10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

     We are busy on our smartphones most of the time and go through multiple websites. But we are unaware of the security of our devices while surfing any random website.

    To save your Apple device from such threats, you will need some of the best antivirus apps for iPhone. You can install any of these apps and make your device immune from external damages.

    Excited? So, let’s get started.

    Why do we need an Antivirus?

    Many people do not take the threat of Antivirus seriously and end up caught in the web of attackers. Check out the following points to know why you must have the best AntiVirus apps on your devices:

    • Protection from cyber attacks

    Your device is vulnerable to several virus attacks like viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware, or cyber-attacks like Phishing and hacker intrusion. Antivirus makes sure that all the files in your device are virus-free and will not be a threat to your security. An antivirus eliminates all the possibilities of your device’s security.

    • Block unwanted ads and websites

    Often you might have seen that spam notifications arrive warning you about the virus presence in your device. There are fake ads that pop up on random websites that are planted to cause harm to your device. Antivirus blocks these ads and websites that have the potential to harm your device.

    • Enhances your device performance

    Downloading files from unknown sources or inserting a USB drive to transfer files to your device slow down your device’s performance, and the presence of a virus could be the reason for it. For this purpose, Antivirus software scan all the files to remove the viruses and enhance the performance of your device.

    • Protects your privacy

    Your online privacy is always a favorite thing to exploit for hackers and fraudsters. Antivirus software keeps notifying you about the threat a website could have for your device while visiting it. It keeps in check that your privacy is protected from online cyber-attacks.

    Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone

    • Avast Antivirus
    • Mcafee Security
    • Avira
    • Total AV
    • Panda Dome
    • Norton 360
    • Trend Micro
    • Lookout Mobile Security
    • AVG Mobile Security
    • F-Secure Safe


    We have not compiled the list based on any preferences. The list is a compilation of some of the popular and best Antivirus apps for iPhone that you must try your hands on. Also, we update the list every 3 months to keep you updated with the latest apps.

    Avast AntivirusBest Antivirus Apps For iPhone

    With over 100 million downloads and a rating of 4.7, Avast Antivirus has topped our list of best antivirus apps for iPhone. Avast is one of the most popular antivirus software that has been preferred by users.

    The app has an Antivirus Engine that scans for every kind of virus threat like Spyware, Trojan, and Malware. The Antivirus Engine scans all the files and links to make sure there is nothing to worry about. The app has a Junk cleaner feature to remove junk and residual files that will enhance the performance of your device.

    The app has a Photo vault that will encrypt your media files with a PIN, pattern, or Fingerprint password. The app scans and blocks all malicious websites to avoid the invasion of harmful links and URLs. If you are using public wi-fi, scan it with Avast Antivirus and enter safely into the wi-fi zone.

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    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • App insights
    • Web shield
    • Wi-fi security
    • Antivirus engine

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    Mcafee SecurityBest Antivirus Apps 2021

    McAfee is another popular name in the Antivirus industry that offers useful tools to tackle online threats. The app offers you everything that you need to keep your device intact. The app has a Spyware detector, Wi-fi scanner, and mobile security features that are handy in removing all the unwanted foreign elements.  

    The app comes with phone performance optimization tools like battery booster, memory booster, and phone cleaner to retain the speed of your device’s RAM and enhance the performance. The app alerts you when you visit any malicious website and protects you from becoming a phishing victim.

    The spyware removal feature makes sure that you are away from the reach of frauds and hackers. The app offers a free wi-fi scanner to check and verify the security of the network. The Plus version of the app comes with all the standard and basic features that you look for in the best Antivirus apps for iPhone.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • Safe web
    • Backup contacts
    • Antivirus app scanner

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    AviraBest Latest Antivirus Apps For iPhone

    Avira Antivirus Software offers you varied protection services that will keep your device safe from virus attacks. Avira has a super light scanner and cleans that scans, blocks, and removes malware, spyware, and viruses. The app has a system optimizer that frequently cleans up your device’s memory. 

    Avira has also integrated its VPN services that will allow you to unblock and access the geo-restricted websites securely on the web. The app has Identity Protection features that protect all your confidential information from getting leaked. The app also shows you which apps are accessing your sensitive data to keep an eye on them.

    The app has an intuitive UI and provides overall protection to your device. The VPN provided can be used at school, home, or your work. The app is available and accessible in more than 10 languages including English, German, French, and Dutch. The premium version of the app will give you access to additional perks.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • Virus Scanner and Remover
    • Disk Scanner and Memory Optimizer
    • Phone Locator & Tracker
    •  Network Scanner

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    Total AVBest Antivirus Apps For iPad

    Total AV is a handy antivirus app that protects your device from the foreign intervention of malign files. The app has a Web Shield that blocks dangerous websites and prevents socially engineered attacks that can harm your security.

    The Data Breach Check keeps in check your privacy and protects your sensitive information from getting leaked. You can browse websites on your device without leaving any traces behind. The secure browser of Total AV prevents the targeted ad from following you.

    The device locator feature of the app makes it one of the best Antivirus apps for the iPhone. You can track your device if it gets lost or monitors the location in case of theft.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

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    Standout Features:

    • Data Breach Check
    • Device locator
    • Secure browser

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    Panda DomeBest Antivirus Apps For iPhone

    Panda Dome is an all-around performer that offers you diverse security services. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad that can be accessed anytime. The app offers a free VPN, parental control, and an Anti-theft solution for your devices.

    You get access to all the latest content on the internet with a secure connection. You can watch web series, news, video playback, and much more with the help of this app. Parental control makes this app one of the best antivirus apps for iPhone on this list.

    with Dome parental control you can locate your children in real-time and get frequent alerts about his/her activities. The app has a GPS tracker that can help you locate the device in case of theft.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • Free VPN
    • GPS tracker to locate your device
    • Parental control

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    Norton 360Best iPhone Security App

    Norton 360 offers you bank-grade encryption that is enough to make it the best antivirus apps for iPhone. The app can be your perfect partner to tackle all the cyber threats and keep your device safe. All your personal information is protected with a secure VPN that makes it impossible for intruders to break into your privacy.

    The app constantly monitors the latest OS updates to discover any possible loophole that can be used by cybercriminals to breach your privacy. The app also runs a security check in the dark web to make sure that your personal information is not circulating there.

    The app scans every new app and checks whether it is safe for your device or not. The app also runs a quality check on the existing apps and keeps you updated about the threats that may arise. The app provides a 14 day trial period after which you can switch to the premium version.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • Secure VPN
    • Web protection
    • Wi-fi security alerts
    • Device security

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    Trend MicroBest Free Antivirus Apps

    To optimize your digital browsing experience, you can opt for Trend Micro from our list of best Antivirus apps for iPhone. The app is developed keeping in mind all the security needs your smartphone will need. The app blocks malicious websites and ads which is powered by Content Block.

    You can reduce the data usage of your device by making your info private. The app has Web Guard which ensures that your browsing experience is safe and secure. The Web Guard features to keep all the prying eyes away from your device.

    The app also allows you to surf the internet privately and keep your browsing history anonymous. The app has a Wi-fi checker to scan every network you enter into, whether it’s personal or public. You can use the QR code scanner to open the links with ease.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

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    Standout Features:

    • Allows private surfing
    • Built-in secure browser
    • Secure QR Code Scanner

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    Lookout Mobile SecurityBest Antivirus Apps For iPhone

    Lookout Mobile Security offers a comprehensive solution to all your protection needs. The app offers security, privacy, and identity protection to your device and protects it from prying eyes. Trusted by over 150 million users this can be your prime choice if you are looking for one of the best antivirus apps for the iPhone.

    The basic version of the app offers you free mobile security and system advisor. The system advisor checks root detection and makes sure that your operating system is doing well. The app notifies you as soon as there is any data breach or threat to your device’s protection. To avail of the additional features, you can switch to the premium membership of the app.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • Privacy and identity protection
    • System Advisor
    • Root detection
    • 150+ million downloads

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    AVG Mobile SecurityBest Antivirus Apps

    AVG antivirus is an all-around protector that offers some useful tools to handle spam and attacks. With AVG Antivirus you can scan apps, games, and files to remove all the malicious content. The app scans the websites you have been visiting and alerts you about the threats that might affect your smartphone.

    The app has VPN protection that lets you maintain anonymity while browsing the web. The app immediately sends you a photo via email if anyone is trying to break into your private stuff. This can be of the best antivirus apps for iPhone if you are looking for something simple and useful.

    The app gives you a detailed insight into the permission you have given to the app installed on your device. These app insights will provide you a first-hand detail about the time you are spending on your device. You can also discover various privacy issues that you might face in the coming time.

    You can extend the battery life of your device by turning off the battery-draining setting. The app also allows you to wind up the background tasks and apps to improve the performance of the device.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • Insight into the permission level of installed apps
    • Boost speed by killing tasks
    • Power save to extend battery
    • Discover potential privacy issues

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    F-Secure SafeBest Free Antivirus Apps For iPhone

    Next up we have an F-secure app on our list that you can use to protect your device. The app protects your security and privacy to make sure there is no unprecedented damage to your device. The app is available in more than 20 languages that enhances the reach towards its users.

    You can explore the internet safely and surf through various sites safely. The browser of the app makes sure that you only land on secured websites. The Internet security feature of the app keeps your data safe from breaches. Besides this, the app offers parental control feature to keep your children safe from unwanted content. 

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021

    Standout Features:

    • Secures your web surfing
    • Parental control
    • Conceals your identity

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    Final Words

    We hope this list of best antivirus apps for iPhone will be a time-saver for you. We look forward to your constructive suggestions, so you can comment and let us know if there are any. You can also be a helping hand in growing our digital family. Like and share our content with your friends to help us grow.

    10 Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone in 2021
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