed up to 30 seconds. By using the mode, you will take great summer pictures of the waterfall. The water will appear soft and “silk.” If you own an iPhone equipped with at the very least two lenses (wide-angle and the telephoto lens), you will be able to enjoy an additional image editor’s benefits that is the “Portrait” mode.

One of the advantages that this camera mode offers is adjusting the level of blurring the background. You can also alter the background and foreground in your portrait image independently. For instance, you could change the brightness or color of the scene without altering the foreground subject.

It also has the “Macro” shooting mode that helps to improve focus and clarity when taking close-ups. It employs a focus track for ensuring that the subject stays in focus, regardless of the movement across the frame. This best camera app for iPhone comes with a built-in burst mode that allows you to record and save that Moment you want to capture for dynamic scenes.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by Momentis affordable and straightforward in comparison to other applications. For full-featured use of the app, it is also necessary to pay a one-time of $2.99.

It is very visually similar to the Apple camera; however, there are some distinctions. In the lower right-hand corner of the screen, below the shutter button, there are various settings you can alter shutter speed, ISO, focus point, and white balance. A small histogram located in the lower-left area of the image provides a general overview of how your photo is exposed.

When I was analyzing the camera application, I discovered the following “pitfall.” Suppose the native Camera application for the iPhone includes time-lapse video as well as slow-motion, standard video, photo, square panorama, and portrait modes. In that case, the Moment application only has an average photo and traditional video modes. In addition, the Apple camera supports live images and HDR options that aren’t available from this app currently.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021

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Wrapping Up

So, there you have it guys, these are some of the best camera apps for iPhone that you should definitely give a try. My personal favorite app is Halide Mk II and ProCamera+, What’s your favorite do let me know that in the comments down below, and if you have any suggestions do let us know.

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The 12 Best Camera App For iPhone in 2021
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