10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021

A newborn baby requires utmost care and attention from parents. Parents can take suggestions from elders or look for parenting videos to nurture their newborns. Besides this, parents can opt for the best baby tracking app to equip themselves with all the vital information for parenting. To provide holistic solutions to the parents, we are coming with a list of the best baby tracking apps.

These best baby tracking apps will help to expect and post-birth parents to take care of their newborn. Our listicle will also assist parents in the mental and physical development of the child. So, without any further delay, let’s dive deep into the list of the best baby tracking apps.

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Benefits Of Best Baby Tracking Apps

  • Pre and Post-birth assistance: Best baby tracking apps provide pre and post-birth help to the parents. Pre-birth, parents can have 3D visualization of images of their baby. Also, parents can monitor the development of the baby inside the belly of the mother. Post-birth, baby tracking apps provide tips to cope with the challenges parents may face while raising the baby in the initial days.
  • Medically approved content: Baby tracking apps contain medically approved content that parents can refer to. It has in-depth articles, insight, videos, and nutrition that guide the parents at every stage. The content is designed and approved by medical experts that makes baby tracking apps a reliable option for parents.

Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

The Bump

The Bump app provides a comprehensive solution to all parenting needs. It has a 3D visualization model that will help you track your baby’s progress week by week inside the tummy. You can document the weekly progress of the baby inside your fetus in the form of an album. The app has the best catalog of baby products that help you buy all the necessary products when the baby arrives.

The planner of the app suggests the parent of the doctor visit time. You can read parenting articles and blogs to improve your parenting skills. Also, you can choose your baby name from the hundreds of name suggestions of the app. The app suggests the best baby products that help you grab offers and save bucks. The baby products are available in categories like a nursery, diapering, play, and many more.

The app provides quality customer services and is always available for assistance. You can avail parenting perks by registering yourself in the baby product retailer category. It will help you earn baby coupons and offers. This best baby tracking app is the ultimate answer for all the parenting requirements.

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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021
The Bump - Pregnancy & Baby Tracker
The Bump - Pregnancy & Baby Tracker
Developer: XO Group Inc.
Price: To be announced

Standout Features:

  • Catalog of baby products
  • Create weekly albums
  • Parenting editorial articles

Baby Center Baby Tracker

Pregnancy and Baby Tracker app by BabyCenter has handy parenting features. It provides pre and post-birth parenting tips that will enhance your parenting experience. You can learn about your baby’s growth via a 3D fetus development video. It has a baby kick tracker that will help you visualize every movement of your baby. You can read and take the assistance of the daily parenting articles at every stage of pregnancy.

The app suggests exercises and nutrition that will help keep the mother and baby healthy. You can select baby clothes and maternal clothes to plan a memorable arrival for your baby. The name finder of the app will help you find a suitable name for your baby. You can create a weekly album by capturing bumpie pics of the baby. When your baby arrives, you can take capture each milestone via Milestone Photo Editor. You can also take ideas for some popular baby games and spend quality time with the baby via this app.

10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021
Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker
Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker
Developer: BabyCenter
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • 3D fetus development video
  • Baby name finder
  • Milestone photo editor
  • Baby kick tracker

Glow Baby

Glow Baby app is the best baby tracker app where parents can take assistance from the community parents to nurture their child. It has a breastfeeding tracker, pumping tracker, and nursing tracker that will guide your parenting journey. You can also track baby’s activities like tummy time, indoor and outdoor playtime, and bath time.

The app provides daily articles that you can read to improve your parenting skills. You can capture milestones and upload photos in the album to make every milestone memorable. Also, you can share the album with the community parents to share your happiness. You can also participate in the parenting polls to understand the development process of your baby.

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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021
Glow Baby para la lactancia
Glow Baby para la lactancia
Developer: Glow Inc
Price: Free+

Standout Features:

  • Follow baby’s development milestone
  • Participate in parenting polls
  • Tips from community parents


Pregnancy+ provides a plethora of handy features new parents can benefit from in the development of their child. It offers free week-by-week pregnancy information and articles to expecting parents. You can visualize the baby via 3D models in the shape of fruits, animals, and sweets. The app has an interactive timeline that will help you track every pregnancy milestone at different stages.

You can use the due date calculator to determine the expected delivery date of your baby. Also, the app suggests nutrition and exercises keep your baby healthy during pregnancy. The app has a visual pregnancy diary to record all your memories in one place. You can view the shopping list to buy the necessary baby products after your arrival. 

The app provides articles at every stage of the pregnancy tailored to your requirement. The Kick Counter feature helps you track every movement of the baby. You can also take the help of the Birth Plan feature to plan the arrival of the baby. This best baby tracking app should be top on your list if you are looking for one.

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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021

Standout Features:

  • 3D visualization of the baby in different shapes
  • Kick counter
  • Baby shopping list

Baby Connect

Baby connect is an activity log tracking app to track every activity of your baby. From milestones to vaccines, you can track them all with the Baby Connect app. You can track feeding like nursing, bottle to take good care of the baby’s nutrition. The app provides graphical charts for the activities of your tiny toddler. It also has more than 100+ descriptive activities that you can choose from for your child. You can take notes of the activities and events of your child.

You can use the time tracker to track the nap and nursing session of the child during the week. The app can track average nursing duration, average sleep, and average sleep session during the month. The app can also help you generate shareable reports in PDF and excel sheet formats. You can enable the push notification feature to stay updated with all the activities of your baby.

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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021
Bebé Conecta
Bebé Conecta
Developer: Seacloud Software
Price: Free

Standout Features:

  • Graphical chart for activities
  • Create shareable reports
  • Track average sleep and sleep session
  • 100+ Built-in descriptive activities

Baby Sparks

If you are looking for the overall development of your baby, then the Baby Sparks app can be the ideal choice. The app has thousands of activities and milestones for children aged 0-3 years. It has instructional videos of the activities that will help you understand them carefully. The standout feature of the app is Smart Adaptive Technology. The app identifies and adapts to the baby’s movements, making it one of the best baby tracking apps.

You can search for parenting articles in categories like milestones and places. The app has tools to track the progress of your baby over the years. It also provides personalized reports that you can use to analyze the progress of your baby.

10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Smart Adaptive Technology
  • Tools to track progress
  • Personalized reports

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app is one of its kind that helps in the mental development of the child. It is awarded as one of the best-sold apps for 2018, 2019, and 2020 by Apple. You can perceive the world perception of your baby, thanks to 10 leaps in the development program. The app provides tips and tricks for every developmental growth of your child and lets you know the right time to move to the next stage.

You can gain insight into the perception of your baby towards the world and progress accordingly. Keep track of each development stage of your baby so that you can refer to them later. Besides leap programs, you can use E-book and audiobooks to help your child in mental development.

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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021
The Wonder Weeks
The Wonder Weeks
Developer: The Wonder Weeks
Price: €4.99+

Standout Features:

  • Helps in mental development
  • Leaps with tips and tricks
  • Gain insights

Urban Sitter

Find trusted babysitters and nanny with the Urban Sitter app. You can discover full-time, part-time nannies for different occasions via the Urban Sitter app. Besides caretakers and nannies, you can find a homework helper that will help complete your child’s homework on Urban Sitter.

You can search for the nanny via date and time or post it on the portal to find a suitable caretaker for the baby. Also, you can make bookings at the last minute and get swift replies. You can make cashless payments and choose cards as the payment option for nannies.

10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Verified caretakers
  • Last-minute booking
  • Flexible hours


Good sleep plays a vital role in the mental and physical development of any individual. Huckleberry has a dedicated team of pediatric experts that guide the parents. The experts provide a personalized sleep plan for your baby. You can build healthy sleep habits and handle the sleep regression of your tiny toddler with the help of an expert’s guidance.

When you build a healthy sleeping habit for your child, it will automatically help you maintain a consistent schedule. You can take the help of charts and stats to summarize the sleeping pattern of your child. Also, the app supports multiple child profiles, making it one of the best baby tracking apps. You can sync the app across various devices and access it anytime.

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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021

Standout Features:

  • Personalized sleep plan
  • Maintain child schedule
  • Charts and stats

WebMD Baby

With over 1.7M parents using the WebMD Baby app, it can be an ideal choice for new parents. The app has five comprehensive trackers that track every activity of your baby. Diaper tracker ensures proper changing of diapers during the day for your baby. WebMD act as a pocket pediatrician for the parents, thanks to medically approved content. It has 400+ articles, 500+ tips, and 70+ videos across various categories.

WebMD app has a breastfeeding tracker to track the nutrition intake of your baby. Sleep and growth tracker are some other tracking tools to monitor the progress of your baby. A growth tracker can measure the head circumference and height of the baby, while an asleep tracker is efficient in tracking sleeping patterns. You can capture your baby’s milestones and memory in the baby book. The comprehensive tracking tools make it one of the best baby tracking apps on our list.

10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021
WebMD Baby
WebMD Baby
Developer: WebMD, LLC
Price: To be announced

Standout Features:

  • 5 Comprehensive tracking tools
  • Growth tracker
  • Medically approved media content

Final Words

These were the ten best baby tracking apps for pre and post-birth babies that parents can use. If you are an expecting parent, then The Bump, Baby Center Baby Tracker, Glow Baby, and Pregnancy+ can guide you in your new parenting journey. If you want some best baby tracking app post-birth of your baby, Baby Connect, Baby Sparks, Huckleberry, and WebMD are the right choices. Do drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.

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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps For Android & iOS in 2021
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